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Willy Tarreau87b7ac92014-07-25 08:56:07 +020042014/07/25 : 1.5.3
5 - DOC: fix typo in Unix Socket commands
6 - BUG/MEDIUM: connection: fix memory corruption when building a proxy v2 header
7 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix a memory leak in DHE key exchange
8 - DOC: mention that Squid correctly responds 400 to PPv2 header
9 - BUG/MINOR: http: base32+src should use the big endian version of base32
10 - BUG/MEDIUM: connection: fix proxy v2 header again!
Willy Tarreaua6918e32014-07-12 16:40:52 +0200122014/07/12 : 1.5.2
13 - BUG/MEDIUM: backend: Update hash to use unsigned int throughout
14 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: Fix external function in order not to return a pointer on an internal trash buffer.
15 - DOC: expand the docs for the provided stats.
16 - BUG/MEDIUM: unix: do not unlink() abstract namespace sockets upon failure.
17 - MINOR: stats: fix minor typo in HTML page
18 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: fetch "base" is not compatible with set-header
19 - BUG/MINOR: counters: do not untrack counters before logging
20 - BUG/MAJOR: sample: correctly reinitialize sample fetch context before calling sample_process()
21 - MINOR: stick-table: make stktable_fetch_key() indicate why it failed
22 - BUG/MEDIUM: counters: fix track-sc* to wait on unstable contents
23 - BUILD: remove TODO from the spec file and add README
24 - MINOR: log: make MAX_SYSLOG_LEN overridable at build time
25 - MEDIUM: log: support a user-configurable max log line length
26 - DOC: provide an example of how to use ssl_c_sha1
27 - BUILD: http: fix isdigit & isspace warnings on Solaris
28 - BUG/MINOR: listener: set the listener's fd to -1 after deletion
29 - BUG/MEDIUM: unix: failed abstract socket binding is retryable
30 - MEDIUM: listener: implement a per-protocol pause() function
31 - MEDIUM: listener: support rebinding during resume()
32 - BUG/MEDIUM: unix: completely unbind abstract sockets during a pause()
33 - DOC: explicitly mention the limits of abstract namespace sockets
34 - DOC: minor fix on {sc,src}_kbytes_{in,out}
35 - DOC: fix alphabetical sort of converters
36 - BUG/MAJOR: http: correctly rewind the request body after start of forwarding
37 - DOC: remove references to CPU=native in the README
38 - DOC: mention that "compression offload" is ignored in defaults section
Willy Tarreau4dfb7952014-06-24 11:30:21 +0200402014/06/24 : 1.5.1
41 - BUG/MINOR: config: http-request replace-header arg typo
42 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: rejects OCSP response without nextupdate.
43 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix to not serve expired OCSP responses.
44 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: Fix OCSP resp update fails with the same certificate configured twice. (cherry picked from commit 1d3865b096b43b9a6d6a564ffb424ffa6f1ef79f)
45 - BUG/MEDIUM: Consistently use 'check' in process_chk
46 - BUG/MAJOR: session: revert all the crappy client-side timeout changes
47 - BUG/MINOR: logs: properly initialize and count log sockets
Willy Tarreau9229f122014-06-19 21:01:06 +0200492014/06/19 : 1.5.0
50 - MEDIUM: ssl: ignored file names ending as '.issuer' or '.ocsp'.
51 - MEDIUM: ssl: basic OCSP stapling support.
52 - MINOR: ssl/cli: Fix unapropriate comment in code on 'set ssl ocsp-response'
53 - MEDIUM: ssl: add 300s supported time skew on OCSP response update.
54 - MINOR: checks: mysql-check: Add support for v4.1+ authentication
55 - MEDIUM: ssl: Add the option to use standardized DH parameters >= 1024 bits
56 - MEDIUM: ssl: fix detection of ephemeral diffie-hellman key exchange by using the cipher description.
57 - MEDIUM: http: add actions "replace-header" and "replace-values" in http-req/resp
58 - MEDIUM: Break out check establishment into connect_chk()
59 - MEDIUM: Add port_to_str helper
60 - BUG/MEDIUM: fix ignored values for half-closed timeouts (client-fin and server-fin) in defaults section.
61 - BUG/MEDIUM: Fix unhandled connections problem with systemd daemon mode and SO_REUSEPORT.
62 - MINOR: regex: fix a little configuration memory leak.
63 - MINOR: regex: Create JIT compatible function that return match strings
64 - MEDIUM: regex: replace all standard regex function by own functions
65 - MEDIUM: regex: Remove null terminated strings.
66 - MINOR: regex: Use native PCRE API.
67 - MINOR: missing regex.h include
68 - DOC: Add Exim as Proxy Protocol implementer.
69 - BUILD: don't use type "uint" which is not portable
70 - BUILD: stats: workaround stupid and bogus -Werror=format-security behaviour
71 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: clear CF_READ_NOEXP when preparing a new transaction
72 - CLEANUP: http: don't clear CF_READ_NOEXP twice
73 - DOC: fix proxy protocol v2 decoder example
74 - DOC: fix remaining occurrences of "pattern extraction"
75 - MINOR: log: allow the HTTP status code to be logged even in TCP frontends
76 - MINOR: logs: don't limit HTTP header captures to HTTP frontends
77 - MINOR: sample: improve sample_fetch_string() to report partial contents
78 - MINOR: capture: extend the captures to support non-header keys
79 - MINOR: tcp: prepare support for the "capture" action
80 - MEDIUM: tcp: add a new tcp-request capture directive
81 - MEDIUM: session: allow shorter retry delay if timeout connect is small
82 - MEDIUM: session: don't apply the retry delay when redispatching
83 - MEDIUM: session: redispatch earlier when possible
84 - MINOR: config: warn when tcp-check rules are used without option tcp-check
85 - BUG/MINOR: connection: make proxy protocol v1 support the UNKNOWN protocol
86 - DOC: proxy protocol example parser was still wrong
87 - DOC: minor updates to the proxy protocol doc
88 - CLEANUP: connection: merge proxy proto v2 header and address block
89 - MEDIUM: connection: add support for proxy protocol v2 in accept-proxy
90 - MINOR: tools: add new functions to quote-encode strings
91 - DOC: clarify the CSV format
92 - MEDIUM: stats: report the last check and last agent's output on the CSV status
93 - MINOR: freq_ctr: introduce a new averaging method
94 - MEDIUM: session: maintain per-backend and per-server time statistics
95 - MEDIUM: stats: report per-backend and per-server time stats in HTML and CSV outputs
96 - BUG/MINOR: http: fix typos in previous patch
97 - DOC: remove the ultra-obsolete TODO file
98 - DOC: update roadmap
99 - DOC: minor updates to the README
100 - DOC: mention the maxconn limitations with the select poller
101 - DOC: commit a few old design thoughts files
Willy Tarreau2e858402014-05-28 17:50:53 +02001032014/05/28 : 1.5-dev26
104 - BUG/MEDIUM: polling: fix possible CPU hogging of worker processes after receiving SIGUSR1.
105 - BUG/MINOR: stats: fix a typo on a closing tag for a server tracking another one
106 - OPTIM: stats: avoid the calculation of a useless link on tracking servers in maintenance
107 - MINOR: fix a few memory usage errors
108 - CONTRIB: halog: Filter input lines by date and time through timestamp
109 - MINOR: ssl: SSL_CTX_set_options() and SSL_CTX_set_mode() take a long, not an int
110 - BUG/MEDIUM: regex: fix risk of buffer overrun in exp_replace()
111 - MINOR: acl: set "str" as default match for strings
112 - DOC: Add some precisions about acl default matching method
113 - MEDIUM: acl: strenghten the option parser to report invalid options
114 - BUG/MEDIUM: config: a stats-less config crashes in 1.5-dev25
115 - BUG/MINOR: checks: tcp-check must not stop on '\0' for binary checks
116 - MINOR: stats: improve alignment of color codes to save one line of header
117 - MINOR: checks: simplify and improve reporting of state changes when using log-health-checks
118 - MINOR: server: remove the SRV_DRAIN flag which can always be deduced
119 - MINOR: server: use functions to detect state changes and to update them
120 - MINOR: server: create srv_was_usable() from srv_is_usable() and use a pointer
121 - BUG/MINOR: stats: do not report "100%" in the thottle column when server is draining
122 - BUG/MAJOR: config: don't free valid regex memory
123 - BUG/MEDIUM: session: don't clear CF_READ_NOEXP if analysers are not called
124 - BUG/MINOR: stats: tracking servers may incorrectly report an inherited DRAIN status
125 - MEDIUM: proxy: make timeout parser a bit stricter
126 - REORG/MEDIUM: server: split server state and flags in two different variables
127 - REORG/MEDIUM: server: move the maintenance bits out of the server state
128 - MAJOR: server: use states instead of flags to store the server state
129 - REORG: checks: put the functions in the appropriate files !
130 - MEDIUM: server: properly support and propagate the maintenance status
131 - MEDIUM: server: allow multi-level server tracking
132 - CLEANUP: checks: rename the server_status_printf function
133 - MEDIUM: checks: simplify server up/down/nolb transitions
134 - MAJOR: checks: move health checks changes to set_server_check_status()
135 - MINOR: server: make the status reporting function support a reason
136 - MINOR: checks: simplify health check reporting functions
137 - MINOR: server: implement srv_set_stopped()
138 - MINOR: server: implement srv_set_running()
139 - MINOR: server: implement srv_set_stopping()
140 - MEDIUM: checks: simplify failure notification using srv_set_stopped()
141 - MEDIUM: checks: simplify success notification using srv_set_running()
142 - MEDIUM: checks: simplify stopping mode notification using srv_set_stopping()
143 - MEDIUM: stats: report a server's own state instead of the tracked one's
144 - MINOR: server: make use of srv_is_usable() instead of checking eweight
145 - MAJOR: checks: add support for a new "drain" administrative mode
146 - MINOR: stats: use the admin flags for soft enable/disable/stop/start on the web page
147 - MEDIUM: stats: introduce new actions to simplify admin status management
148 - MINOR: cli: introduce a new "set server" command
149 - MINOR: stats: report a distinct output for DOWN caused by agent
150 - MINOR: checks: support specific check reporting for the agent
151 - MINOR: checks: support a neutral check result
152 - BUG/MINOR: cli: "agent" was missing from the "enable"/"disable" help message
153 - MEDIUM: cli: add support for enabling/disabling health checks.
154 - MEDIUM: stats: report down caused by agent prior to reporting up
155 - MAJOR: agent: rework the response processing and support additional actions
156 - MINOR: stats: improve the stats web page to support more actions
157 - CONTRIB: halog: avoid calling time/localtime/mktime for each line
158 - DOC: document the workarouds for Google Chrome's bogus pre-connect
159 - MINOR: stats: report SSL key computations per second
160 - MINOR: stats: add counters for SSL cache lookups and misses
Willy Tarreaua3393952014-05-10 15:16:43 +02001622014/05/10 : 1.5-dev25
163 - MEDIUM: connection: Implement and extented PROXY Protocol V2
164 - MINOR: ssl: clean unused ACLs declarations
165 - MINOR: ssl: adds fetchs and ACLs for ssl back connection.
166 - MINOR: ssl: merge client's and frontend's certificate functions.
167 - MINOR: ssl: adds ssl_f_sha1 fetch to return frontend's certificate fingerprint
168 - MINOR: ssl: adds sample converter base64 for binary type.
169 - MINOR: ssl: convert to binary ssl_fc_unique_id and ssl_bc_unique_id.
170 - BUG/MAJOR: ssl: Fallback to private session cache if current lock mode is not supported.
171 - MAJOR: ssl: Change default locks on ssl session cache.
172 - BUG/MINOR: chunk: Fix function chunk_strcmp and chunk_strcasecmp match a substring.
173 - MINOR: ssl: add global statement tune.ssl.force-private-cache.
174 - MINOR: ssl: remove fallback to SSL session private cache if lock init fails.
175 - BUG/MEDIUM: patterns: last fix was still not enough
176 - MINOR: http: export the smp_fetch_cookie function
177 - MINOR: http: generic pointer to rule argument
178 - BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: a typo breaks automatic acl/map numbering
179 - BUG/MAJOR: patterns: -i and -n are ignored for inlined patterns
180 - BUG/MINOR: proxy: unsafe initialization of HTTP transaction when switching from TCP frontend
181 - BUG/MINOR: http: log 407 in case of proxy auth
182 - MINOR: http: rely on the message body parser to send 100-continue
183 - MEDIUM: http: move reqadd after execution of http_request redirect
184 - MEDIUM: http: jump to dedicated labels after http-request processing
185 - BUG/MINOR: http: block rules forgot to increment the denied_req counter
186 - BUG/MINOR: http: block rules forgot to increment the session's request counter
187 - MEDIUM: http: move Connection header processing earlier
188 - MEDIUM: http: remove even more of the spaghetti in the request path
189 - MINOR: http: silently support the "block" action for http-request
190 - CLEANUP: proxy: rename "block_cond" to "block_rules"
191 - MEDIUM: http: emulate "block" rules using "http-request" rules
192 - MINOR: http: remove the now unused loop over "block" rules
193 - MEDIUM: http: factorize the "auth" action of http-request and stats
194 - MEDIUM: http: make http-request rules processing return a verdict instead of a rule
195 - MINOR: config: add minimum support for emitting warnings only once
196 - MEDIUM: config: inform the user about the deprecatedness of "block" rules
197 - MEDIUM: config: inform the user that "reqsetbe" is deprecated
198 - MEDIUM: config: inform the user only once that "redispatch" is deprecated
199 - MEDIUM: config: warn that '{cli,con,srv}timeout' are deprecated
200 - BUG/MINOR: auth: fix wrong return type in pat_match_auth()
201 - BUILD: config: remove a warning with clang
202 - BUG/MAJOR: http: connection setup may stall on balance url_param
203 - BUG/MEDIUM: http/session: disable client-side expiration only after body
204 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: correctly report request body timeouts
205 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: disable server-side expiration until client has sent the body
206 - MEDIUM: listener: make the accept function more robust against pauses
207 - BUILD: syscalls: remove improper inline statement in front of syscalls
208 - BUILD: ssl: SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback() needs openssl >= 0.9.7
209 - BUG/MAJOR: session: recover the correct connection pointer in half-initialized sessions
210 - DOC: add some explanation on the shared cache build options in the readme.
211 - MEDIUM: proxy: only adjust the backend's bind-process when already set
212 - MEDIUM: config: limit nbproc to the machine's word size
213 - MEDIUM: config: check the bind-process settings according to nbproc
214 - MEDIUM: listener: parse the new "process" bind keyword
215 - MEDIUM: listener: inherit the process mask from the proxy
216 - MAJOR: listener: only start listeners bound to the same processes
217 - MINOR: config: only report a warning when stats sockets are bound to more than 1 process
218 - CLEANUP: config: set the maxaccept value for peers listeners earlier
219 - BUG/MINOR: backend: only match IPv4 addresses with RDP cookies
220 - BUG/MINOR: checks: correctly configure the address family and protocol
221 - MINOR: tools: split is_addr() and is_inet_addr()
222 - MINOR: protocols: use is_inet_addr() when only INET addresses are desired
223 - MEDIUM: unix: add preliminary support for connecting to servers over UNIX sockets
224 - MEDIUM: checks: only complain about the missing port when the check uses TCP
225 - MEDIUM: unix: implement support for Linux abstract namespace sockets
226 - DOC: map_beg was missing from the table of map_* converters
227 - DOC: ebtree: indicate that prefix insertion/lookup may be used with strings
228 - MEDIUM: pattern: use ebtree's longest match to index/lookup string beginning
229 - BUILD: remove the obsolete BSD and OSX makefiles
230 - MEDIUM: unix: avoid a double connect probe when no data are sent
231 - DOC: stop referencing the slow git repository in the README
232 - BUILD: only build the systemd wrapper on Linux 2.6 and above
233 - DOC: update roadmap with completed tasks
234 - MEDIUM: session: implement half-closed timeouts (client-fin and server-fin)
Willy Tarreau8860dcd2014-04-26 00:08:14 +02002362014/04/26 : 1.5-dev24
237 - MINOR: pattern: find element in a reference
238 - MEDIUM: http: ACL and MAP updates through http-(request|response) rules
239 - MEDIUM: ssl: explicitly log failed handshakes after a heartbeat
240 - DOC: Full section dedicated to the converters
241 - MEDIUM: http: register http-request and http-response keywords
242 - BUG/MINOR: compression: correctly report incoming byte count
243 - BUG/MINOR: http: don't report server aborts as client aborts
244 - BUG/MEDIUM: channel: bi_putblk() must not wrap before the end of buffer
245 - CLEANUP: buffers: remove unused function buffer_contig_space_with_res()
246 - MEDIUM: stats: reimplement HTTP keep-alive on the stats page
247 - BUG/MAJOR: http: fix timeouts during data forwarding
248 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: 100-continue responses must process the next part immediately
249 - MEDIUM: http: move skipping of 100-continue earlier
250 - BUILD: stats: let gcc know that last_fwd cannot be used uninitialized...
251 - CLEANUP: general: get rid of all old occurrences of "session *t"
252 - CLEANUP: http: remove the useless "if (1)" inherited from version 1.4
253 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: mismatch between behaviour and doc about front/back
254 - MEDIUM: http: enable analysers to have keep-alive on stats
255 - REORG: http: move HTTP Connection response header parsing earlier
256 - MINOR: stats: always emit HTTP/1.1 in responses
257 - MINOR: http: add capture.req.ver and capture.res.ver
258 - MINOR: checks: add a new global max-spread-checks directive
259 - BUG/MAJOR: http: fix the 'next' pointer when performing a redirect
260 - MINOR: http: implement the max-keep-alive-queue setting
261 - DOC: fix alphabetic order of tcp-check
262 - MINOR: connection: add a new error code for SSL with heartbeat
263 - MEDIUM: ssl: implement a workaround for the OpenSSL heartbleed attack
264 - BUG/MEDIUM: Revert "MEDIUM: ssl: Add standardized DH parameters >= 1024 bits"
265 - BUILD: http: remove a warning on strndup
266 - BUILD: ssl: avoid a warning about conn not used with OpenSSL < 1.0.1
267 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: really block OpenSSL's response to heartbleed attack
268 - MINOR: ssl: finally catch the heartbeats missing the padding
Willy Tarreau8317b282014-04-23 01:49:41 +02002702014/04/23 : 1.5-dev23
271 - BUG/MINOR: reject malformed HTTP/0.9 requests
272 - MINOR: systemd wrapper: re-execute on SIGUSR2
273 - MINOR: systemd wrapper: improve logging
274 - MINOR: systemd wrapper: propagate exit status
275 - BUG/MINOR: tcpcheck connect wrong behavior
276 - MEDIUM: proxy: support use_backend with dynamic names
277 - MINOR: stats: Enhancement to stats page to provide information of last session time.
278 - BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix key consistency for integer stick tables
279 - DOC: fix a typo on http-server-close and encapsulate options with double-quotes
280 - DOC: fix fetching samples syntax
281 - MINOR: ssl: add ssl_fc_unique_id to fetch TLS Unique ID
282 - MEDIUM: ssl: Use ALPN support as it will be available in OpenSSL 1.0.2
283 - DOC: fix typo
284 - CLEANUP: code style: use tabs to indent codes instead of spaces
285 - DOC: fix a few config typos.
286 - BUG/MINOR: raw_sock: also consider ENOTCONN in addition to EAGAIN for recv()
287 - DOC: lowercase format string in unique-id
288 - MINOR: set IP_FREEBIND on IPv6 sockets in transparent mode
289 - BUG/MINOR: acl: req_ssl_sni fails with SSLv3 record version
290 - BUG/MINOR: build: add missing objects in osx and bsd Makefiles
291 - BUG/MINOR: build: handle whitespaces in wc -l output
292 - BUG/MINOR: Fix name lookup ordering when compiled with USE_GETADDRINFO
293 - MEDIUM: ssl: Add standardized DH parameters >= 1024 bits
294 - BUG/MEDIUM: map: The map parser includes blank lines.
295 - BUG/MINOR: log: The log of quotted capture header has been terminated by 2 quotes.
296 - MINOR: standard: add function "encode_chunk"
297 - BUG/MINOR: http: fix encoding of samples used in http headers
298 - MINOR: sample: add hex converter
299 - MEDIUM: sample: change the behavior of the bin2str cast
300 - MAJOR: auth: Change the internal authentication system.
301 - MEDIUM: acl/pattern: standardisation "of pat_parse_int()" and "pat_parse_dotted_ver()"
302 - MEDIUM: pattern: The pattern parser no more uses <opaque> and just takes one string.
303 - MEDIUM: pattern: Change the prototype of the function pattern_register().
304 - CONTRIB: ip6range: add a network IPv6 range to mask converter
305 - MINOR: pattern: separe list element from the data part.
306 - MEDIUM: pattern: add indexation function.
307 - MEDIUM: pattern: The parse functions just return "struct pattern" without memory allocation
308 - MINOR: pattern: Rename "pat_idx_elt" to "pattern_tree"
309 - MINOR: sample: dont call the sample cast function "c_none"
310 - MINOR: standard: Add function for converting cidr to network mask.
311 - MEDIUM: sample: Remove types SMP_T_CSTR and SMP_T_CBIN, replace it by SMP_F_CONST flags
312 - MEDIUM: sample/http_proto: Add new type called method
313 - MINOR: dumpstats: Group map inline help
314 - MEDIUM: pattern: The function pattern_exec_match() returns "struct pattern" if the patten match.
315 - MINOR: dumpstats: change map inline sentences
316 - MINOR: dumpstats: change the "get map" display management
317 - MINOR: map/dumpstats: The cli cmd "get map ..." display the "int" format.
318 - MEDIUM: pattern: The match function browse itself the list or the tree.
319 - MEDIUM: pattern: Index IPv6 addresses in a tree.
320 - MEDIUM: pattern: add delete functions
321 - MEDIUM: pattern: add prune function
322 - MEDIUM: pattern: add sample lookup function.
323 - MEDIUM: pattern/dumpstats: The function pattern_lookup() is no longer used
324 - MINOR: map/pattern: The sample parser is stored in the pattern
325 - MAJOR: pattern/map: Extends the map edition system in the patterns
326 - MEDIUM: pattern: merge same pattern
327 - MEDIUM: pattern: The expected type is stored in the pattern head, and conversion is executed once.
328 - MINOR: pattern: Each pattern is identified by unique id.
329 - MINOR: pattern/acl: Each pattern of each acl can be load with specified id
330 - MINOR: pattern: The function "pattern_register()" is no longer used.
331 - MINOR: pattern: Merge function pattern_add() with pat_ref_push().
332 - MINOR: pattern: store configuration reference for each acl or map pattern.
333 - MINOR: pattern: Each pattern expression element store the reference struct.
334 - MINOR: dumpstats: display the reference for th key/pattern and value.
335 - MEDIUM: pattern: delete() function uses the pat_ref_elt to find the element to be removed
336 - MEDIUM: pattern_find_smp: functions find_smp uses the pat_ref_elt to find the element to be removed
337 - MEDIUM: dumpstats/pattern: display and use each pointer of each pattern dumped
338 - MINOR: pattern/map/acl: Centralization of the file parsers
339 - MINOR: pattern: Check if the file reference is not used with acl and map
340 - MINOR: acl/pattern: Acl "-M" option force to load file as map file with two columns
341 - MEDIUM: dumpstats: Display error message during add of values.
342 - MINOR: pattern: The function pat_ref_set() have now atomic behavior
343 - MINOR: regex: The pointer regstr in the struc regex is no longer used.
344 - MINOR: cli: Block the usage of the command "acl add" in many cases.
345 - MINOR: doc: Update the documentation about the map and acl
346 - MINOR: pattern: index duplicates
347 - MINOR: configuration: File and line propagation
348 - MINOR: dumpstat/conf: display all the configuration lines that using pattern reference
349 - MINOR: standard: Disable ip resolution during the runtime
350 - MINOR: pattern: Remove the flag "PAT_F_FROM_FILE".
351 - MINOR: pattern: forbid dns resolutions
352 - DOC: document "get map" / "get acl" on the CLI
353 - MEDIUM: acl: Change the acl register struct
354 - BUG/MEDIUM: acl: boolean only matches were broken by recent changes
355 - DOC: pattern: pattern organisation schematics
356 - MINOR: pattern/cli: Update used terms in documentation and cli
357 - MINOR: cli: remove information about acl or map owner.
358 - MINOR: session: don't always assume there's a listener
359 - MINOR: pattern: Add function to prune and reload pattern list.
360 - MINOR: standard: Add ipv6 support in the function url2sa().
361 - MEDIUM: config: Dynamic sections.
362 - BUG/MEDIUM: stick-table: fix IPv4-to-IPv6 conversion in src_* fetches
363 - MINOR: http: Add the "language" converter to for use with accept-language
364 - BUG/MINOR: log: Don't dump empty unique-id
365 - BUG/MAJOR: session: fix a possible crash with src_tracked
366 - DOC: Update "language" documentation
367 - MINOR: http: add the function "del-header" to the directives http-request and http-response
368 - DOC: add some information on capture.(req|res).hdr
369 - MINOR: http: capture.req.method and capture.req.uri
370 - MINOR: http: optimize capture.req.method and capture.req.uri
371 - MINOR: session: clean up the connection free code
372 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: immediately report a connection success
373 - MEDIUM: connection: don't use real send() flags in snd_buf()
374 - OPTIM: ssl: implement dynamic record size adjustment
375 - MINOR: stats: report exact last session time in backend too
376 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: the "lastsess" field must appear last in the CSV.
377 - BUG/MAJOR: check: fix memory leak in "tcp-check connect" over SSL
378 - BUG/MINOR: channel: initialize xfer_small/xfer_large on new buffers
379 - MINOR: channel: add the date of last read in the channel
380 - MEDIUM: stream-int: automatically disable CF_STREAMER flags after idle
381 - MINOR: ssl: add DEFAULT_SSL_MAX_RECORD to set the record size at build time
382 - MINOR: config: make the stream interface idle timer user-configurable
383 - MINOR: config: add global directives to set default SSL ciphers
384 - MINOR: sample: add a rand() sample fetch to return a sample.
385 - BUG/MEDIUM: config: immediately abort if peers section has no name
386 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix syntax in config error message
387 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: always send a full buffer after EAGAIN
388 - BUG/MINOR: config: server on-marked-* statement is ignored in default-server
389 - BUG/MEDIUM: backend: prefer-last-server breaks redispatch
390 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: continue to emit 503 on keep-alive to different server
391 - MEDIUM: acl: fix pattern type for payload / payload_lv
392 - BUG/MINOR: config: fix a crash on startup when a disabled backend references a peer
393 - BUG/MEDIUM: compression: fix the output type of the compressor name
394 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: don't start to forward request data before the connect
395 - MINOR: http: release compression context only in http_end_txn()
396 - MINOR: protect ebimtree/ebistree against multiple inclusions
397 - MEDIUM: proxy: create a tree to store proxies by name
398 - MEDIUM: proxy: make findproxy() use trees to look up proxies
399 - MEDIUM: proxy: make get_backend_server() use findproxy() to lookup proxies
400 - MEDIUM: stick-table: lookup table names using trees.
401 - MEDIUM: config: faster lookup for duplicated proxy name
402 - CLEANUP: acl: remove obsolete test in parse_acl_expr()
403 - MINOR: sample: move smp_to_type to sample.c
404 - MEDIUM: compression: consider the "q=" attribute in Accept-Encoding
405 - REORG: cfgparse: move server keyword parsing to server.c
406 - BUILD: adjust makefile for AIX 5.1
407 - BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: fix wrong definition of the pat_prune_fcts array
408 - CLEANUP: pattern: move array definitions to proto/ and not types/
409 - BUG/MAJOR: counters: check for null-deref when looking up an alternate table
410 - BUILD: ssl: previous patch failed
411 - BUILD/MEDIUM: standard: get rid of the last strcpy()
412 - BUILD/MEDIUM: standard: get rid of sprintf()
413 - BUILD/MEDIUM: cfgparse: get rid of sprintf()
414 - BUILD/MEDIUM: checks: get rid of sprintf()
415 - BUILD/MEDIUM: http: remove calls to sprintf()
416 - BUG/MEDIUM: systemd-wrapper: fix locating of haproxy binary
417 - BUILD/MINOR: ssl: remove one call to sprintf()
418 - MEDIUM: http: don't reject anymore message bodies not containing the url param
419 - MEDIUM: http: wait for the first chunk or message body length in http_process_body
420 - CLEANUP: http: rename http_process_request_body()
421 - CLEANUP: http: prepare dedicated processing for chunked encoded message bodies
422 - MINOR: http: make msg->eol carry the last CRLF length
423 - MAJOR: http: do not use msg->sol while processing messages or forwarding data
424 - MEDIUM: http: http_parse_chunk_crlf() must not advance the buffer pointer
425 - MAJOR: http: don't update msg->sov anymore while processing the body
426 - MINOR: http: add a small helper to compute the amount of body bytes present
427 - MEDIUM: http: add a small helper to compute how far to rewind to find headers
428 - MINOR: http: add a small helper to compute how far to rewind to find URI
429 - MEDIUM: http: small helpers to compute how far to rewind to find BODY and DATA
430 - MAJOR: http: reset msg->sov after headers are forwarded
431 - MEDIUM: http: forward headers again while waiting for connection to complete
432 - BUG/MINOR: http: deinitialize compression after a parsing error
433 - BUG/MINOR: http: deinitialize compression after a compression error
434 - MEDIUM: http: headers must be forwarded even if data was already inspected
435 - MAJOR: http: re-enable compression on chunked encoding
436 - MAJOR: http/compression: fix chunked-encoded response processing
437 - MEDIUM: http: cleanup: centralize a little bit HTTP compression end
438 - MEDIUM: http: start to centralize the forwarding code
439 - MINOR: http: further cleanups of response forwarding function
440 - MEDIUM: http: only allocate the temporary compression buffer when needed
441 - MAJOR: http: centralize data forwarding in the request path
442 - CLEANUP: http: document the response forwarding states
443 - CLEANUP: http: remove all calls to http_silent_debug()
444 - DOC: internal: add some reminders about HTTP parsing and pointer states
445 - BUG/MAJOR: http: fix bug in parse_qvalue() when selecting compression algo
446 - BUG/MINOR: stats: last session was not always set
447 - DOC: add pointer to the Cyril's HTML doc in the README
448 - MEDIUM: config: relax use_backend check to make the condition optional
449 - MEDIUM: config: report misplaced http-request rules
450 - MEDIUM: config: report misplaced use-server rules
451 - DOC: update roadmap with what was done.
Willy Tarreau1a34d572014-02-03 00:41:29 +01004532014/02/03 : 1.5-dev22
454 - MEDIUM: tcp-check new feature: connect
455 - MEDIUM: ssl: Set verify 'required' as global default for servers side.
456 - MINOR: ssl: handshake optim for long certificate chains.
457 - BUG/MINOR: pattern: pattern comparison executed twice
458 - BUG/MEDIUM: map: segmentation fault with the stats's socket command "set map ..."
459 - BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: Segfault in binary parser
460 - MINOR: pattern: move functions for grouping pat_match_* and pat_parse_* and add documentation.
461 - MINOR: standard: The parse_binary() returns the length consumed and his documentation is updated
462 - BUG/MINOR: payload: the patterns of the acl "req.ssl_ver" are no parsed with the good function.
463 - BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: "pat_parse_dotted_ver()" set bad expect_type.
464 - BUG/MINOR: sample: The c_str2int converter does not fail if the entry is not an integer
465 - BUG/MEDIUM: http/auth: Sometimes the authentication credentials can be mix between two requests
466 - MINOR: doc: Bad cli function name.
467 - MINOR: http: smp_fetch_capture_header_* fetch captured headers
468 - BUILD: last release inadvertently prepended a "+" in front of the date
469 - BUG/MEDIUM: stream-int: fix the keep-alive idle connection handler
470 - BUG/MEDIUM: backend: do not re-initialize the connection's context upon reuse
471 - BUG: Revert "OPTIM/MEDIUM: epoll: fuse active events into polled ones during polling changes"
472 - BUG/MINOR: checks: successful check completion must not re-enable MAINT servers
473 - MINOR: http: try to stick to same server after status 401/407
474 - BUG/MINOR: http: always disable compression on HTTP/1.0
475 - OPTIM: poll: restore polling after a poll/stop/want sequence
476 - OPTIM: http: don't stop polling for read on the client side after a request
477 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: unchecked servers could not be enabled anymore
478 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: the web interface must check the tracked servers before enabling
479 - BUG/MINOR: channel: CHN_INFINITE_FORWARD must be unsigned
480 - BUG/MINOR: stream-int: do not clear the owner upon unregister
481 - MEDIUM: stats: add support for HTTP keep-alive on the stats page
482 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: fix HTTP/1.0 breakage introduced in previous patch
483 - Revert "MEDIUM: stats: add support for HTTP keep-alive on the stats page"
484 - MAJOR: channel: add a new flag CF_WAKE_WRITE to notify the task of writes
485 - OPTIM: session: set the READ_DONTWAIT flag when connecting
486 - BUG/MINOR: http: don't clear the SI_FL_DONT_WAKE flag between requests
487 - MINOR: session: factor out the connect time measurement
488 - MEDIUM: session: prepare to support earlier transitions to the established state
489 - MEDIUM: stream-int: make si_connect() return an established state when possible
490 - MINOR: checks: use an inline function for health_adjust()
491 - OPTIM: session: put unlikely() around the freewheeling code
492 - MEDIUM: config: report a warning when multiple servers have the same name
493 - BUG: Revert "OPTIM: poll: restore polling after a poll/stop/want sequence"
494 - BUILD/MINOR: listener: remove a glibc warning on accept4()
495 - BUG/MAJOR: connection: fix mismatch between rcv_buf's API and usage
496 - BUILD: listener: fix recent accept4() again
497 - BUG/MAJOR: ssl: fix breakage caused by recent fix abf08d9
498 - BUG/MEDIUM: polling: ensure we update FD status when there's no more activity
499 - MEDIUM: listener: fix polling management in the accept loop
500 - MINOR: protocol: improve the proto->drain() API
501 - MINOR: connection: add a new conn_drain() function
502 - MEDIUM: tcp: report in tcp_drain() that lingering is already disabled on close
503 - MEDIUM: connection: update callers of ctrl->drain() to use conn_drain()
504 - MINOR: connection: add more error codes to report connection errors
505 - MEDIUM: tcp: report connection error at the connection level
506 - MEDIUM: checks: make use of chk_report_conn_err() for connection errors
507 - BUG/MEDIUM: unique_id: HTTP request counter is not stable
508 - DOC: fix misleading information about SIGQUIT
509 - BUG/MAJOR: fix freezes during compression
510 - BUG/MEDIUM: stream-interface: don't wake the task up before end of transfer
511 - BUILD: fix VERDATE exclusion regex
512 - CLEANUP: polling: rename "spec_e" to "state"
513 - DOC: add a diagram showing polling state transitions
514 - REORG: polling: rename "spec_e" to "state" and "spec_p" to "cache"
515 - REORG: polling: rename "fd_spec" to "fd_cache"
516 - REORG: polling: rename the cache allocation functions
517 - REORG: polling: rename "fd_process_spec_events()" to "fd_process_cached_events()"
518 - MAJOR: polling: rework the whole polling system
519 - MAJOR: connection: remove the CO_FL_WAIT_{RD,WR} flags
520 - MEDIUM: connection: remove conn_{data,sock}_poll_{recv,send}
521 - MEDIUM: connection: add check for readiness in I/O handlers
522 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: the polling flags must always be updated in chk_snd_conn
523 - MINOR: stream-interface: no need to call fd_stop_both() on error
524 - MEDIUM: connection: no need to recheck FD state
525 - CLEANUP: connection: use conn_ctrl_ready() instead of checking the flag
526 - CLEANUP: connection: use conn_xprt_ready() instead of checking the flag
527 - CLEANUP: connection: fix comments in connection.h to reflect new behaviour.
528 - OPTIM: raw-sock: don't speculate after a short read if polling is enabled
529 - MEDIUM: polling: centralize polled events processing
530 - MINOR: polling: create function fd_compute_new_polled_status()
531 - MINOR: cli: add more information to the "show info" output
532 - MEDIUM: listener: add support for limiting the session rate in addition to the connection rate
533 - MEDIUM: listener: apply a limit on the session rate submitted to SSL
534 - REORG: stats: move the stats socket states to dumpstats.c
535 - MINOR: cli: add the new "show pools" command
536 - BUG/MEDIUM: counters: flush content counters after each request
537 - BUG/MEDIUM: counters: fix stick-table entry leak when using track-sc2 in connection
538 - MINOR: tools: add very basic support for composite pointers
539 - MEDIUM: counters: stop relying on session flags at all
540 - BUG/MINOR: cli: fix missing break in command line parser
541 - BUG/MINOR: config: correctly report when log-format headers require HTTP mode
542 - MAJOR: http: update connection mode configuration
543 - MEDIUM: http: make keep-alive + httpclose be passive mode
544 - MAJOR: http: switch to keep-alive mode by default
545 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix regression caused by recent switch to keep-alive by default
546 - BUG/MEDIUM: listener: improve detection of non-working accept4()
547 - BUILD: listener: add fcntl.h and unistd.h
548 - BUG/MINOR: raw_sock: correctly set the MSG_MORE flag
Willy Tarreau6b07bf72013-12-17 00:45:49 +01005502013/12/17 : 1.5-dev21
551 - MINOR: stats: don't use a monospace font to report numbers
552 - MINOR: session: remove debugging code
553 - BUG/MAJOR: patterns: fix double free caused by loading strings from files
554 - MEDIUM: http: make option http_proxy automatically rewrite the URL
555 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: cook_cnt() forgets to set its output type
556 - BUG/MINOR: stats: correctly report throttle rate of low weight servers
557 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: servers must not start in slowstart mode
558 - BUG/MINOR: acl: parser must also stop at comma on ACL-only keywords
559 - MEDIUM: stream-int: implement a very simplistic idle connection manager
560 - DOC: update the ROADMAP file
Willy Tarreau11f64d62013-12-16 02:32:37 +01005622013/12/16 : 1.5-dev20
563 - DOC: add missing options to the manpage
564 - DOC: add manpage references to all system calls
565 - DOC: update manpage reference to haproxy-en.txt
566 - DOC: remove -s and -l options from the manpage
567 - DOC: missing information for the "description" keyword
568 - DOC: missing http-send-name-header keyword in keyword table
569 - MINOR: tools: function my_memmem() to lookup binary contents
570 - MEDIUM: checks: add send/expect tcp based check
571 - MEDIUM: backend: Enhance hash-type directive with an algorithm options
572 - MEDIUM: backend: Implement avalanche as a modifier of the hashing functions.
573 - DOC: Documentation for hashing function, with test results.
574 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: potential memory leak using verifyhost
575 - BUILD: ssl: compilation issue with openssl v0.9.6.
576 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: potential memory leaks using ssl_c_key_alg or ssl_c_sig_alg.
577 - MINOR: ssl: optimization of verifyhost on wildcard certificates.
578 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: verifyhost does not match empty strings on wildcard.
579 - MINOR: ssl: Add statement 'verifyhost' to "server" statements
580 - CLEANUP: session: remove event_accept() which was not used anymore
581 - BUG/MINOR: deinit: free fdinfo while doing cleanup
582 - DOC: minor typo fix in documentation
583 - BUG/MEDIUM: server: set the macro for server's max weight SRV_UWGHT_MAX to SRV_UWGHT_RANGE
584 - BUG/MINOR: use the same check condition for server as other algorithms
585 - DOC: fix typo in comments
586 - BUG/MINOR: deinit: free server map which is allocated in init_server_map()
587 - CLEANUP: stream_interface: cleanup loop information in si_conn_send_loop()
588 - MINOR: buffer: align the last output line of buffer_dump()
589 - MINOR: buffer: align the last output line if there are less than 8 characters left
590 - DOC: stick-table: modify the description
591 - OPTIM: stream_interface: return directly if the connection flag CO_FL_ERROR has been set
592 - CLEANUP: code style: use tabs to indent codes
593 - DOC: checkcache: block responses with cacheable cookies
594 - BUG/MINOR: check_config_validity: check the returned value of stktable_init()
595 - MEDIUM: haproxy-systemd-wrapper: Use haproxy in same directory
596 - MEDIUM: systemd-wrapper: Kill child processes when interrupted
597 - LOW: systemd-wrapper: Write debug information to stdout
598 - BUG/MINOR: http: fix "set-tos" not working in certain configurations
599 - MEDIUM: http: add IPv6 support for "set-tos"
600 - DOC: ssl: update build instructions to use new SSL_* variables
601 - BUILD/MINOR: systemd: fix compiler warning about unused result
602 - url32+src - like base32+src but whole url including parameters
603 - BUG/MINOR: fix forcing fastinter in "on-error"
604 - CLEANUP: Make parameters of srv_downtime and srv_getinter const
605 - CLEANUP: Remove unused 'last_slowstart_change' field from struct peer
606 - MEDIUM: Split up struct server's check element
607 - MEDIUM: Move result element to struct check
608 - MEDIUM: Paramatise functions over the check of a server
609 - MEDIUM: cfgparse: Factor out check initialisation
610 - MEDIUM: Add state to struct check
611 - MEDIUM: Move health element to struct check
612 - MEDIUM: Add helper for task creation for checks
613 - MEDIUM: Add helper function for failed checks
614 - MEDIUM: Log agent fail, stopped or down as info
615 - MEDIUM: Remove option lb-agent-chk
616 - MEDIUM: checks: Add supplementary agent checks
617 - MEDIUM: Do not mark a server as down if the agent is unavailable
618 - MEDIUM: Set rise and fall of agent checks to 1
619 - MEDIUM: Add enable and disable agent unix socket commands
620 - MEDIUM: Add DRAIN state and report it on the stats page
621 - BUILD/MINOR: missing header file
622 - CLEANUP: regex: Create regex_comp function that compiles regex using compilation options
623 - CLEANUP: The function "regex_exec" needs the string length but in many case they expect null terminated char.
624 - MINOR: http: some exported functions were not in the header file
625 - MINOR: http: change url_decode to return the size of the decoded string.
626 - BUILD/MINOR: missing header file
627 - BUG/MEDIUM: sample: The function v4tov6 cannot support input and output overlap
628 - BUG/MINOR: arg: fix error reporting for add-header/set-header sample fetch arguments
629 - MINOR: sample: export the generic sample conversion parser
630 - MINOR: sample: export sample_casts
631 - MEDIUM: acl: use the fetch syntax 'fetch(args),conv(),conv()' into the ACL keyword
632 - MINOR: stick-table: use smp_expr_output_type() to retrieve the output type of a "struct sample_expr"
633 - MINOR: sample: provide the original sample_conv descriptor struct to the argument checker function.
634 - MINOR: tools: Add a function to convert buffer to an ipv6 address
635 - MINOR: acl: export acl arrays
636 - MINOR: acl: Extract the pattern parsing and indexation from the "acl_read_patterns_from_file()" function
637 - MINOR: acl: Extract the pattern matching function
638 - MINOR: sample: Define new struct sample_storage
639 - MEDIUM: acl: associate "struct sample_storage" to each "struct acl_pattern"
640 - REORG: acl/pattern: extract pattern matching from the acl file and create pattern.c
641 - MEDIUM: pattern: create pattern expression
642 - MEDIUM: pattern: rename "acl" prefix to "pat"
643 - MEDIUM: sample: let the cast functions set their output type
644 - MINOR: sample: add a private field to the struct sample_conv
645 - MINOR: map: Define map types
646 - MEDIUM: sample: add the "map" converter
647 - MEDIUM: http: The redirect strings follows the log format rules.
648 - BUG/MINOR: acl: acl parser does not recognize empty converter list
649 - BUG/MINOR: map: The map list was declared in the map.h file
650 - MINOR: map: Cleanup the initialisation of map descriptors.
651 - MEDIUM: map: merge identical maps
652 - BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: Pattern node has type of "struct pat_idx_elt" in place of "struct eb_node"
653 - BUG/MEDIUM: map: Bad map file parser
654 - CLEANUP/MINOR: standard: use the system define INET6_ADDRSTRLEN in place of MAX_IP6_LEN
655 - BUG/MEDIUM: sample: conversion from str to ipv6 may read data past end
656 - MINOR: map: export map_get_reference() function
657 - MINOR: pattern: Each pattern sets the expected input type
658 - MEDIUM: acl: Last patch change the output type
659 - MEDIUM: pattern: Extract the index process from the pat_parse_*() functions
660 - MINOR: standard: The function parse_binary() can use preallocated buffer
661 - MINOR: regex: Change the struct containing regex
662 - MINOR: regex: Copy the original regex expression into string.
663 - MINOR: pattern: add support for compiling patterns for lookups
664 - MINOR: pattern: make the pattern matching function return a pointer to the matched element
665 - MINOR: map: export parse output sample functions
666 - MINOR: pattern: add function to lookup a specific entry in pattern list
667 - MINOR: pattern/map: Each pattern must free the associated sample
668 - MEDIUM: dumpstat: make the CLI parser understand the backslash as an escape char
669 - MEDIUM: map: dynamic manipulation of maps
670 - BUG/MEDIUM: unique_id: junk in log on empty unique_id
671 - BUG/MINOR: log: junk at the end of syslog packet
672 - MINOR: Makefile: provide cscope rule
673 - DOC: compression: chunk are not compressed anymore
674 - MEDIUM: session: disable lingering on the server when the client aborts
675 - BUG/MEDIUM: prevent gcc from moving empty keywords lists into BSS
676 - DOC: remove the comment saying that SSL certs are not checked on the server side
677 - BUG: counters: third counter was not stored if others unset
678 - BUG/MAJOR: http: don't emit the send-name-header when no server is available
679 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: "option checkcache" fails with the no-cache header
680 - BUG/MAJOR: http: sample prefetch code was not properly migrated
681 - BUG/MEDIUM: splicing: fix abnormal CPU usage with splicing
682 - BUG/MINOR: stream_interface: don't call chk_snd() on polled events
683 - OPTIM: splicing: use splice() for the last block when relevant
684 - MEDIUM: sample: handle comma-delimited converter list
685 - MINOR: sample: fix sample_process handling of unstable data
686 - CLEANUP: acl: move the 3 remaining sample fetches to samples.c
687 - MINOR: sample: add a new "date" fetch to return the current date
688 - MINOR: samples: add the http_date([<offset>]) sample converter.
689 - DOC: minor improvements to the part on the stats socket.
690 - MEDIUM: sample: systematically pass the keyword pointer to the keyword
691 - MINOR: payload: split smp_fetch_rdp_cookie()
692 - MINOR: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_tracked
693 - MINOR: counters: provide a generic function to retrieve a stkctr for sc* and src.
694 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_get_gpc0
695 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_gpc0_rate
696 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_inc_gpc0
697 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_clr_gpc0
698 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_conn_cnt
699 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_conn_rate
700 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_conn_cur
701 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_sess_cnt
702 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_sess_rate
703 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_http_req_cnt
704 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_http_req_rate
705 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_http_err_cnt
706 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_http_err_rate
707 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_kbytes_in
708 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_bytes_in_rate
709 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_kbytes_out
710 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_bytes_out_rate
711 - MEDIUM: counters: factor out smp_fetch_sc*_trackers
712 - MINOR: session: make the number of stick counter entries more configurable
713 - MEDIUM: counters: support passing the counter number as a fetch argument
714 - MEDIUM: counters: support looking up a key in an alternate table
715 - MEDIUM: cli: adjust the method for feeding frequency counters in tables
716 - MINOR: cli: make it possible to enter multiple values at once with "set table"
717 - MINOR: payload: allow the payload sample fetches to retrieve arbitrary lengths
718 - BUG/MINOR: cli: "clear table" must not kill entries that don't match condition
719 - MINOR: ssl: use MAXPATHLEN instead of PATH_MAX
720 - MINOR: config: warn when a server with no specific port uses rdp-cookie
721 - BUG/MEDIUM: unique_id: HTTP request counter must be unique!
722 - DOC: add a mention about the limited chunk size
723 - BUG/MEDIUM: fix broken send_proxy on FreeBSD
724 - MEDIUM: stick-tables: flush old entries upon soft-stop
725 - MINOR: tcp: add new "close" action for tcp-response
726 - MINOR: payload: provide the "res.len" fetch method
727 - BUILD: add SSL_INC/SSL_LIB variables to force the path to openssl
728 - MINOR: http: compute response time before processing headers
729 - BUG/MINOR: acl: fix improper string size assignment in proxy argument
730 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: accept full buffers on smp_prefetch_http
731 - BUG/MINOR: acl: implicit arguments of ACL keywords were not properly resolved
732 - BUG/MEDIUM: session: risk of crash on out of memory conditions
733 - BUG/MINOR: peers: set the accept date in outgoing connections
734 - BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: do not skip tracking rules on second pass
735 - BUG/MEDIUM: acl: do not evaluate next terms after a miss
736 - MINOR: acl: add a warning when an ACL keyword is used without any value
737 - MINOR: tcp: don't use tick_add_ifset() when timeout is known to be set
738 - BUG/MINOR: acl: remove patterns from the tree before freeing them
739 - MEDIUM: backend: add support for the wt6 hash
740 - OPTIM/MEDIUM: epoll: fuse active events into polled ones during polling changes
741 - OPTIM/MINOR: mark the source address as already known on accept()
742 - BUG/MINOR: stats: don't count tarpitted connections twice
743 - CLEANUP: http: homogenize processing of denied req counter
744 - CLEANUP: http: merge error handling for req* and http-request *
745 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix possible parser crash when parsing erroneous "http-request redirect" rules
746 - BUG/MINOR: http: fix build warning introduced with url32/url32_src
747 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix slow start regression after fix attempt
748 - BUG/MAJOR: server: weight calculation fails for map-based algorithms
749 - MINOR: stats: report correct throttling percentage for servers in slowstart
750 - OPTIM: connection: fold the error handling with handshake handling
751 - MINOR: peers: accept to learn strings of different lengths
752 - BUG/MAJOR: fix haproxy crash when using server tracking instead of checks
753 - BUG/MAJOR: check: fix haproxy crash during soft-stop/soft-start
754 - BUG/MINOR: stats: do not report "via" on tracking servers in maintenance
755 - BUG/MINOR: connection: fix typo in error message report
756 - BUG/MINOR: backend: fix target address retrieval in transparent mode
757 - BUG/MINOR: config: report the correct track-sc number in tcp-rules
758 - BUG/MINOR: log: fix log-format parsing errors
759 - DOC: add some information about how to apply converters to samples
760 - MINOR: acl/pattern: use types different from int to clarify who does what.
761 - MINOR: pattern: import acl_find_match_name() into pattern.h
762 - MEDIUM: stick-tables: support automatic conversion from ipv4<->ipv6
763 - MEDIUM: log-format: relax parsing of '%' followed by unsupported characters
764 - BUG/MINOR: http: usual deinit stuff in last commit
765 - BUILD: log: silent a warning about isblank() with latest patches
766 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix health check regression causing them to depend on declaration order
767 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix a long-standing issue with reporting connection errors
768 - BUG/MINOR: checks: don't consider errno and use conn->err_code
769 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: also update the DRAIN state from the web interface
770 - MINOR: stats: remove some confusion between the DRAIN state and NOLB
771 - BUG/MINOR: tcp: check that no error is pending during a connect probe
772 - BUG/MINOR: connection: check EINTR when sending a PROXY header
773 - MEDIUM: connection: set the socket shutdown flags on socket errors
774 - BUG/MEDIUM: acl: fix regression introduced by latest converters support
775 - MINOR: connection: clear errno prior to checking for errors
776 - BUG/MINOR: checks: do not trust errno in write event before any syscall
777 - MEDIUM: checks: centralize error reporting
778 - OPTIM: checks: don't poll on recv when using plain TCP connects
779 - OPTIM: checks: avoid setting SO_LINGER twice
780 - MINOR: tools: add a generic binary hex string parser
781 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: tcp-check: do not poll when there's nothing to send
782 - BUG/MEDIUM: check: tcp-check might miss some outgoing data when socket buffers are full
783 - BUG/MEDIUM: args: fix double free on error path in argument expression parser
784 - BUG/MINOR: acl: fix sample expression error reporting
785 - BUG/MINOR: checks: tcp-check actions are enums, not flags
786 - MEDIUM: checks: make tcp-check perform multiple send() at once
787 - BUG/MEDIUM: stick: completely remove the unused flag from the store entries
788 - OPTIM: ebtree: pack the struct eb_node to avoid holes on 64-bit
789 - BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: complete the latest fix about store-responses
790 - CLEANUP: stream_interface: remove unused field err_loc
791 - MEDIUM: stats: don't use conn->xprt_st anymore
792 - MINOR: session: add a simple function to retrieve a session from a task
793 - MEDIUM: stats: don't use conn->xprt_ctx anymore
794 - MEDIUM: peers: don't rely on conn->xprt_ctx anymore
795 - MINOR: http: prevent smp_fetch_url_{ip,port} from using si->conn
796 - MINOR: connection: make it easier to emit proxy protocol for unknown addresses
797 - MEDIUM: stats: prepare the HTTP stats I/O handler to support more states
798 - MAJOR: stats: move the HTTP stats handling to its applet
799 - MEDIUM: stats: move request argument processing to the final step
800 - MEDIUM: session: detect applets from the session by using s->target
801 - MAJOR: session: check for a connection to an applet in sess_prepare_conn_req()
802 - MAJOR: session: pass applet return traffic through the response analysers
803 - MEDIUM: stream-int: split the shutr/shutw functions between applet and conn
804 - MINOR: stream-int: make the shutr/shutw functions void
805 - MINOR: obj: provide a safe and an unsafe access to pointed objects
806 - MINOR: connection: add a field to store an object type
807 - MINOR: connection: always initialize conn->objt_type to OBJ_TYPE_CONN
808 - MEDIUM: stream interface: move the peers' ptr into the applet context
809 - MINOR: stream-interface: move the applet context to its own struct
810 - MINOR: obj: introduce a new type appctx
811 - MINOR: stream-int: rename ->applet to ->appctx
812 - MINOR: stream-int: split si_prepare_embedded into si_prepare_none and si_prepare_applet
813 - MINOR: stream-int: add a new pointer to the end point
814 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: set the pointer to the applet into the applet context
815 - MAJOR: stream interface: remove the ->release function pointer
816 - MEDIUM: stream-int: make ->end point to the connection or the appctx
817 - CLEANUP: stream-int: remove obsolete si_ctrl function
818 - MAJOR: stream-int: stop using si->conn and use si->end instead
819 - MEDIUM: stream-int: do not allocate a connection in parallel to applets
820 - MEDIUM: session: attach incoming connection to target on embryonic sessions
821 - MINOR: connection: add conn_init() to (re)initialize a connection
822 - MINOR: checks: call conn_init() to properly initialize the connection.
823 - MINOR: peers: make use of conn_init() to initialize the connection
824 - MINOR: session: use conn_init() to initialize the connections
825 - MINOR: http: use conn_init() to reinitialize the server connection
826 - MEDIUM: connection: replace conn_prepare with conn_assign
827 - MINOR: get rid of si_takeover_conn()
828 - MINOR: connection: add conn_new() / conn_free()
829 - MAJOR: connection: add two new flags to indicate readiness of control/transport
830 - MINOR: stream-interface: introduce si_reset() and si_set_state()
831 - MINOR: connection: reintroduce conn_prepare to set the protocol and transport
832 - MINOR: connection: replace conn_assign with conn_attach
833 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: introduce si_attach_conn to replace si_prepare_conn
834 - MAJOR: stream interface: dynamically allocate the outgoing connection
835 - MEDIUM: connection: move the send_proxy offset to the connection
836 - MINOR: connection: check for send_proxy during the connect(), not the SI
837 - MEDIUM: connection: merge the send_proxy and local_send_proxy calls
838 - MEDIUM: stream-int: replace occurrences of si->appctx with si_appctx()
839 - MEDIUM: stream-int: return the allocated appctx in stream_int_register_handler()
840 - MAJOR: stream-interface: dynamically allocate the applet context
841 - MEDIUM: session: automatically register the applet designated by the target
842 - MEDIUM: stats: delay appctx initialization
843 - CLEANUP: peers: use less confusing state/status code names
844 - MEDIUM: peers: delay appctx initialization
845 - MINOR: stats: provide some appctx information in "show sess all"
846 - DIET/MINOR: obj: pack the obj_type enum to 8 bits
847 - DIET/MINOR: connection: rearrange a few fields to save 8 bytes in the struct
848 - DIET/MINOR: listener: rearrange a few fields in struct listener to save 16 bytes
849 - DIET/MINOR: proxy: rearrange a few fields in struct proxy to save 16 bytes
850 - DIET/MINOR: session: reduce the struct session size by 8 bytes
851 - DIET/MINOR: stream-int: rearrange a few fields in struct stream_interface to save 8 bytes
852 - DIET/MINOR: http: reduce the size of struct http_txn by 8 bytes
853 - MINOR: http: switch the http state to an enum
854 - MINOR: http: use an enum for the auth method in http_auth_data
855 - DIET/MINOR: task: reduce struct task size by 8 bytes
856 - MINOR: stream_interface: add reporting of ressouce allocation errors
857 - MINOR: session: report lack of resources using the new stream-interface's error code
858 - BUILD: simplify the date and version retrieval in the makefile
859 - BUILD: prepare the makefile to skip format lines in SUBVERS and VERDATE
860 - BUILD: use format tags in VERDATE and SUBVERS files
861 - BUG/MEDIUM: channel: bo_getline() must wait for \n until buffer is full
862 - CLEANUP: check: server port is unsigned
863 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: agent doesn't get the response if server does not closes
864 - MINOR: tools: buf2ip6 must not modify output on failure
865 - MINOR: pattern: do not assign SMP_TYPES by default to patterns
866 - MINOR: sample: make sample_parse_expr() use memprintf() to report parse errors
867 - MINOR: arg: improve wording on error reporting
868 - BUG/MEDIUM: sample: simplify and fix the argument parsing
869 - MEDIUM: acl: fix the argument parser to let the lower layer report detailed errors
870 - MEDIUM: acl: fix the initialization order of the ACL expression
871 - CLEANUP: acl: remove useless blind copy-paste from sample converters
872 - TESTS: add regression tests for ACL and sample expression parsers
873 - BUILD: time: adapt the type of TV_ETERNITY to the local system
874 - MINOR: chunks: allocate the trash chunks before parsing the config
875 - BUILD: definitely silence some stupid GCC warnings
876 - MINOR: chunks: always initialize the output chunk in get_trash_chunk()
877 - MINOR: checks: improve handling of the servers tracking chain
878 - REORG: checks: retrieve the check-specific defines from server.h to checks.h
879 - MINOR: checks: use an enum instead of flags to report a check result
880 - MINOR: checks: rename the state flags
881 - MINOR: checks: replace state DISABLED with CONFIGURED and ENABLED
882 - MINOR: checks: use check->state instead of srv->state & SRV_CHECKED
883 - MINOR: checks: fix agent check interval computation
884 - MINOR: checks: add a PAUSED state for the checks
885 - MINOR: checks: create the agent tasks even when no check is configured
886 - MINOR: checks: add a flag to indicate what check is an agent
887 - MEDIUM: checks: enable agent checks even if health checks are disabled
888 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: ensure we can enable a server after boot
889 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: tracking servers must not inherit the MAINT flag
890 - BUG/MAJOR: session: repair tcp-request connection rules
891 - BUILD: fix SUBVERS extraction in the Makefile
892 - BUILD: pattern: silence a warning about uninitialized value
893 - BUILD: log: fix build warning on Solaris
894 - BUILD: dumpstats: fix build error on Solaris
895 - DOC: move option pgsql-check to the correct place
896 - DOC: move option tcp-check to the proper place
897 - MINOR: connection: add simple functions to report connection readiness
898 - MEDIUM: connection: centralize handling of nolinger in fd management
899 - OPTIM: http: set CF_READ_DONTWAIT on response message
900 - OPTIM: http: do not re-enable reading on client side while closing the server side
901 - MINOR: config: add option http-keep-alive
902 - MEDIUM: connection: inform si_alloc_conn() whether existing conn is OK or not
903 - MAJOR: stream-int: handle the connection reuse in si_connect()
904 - MAJOR: http: add the keep-alive transition on the server side
905 - MAJOR: backend: enable connection reuse
906 - MINOR: http: add option prefer-last-server
907 - MEDIUM: http: do not report connection errors for second and further requests
Willy Tarreaueab1dc62013-06-17 15:10:25 +02009092013/06/17 : 1.5-dev19
910 - MINOR: stats: remove the autofocus on the scope input field
911 - BUG/MEDIUM: Fix crt-list file parsing error: filtered name was ignored.
912 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: EDH ciphers are not usable if no DH parameters present in pem file.
913 - BUG/MEDIUM: shctx: makes the code independent on SSL runtime version.
914 - MEDIUM: ssl: improve crt-list format to support negation
915 - BUG: ssl: fix crt-list for clients not supporting SNI
916 - MINOR: stats: show soft-stopped servers in different color
917 - BUG/MINOR: config: "source" does not work in defaults section
918 - BUG: regex: fix pcre compile error when using JIT
919 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern fetch 'ssl_c_sha1'
920 - BUG: ssl: send payload gets corrupted if tune.ssl.maxrecord is used
921 - MINOR: show PCRE version and JIT status in -vv
922 - BUG/MINOR: jit: don't rely on USE flag to detect support
923 - DOC: readme: add suggestion to link against static openssl
924 - DOC: examples: provide simplified ssl configuration
925 - REORG: tproxy: prepare the transparent proxy defines for accepting other OSes
926 - MINOR: tproxy: add support for FreeBSD
927 - MINOR: tproxy: add support for OpenBSD
928 - DOC: examples: provide an example of transparent proxy configuration for FreeBSD 8
929 - CLEANUP: fix minor typo in error message.
930 - CLEANUP: fix missing include <string.h> in proto/listener.h
931 - CLEANUP: protect checks.h from multiple inclusions
932 - MINOR: compression: acl "res.comp" and fetch "res.comp_algo"
933 - BUG/MINOR: http: add-header/set-header did not accept the ACL condition
934 - BUILD: mention in the Makefile that USE_PCRE_JIT is for libpcre >= 8.32
935 - BUG/MEDIUM: splicing is broken since 1.5-dev12
936 - BUG/MAJOR: acl: add implicit arguments to the resolve list
937 - BUG/MINOR: tcp: fix error reporting for TCP rules
938 - CLEANUP: peers: remove a bit of spaghetti to prepare for the next bugfix
939 - MINOR: stick-table: allow to allocate an entry without filling it
940 - BUG/MAJOR: peers: fix an overflow when syncing strings larger than 16 bytes
941 - MINOR: session: only call http_send_name_header() when changing the server
942 - MINOR: tcp: report the erroneous word in tcp-request track*
943 - BUG/MAJOR: backend: consistent hash can loop forever in certain circumstances
944 - BUG/MEDIUM: log: fix regression on log-format handling
945 - MEDIUM: log: report file name, line number, and directive name with log-format errors
946 - BUG/MINOR: cli: "clear table" did not work anymore without a key
947 - BUG/MINOR: cli: "clear table xx data.xx" does not work anymore
948 - BUG/MAJOR: http: compression still has defects on chunked responses
949 - BUG/MINOR: stats: fix confirmation links on the stats interface
950 - BUG/MINOR: stats: the status bar does not appear anymore after a change
951 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: allocate the stats frontend also on "stats bind-process"
952 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: fix a regression when dealing with POST requests
953 - BUG/MINOR: fix unterminated ACL array in compression
954 - BUILD: last fix broke non-linux platforms
955 - MINOR: init: indicate the SSL runtime version on -vv.
956 - BUG/MEDIUM: compression: the deflate algorithm must use global settings as well
957 - BUILD: stdbool is not portable (again)
958 - DOC: readme: add a small reminder about restrictions to respect in the code
959 - MINOR: ebtree: add new eb_next_dup/eb_prev_dup() functions to visit duplicates
960 - BUG/MINOR: acl: fix a double free during exit when using PCRE_JIT
961 - DOC: fix wrong copy-paste in the rspdel example
962 - MINOR: counters: make it easier to extend the amount of tracked counters
963 - MEDIUM: counters: add support for tracking a third counter
964 - MEDIUM: counters: add a new "gpc0_rate" counter in stick-tables
965 - BUG/MAJOR: http: always ensure response buffer has some room for a response
966 - MINOR: counters: add fetch/acl sc*_tracked to indicate whether a counter is tracked
967 - MINOR: defaults: allow REQURI_LEN and CAPTURE_LEN to be redefined
968 - MINOR: log: add a new flag 'L' for locally processed requests
969 - MINOR: http: add full-length header fetch methods
970 - MEDIUM: protocol: implement a "drain" function in protocol layers
971 - MEDIUM: http: add a new "http-response" ruleset
972 - MEDIUM: http: add the "set-nice" action to http-request and http-response
973 - MEDIUM: log: add a log level override value in struct session
974 - MEDIUM: http: add support for action "set-log-level" in http-request/http-response
975 - MEDIUM: http: add support for "set-tos" in http-request/http-response
976 - MEDIUM: http: add the "set-mark" action on http-request/http-response rules
977 - MEDIUM: tcp: add "tcp-request connection expect-proxy layer4"
978 - MEDIUM: acl: automatically detect the type of certain fetches
979 - MEDIUM: acl: remove a lot of useless ACLs that are equivalent to their fetches
980 - MEDIUM: acl: remove 15 additional useless ACLs that are equivalent to their fetches
981 - DOC: major reorg of ACL + sample fetch
982 - CLEANUP: http: remove the bogus urlp_ip ACL match
983 - MINOR: acl: add the new "env()" fetch method to retrieve an environment variable
984 - BUG/MINOR: acl: correctly consider boolean fetches when doing casts
985 - BUG/CRITICAL: fix a possible crash when using negative header occurrences
986 - DOC: update ROADMAP file
987 - MEDIUM: counters: use sc0/sc1/sc2 instead of sc1/sc2/sc3
988 - MEDIUM: stats: add proxy name filtering on the statistic page
Willy Tarreau289dd922013-04-03 02:26:31 +02009902013/04/03 : 1.5-dev18
991 - DOCS: Add explanation of intermediate certs to crt paramater
992 - DOC: typo and minor fixes in compression paragraph
993 - MINOR: config: http-request configuration error message misses new keywords
994 - DOC: minor typo fix in documentation
995 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: ECDHE ciphers not usable without named curve configured.
996 - MEDIUM: ssl: add bind-option "strict-sni"
997 - MEDIUM: ssl: add mapping from SNI to cert file using "crt-list"
998 - MEDIUM: regex: Use PCRE JIT in acl
999 - DOC: simplify bind option "interface" explanation
1000 - DOC: tfo: bump required kernel to linux-3.7
1001 - BUILD: add explicit support for TFO with USE_TFO
1002 - MEDIUM: New cli option -Ds for systemd compatibility
1003 - MEDIUM: add haproxy-systemd-wrapper
1004 - MEDIUM: add systemd service
1005 - BUG/MEDIUM: systemd-wrapper: don't leak zombie processes
1006 - BUG/MEDIUM: remove supplementary groups when changing gid
1007 - BUG/MEDIUM: config: fix parser crash with bad bind or server address
1008 - BUG/MINOR: Correct logic in cut_crlf()
1009 - CLEANUP: checks: Make desc argument to set_server_check_status const
1010 - CLEANUP: dumpstats: Make cli_release_handler() static
1011 - MEDIUM: server: Break out set weight processing code
1012 - MEDIUM: server: Allow relative weights greater than 100%
1013 - MEDIUM: server: Tighten up parsing of weight string
1014 - MEDIUM: checks: Add agent health check
1015 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: openssl 0.9.8 doesn't open /dev/random before chroot
1016 - BUG/MINOR: time: frequency counters are not totally accurate
1017 - BUG/MINOR: http: don't process abortonclose when request was sent
1018 - BUG/MEDIUM: stream_interface: don't close outgoing connections on shutw()
1019 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: ignore late resets after valid responses
1020 - DOC: fix bogus recommendation on usage of gpc0 counter
1021 - BUG/MINOR: http-compression: lookup Cache-Control in the response, not the request
1022 - MINOR: signal: don't block SIGPROF by default
1023 - OPTIM: epoll: make use of EPOLLRDHUP
1024 - OPTIM: splice: detect shutdowns and avoid splice() == 0
1025 - OPTIM: splice: assume by default that splice is working correctly
1026 - BUG/MINOR: log: temporary fix for lost SSL info in some situations
1027 - BUG/MEDIUM: peers: only the last peers section was used by tables
1028 - BUG/MEDIUM: config: verbosely reject peers sections with multiple local peers
1029 - BUG/MINOR: epoll: use a fix maxevents argument in epoll_wait()
1030 - BUG/MINOR: config: fix improper check for failed memory alloc in ACL parser
1031 - BUG/MINOR: config: free peer's address when exiting upon parsing error
1032 - BUG/MINOR: config: check the proper variable when parsing log minlvl
1033 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: ensure the health_status is always within bounds
1034 - BUG/MINOR: cli: show sess should always validate s->listener
1035 - BUG/MINOR: log: improper NULL return check on utoa_pad()
1036 - CLEANUP: http: remove a useless null check
1037 - CLEANUP: tcp/unix: remove useless NULL check in {tcp,unix}_bind_listener()
1038 - BUG/MEDIUM: signal: signal handler does not properly check for signal bounds
1039 - BUG/MEDIUM: tools: off-by-one in quote_arg()
1040 - BUG/MEDIUM: uri_auth: missing NULL check and memory leak on memory shortage
1041 - BUG/MINOR: unix: remove the 'level' field from the ux struct
1042 - CLEANUP: http: don't try to deinitialize http compression if it fails before init
1043 - CLEANUP: config: slowstart is never negative
1044 - CLEANUP: config: maxcompcpuusage is never negative
1045 - BUG/MEDIUM: log: emit '-' for empty fields again
1046 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix a race condition between checks and observe layer7
1047 - BUILD: fix a warning emitted by isblank() on non-c99 compilers
1048 - BUILD: improve the makefile's support for libpcre
1049 - MEDIUM: halog: add support for counting per source address (-ic)
1050 - MEDIUM: tools: make str2sa_range support all address syntaxes
1051 - MEDIUM: config: make use of str2sa_range() instead of str2sa()
1052 - MEDIUM: config: use str2sa_range() to parse server addresses
1053 - MEDIUM: config: use str2sa_range() to parse peers addresses
1054 - MINOR: tests: add a config file to ease address parsing tests.
1055 - MINOR: ssl: add a global tunable for the max SSL/TLS record size
1056 - BUG/MINOR: syscall: fix NR_accept4 system call on sparc/linux
1057 - BUILD/MINOR: syscall: add definition of NR_accept4 for ARM
1058 - MINOR: config: report missing peers section name
1059 - BUG/MEDIUM: tools: fix bad character handling in str2sa_range()
1060 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: never apply "unix-bind prefix" to the global stats socket
1061 - MINOR: tools: prepare str2sa_range() to return an error message
1062 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: don't call connect() on unsupported address families
1063 - MINOR: tools: prepare str2sa_range() to accept a prefix
1064 - MEDIUM: tools: make str2sa_range() parse unix addresses too
1065 - MEDIUM: config: make str2listener() use str2sa_range() to parse unix addresses
1066 - MEDIUM: config: use a single str2sa_range() call to parse bind addresses
1067 - MEDIUM: config: use str2sa_range() to parse log addresses
1068 - CLEANUP: tools: remove str2sun() which is not used anymore.
1069 - MEDIUM: config: add complete support for str2sa_range() in dispatch
1070 - MEDIUM: config: add complete support for str2sa_range() in server addr
1071 - MEDIUM: config: add complete support for str2sa_range() in 'server'
1072 - MEDIUM: config: add complete support for str2sa_range() in 'peer'
1073 - MEDIUM: config: add complete support for str2sa_range() in 'source' and 'usesrc'
1074 - CLEANUP: minor cleanup in str2sa_range() and str2ip()
1075 - CLEANUP: config: do not use multiple errmsg at once
1076 - MEDIUM: tools: support specifying explicit address families in str2sa_range()
1077 - MAJOR: listener: support inheriting a listening fd from the parent
1078 - MAJOR: tools: support environment variables in addresses
1079 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: add-header should not emit "-" for empty fields
1080 - BUG/MEDIUM: config: ACL compatibility check on "redirect" was wrong
1081 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix another issue caused by http-send-name-header
1082 - DOC: mention the new HTTP 307 and 308 redirect statues
1083 - MEDIUM: poll: do not use FD_* macros anymore
1084 - BUG/MAJOR: ev_select: disable the select() poller if maxsock > FD_SETSIZE
1085 - BUG/MINOR: acl: ssl_fc_{alg,use}_keysize must parse integers, not strings
1086 - BUG/MINOR: acl: ssl_c_used, ssl_fc{,_has_crt,_has_sni} take no pattern
1087 - BUILD: fix usual isdigit() warning on solaris
1088 - BUG/MEDIUM: tools: vsnprintf() is not always reliable on Solaris
1089 - OPTIM: buffer: remove one jump in buffer_count()
1090 - OPTIM: http: improve branching in chunk size parser
1091 - OPTIM: http: optimize the response forward state machine
1092 - BUILD: enable poll() by default in the makefile
1093 - BUILD: add explicit support for Mac OS/X
1094 - BUG/MAJOR: http: use a static storage for sample fetch context
1095 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: improve error processing and reporting in ssl_sock_load_cert_list_file()
1096 - BUG/MAJOR: http: fix regression introduced by commit a890d072
1097 - BUG/MAJOR: http: fix regression introduced by commit d655ffe
1098 - BUG/CRITICAL: using HTTP information in tcp-request content may crash the process
1099 - MEDIUM: acl: remove flag ACL_MAY_LOOKUP which is improperly used
1100 - MEDIUM: samples: use new flags to describe compatibility between fetches and their usages
1101 - MINOR: log: indicate it when some unreliable sample fetches are logged
1102 - MEDIUM: samples: move payload-based fetches and ACLs to their own file
1103 - MINOR: backend: rename sample fetch functions and declare the sample keywords
1104 - MINOR: frontend: rename sample fetch functions and declare the sample keywords
1105 - MINOR: listener: rename sample fetch functions and declare the sample keywords
1106 - MEDIUM: http: unify acl and sample fetch functions
1107 - MINOR: session: rename sample fetch functions and declare the sample keywords
1108 - MAJOR: acl: make all ACLs reference the fetch function via a sample.
1109 - MAJOR: acl: remove the arg_mask from the ACL definition and use the sample fetch's
1110 - MAJOR: acl: remove fetch argument validation from the ACL struct
1111 - MINOR: http: add new direction-explicit sample fetches for headers and cookies
1112 - MINOR: payload: add new direction-explicit sample fetches
1113 - CLEANUP: acl: remove ACL hooks which were never used
1114 - MEDIUM: proxy: remove acl_requires and just keep a flag "http_needed"
1115 - MINOR: sample: provide a function to report the name of a sample check point
1116 - MAJOR: acl: convert all ACL requires to SMP use+val instead of ->requires
1117 - CLEANUP: acl: remove unused references to ACL_USE_*
1118 - MINOR: http: replace acl_parse_ver with acl_parse_str
1119 - MEDIUM: acl: move the ->parse, ->match and ->smp fields to acl_expr
1120 - MAJOR: acl: add option -m to change the pattern matching method
1121 - MINOR: acl: remove the use_count in acl keywords
1122 - MEDIUM: acl: have a pointer to the keyword name in acl_expr
1123 - MEDIUM: acl: support using sample fetches directly in ACLs
1124 - MEDIUM: http: remove val_usr() to validate user_lists
1125 - MAJOR: sample: maintain a per-proxy list of the fetch args to resolve
1126 - MINOR: ssl: add support for the "alpn" bind keyword
1127 - MINOR: http: status code 303 is HTTP/1.1 only
1128 - MEDIUM: http: implement redirect 307 and 308
1129 - MINOR: http: status 301 should not be marked non-cacheable
Willy Tarreaua3ecbd92012-12-28 15:04:05 +010011312012/12/28 : 1.5-dev17
1132 - MINOR: ssl: Setting global tune.ssl.cachesize value to 0 disables SSL session cache.
1133 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: fix stats page regression introduced by commit 20b0de5
1134 - BUG/MINOR: stats: last fix was still wrong
1135 - BUG/MINOR: stats: http-request rules still don't cope with stats
1136 - BUG/MINOR: http: http-request add-header emits a corrupted header
1137 - BUG/MEDIUM: stats: disable request analyser when processing POST or HEAD
1138 - BUG/MINOR: log: make log-format, unique-id-format and add-header more independant
1139 - BUILD: log: unused variable svid
1140 - CLEANUP: http: rename the misleading http_check_access_rule
1141 - MINOR: http: move redirect rule processing to its own function
1142 - REORG: config: move the http redirect rule parser to proto_http.c
1143 - MEDIUM: http: add support for "http-request redirect" rules
1144 - MEDIUM: http: add support for "http-request tarpit" rule
Willy Tarreau69eda352012-12-24 16:48:14 +010011462012/12/24 : 1.5-dev16
1147 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Prevent ssl error from affecting other connections.
1148 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: error is not reported if it occurs simultaneously with peer close detection.
1149 - MINOR: ssl: add fetch and acl "ssl_c_used" to check if current SSL session uses a client certificate.
1150 - MINOR: contrib: make the iprange tool grep for addresses
1151 - CLEANUP: polling: gcc doesn't always optimize constants away
1152 - OPTIM: poll: optimize fd management functions for low register count CPUs
1153 - CLEANUP: poll: remove a useless double-check on fdtab[fd].owner
1154 - OPTIM: epoll: use a temp variable for intermediary flag computations
1155 - OPTIM: epoll: current fd does not count as a new one
1156 - BUG/MINOR: poll: the I/O handler was called twice for polled I/Os
1157 - MINOR: http: make resp_ver and status ACLs check for the presence of a response
1158 - BUG/MEDIUM: stream-interface: fix possible stalls during transfers
1159 - BUG/MINOR: stream_interface: don't return when the fd is already set
1160 - BUG/MEDIUM: connection: always update connection flags prior to computing polling
1161 - CLEANUP: buffer: use buffer_empty() instead of buffer_len()==0
1162 - BUG/MAJOR: stream_interface: fix occasional data transfer freezes
1163 - BUG/MEDIUM: stream_interface: fix another case where the reader might not be woken up
1164 - BUG/MINOR: http: don't abort client connection on premature responses
1165 - BUILD: no need to clean up when making git-tar
1166 - MINOR: log: add a tag for amount of bytes uploaded from client to server
1167 - BUG/MEDIUM: log: fix possible segfault during config parsing
1168 - MEDIUM: log: change a few log tokens to make them easier to remember
1169 - BUG/MINOR: log: add_to_logformat_list() used the wrong constants
1170 - MEDIUM: log-format: make the format parser more robust and more extensible
1171 - MINOR: sample: support cast from bool to string
1172 - MINOR: samples: add a function to fetch and convert any sample to a string
1173 - MINOR: log: add lf_text_len
1174 - MEDIUM: log: add the ability to include samples in logs
1175 - REORG: stats: massive code reorg and cleanup
1176 - REORG: stats: move the HTTP header injection to proto_http
1177 - REORG: stats: functions are now HTTP/CLI agnostic
1178 - BUG/MINOR: log: fix regression introduced by commit 8a3f52
1179 - MINOR: chunks: centralize the trash chunk allocation
1180 - MEDIUM: stats: use hover boxes instead of title to report details
1181 - MEDIUM: stats: use multi-line tips to display detailed counters
1182 - MINOR: tools: simplify the use of the int to ascii macros
1183 - MINOR: stats: replace STAT_FMT_CSV with STAT_FMT_HTML
1184 - MINOR: http: prepare to support more http-request actions
1185 - MINOR: log: make parse_logformat_string() take a const char *
1186 - MEDIUM: http: add http-request 'add-header' and 'set-header' to build headers
Willy Tarreau0cae4b32012-12-12 00:39:52 +010011882012/12/12 : 1.5-dev15
1189 - DOC: add a few precisions on compression
1190 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix handshake failure on session resumption with client cert.
1191 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: One free session in cache remains unused.
1192 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: first outgoing connection would fail with {ca,crt}-ignore-err
1193 - MEDIUM: ssl: manage shared cache by blocks for huge sessions.
1194 - MINOR: acl: add fetch for server session rate
1195 - BUG/MINOR: compression: Content-Type is case insensitive
1196 - MINOR: compression: disable on multipart or status != 200
1197 - BUG/MINOR: http: don't report client aborts as server errors
1198 - MINOR: stats: compute the ratio of compressed response based on 2xx responses
1199 - MINOR: http: factor out the content-type checks
1200 - BUG/MAJOR: stats: correctly check for a possible divide error when showing compression ratios
1201 - BUILD: ssl: OpenSSL 0.9.6 has no renegociation
1202 - BUG/MINOR: http: disable compression when message has no body
1203 - MINOR: compression: make the stats a bit more robust
1204 - BUG/MEDIUM: comp: DEFAULT_MAXZLIBMEM was expressed in bytes and not megabytes
1205 - MINOR: connection: don't remove failed handshake flags
1206 - MEDIUM: connection: add an error code in connections
1207 - MEDIUM: connection: add minimal error reporting in logs for incomplete connections
1208 - MEDIUM: connection: add error reporting for the PROXY protocol header
1209 - MEDIUM: connection: add error reporting for the SSL
1210 - DOC: document the connection error format in logs
1211 - BUG/MINOR: http: don't log a 503 on client errors while waiting for requests
1212 - BUILD: stdbool is not portable
1213 - BUILD: ssl: NAME_MAX is not portable, use MAXPATHLEN instead
1214 - BUG/MAJOR: raw_sock: must check error code on hangup
1215 - BUG/MAJOR: polling: do not set speculative events on ERR nor HUP
1216 - BUG/MEDIUM: session: fix FD leak when transport layer logging is enabled
1217 - MINOR: stats: add a few more information on session dump
1218 - BUG/MINOR: tcp: set the ADDR_TO_SET flag on outgoing connections
1219 - CLEANUP: connection: remove unused server/proxy/task/si_applet declarations
1220 - BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: process could theorically crash on lack of source ports
1221 - MINOR: cfgparse: mention "interface" in the list of allowed "source" options
1222 - MEDIUM: connection: introduce "struct conn_src" for servers and proxies
1223 - CLEANUP: proto_tcp: use the same code to bind servers and backends
1224 - CLEANUP: backend: use the same tproxy address selection code for servers and backends
1225 - BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: conversions to strings were broken in dev13
1226 - MEDIUM: proto_tcp: add support for tracking L7 information
1227 - MEDIUM: counters: add sc1_trackers/sc2_trackers
1228 - MINOR: http: add the "base32" pattern fetch function
1229 - MINOR: http: add the "base32+src" fetch method.
1230 - CLEANUP: session: use an array for the stick counters
1231 - BUG/MINOR: proto_tcp: fix parsing of "table" in track-sc1/2
1232 - BUG/MINOR: proto_tcp: bidirectional fetches not supported anymore in track-sc1/2
1233 - BUG/MAJOR: connection: always recompute polling status upon I/O
1234 - BUG/MINOR: connection: remove a few synchronous calls to polling updates
1235 - MINOR: config: improve error checking on TCP stick-table tracking
1236 - DOC: add some clarifications to the readme
Willy Tarreaufee48ce2012-11-26 03:11:05 +010012382012/11/26 : 1.5-dev14
1239 - DOC: fix minor typos
1240 - BUG/MEDIUM: compression: does not forward trailers
1241 - MINOR: buffer_dump with ASCII
1242 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: mark the check as stopped after a connect error
1243 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: ensure we completely disable polling upon success
1244 - BUG/MINOR: checks: don't mark the FD as closed before transport close
1245 - MEDIUM: checks: avoid accumulating TIME_WAITs during checks
1246 - MINOR: cli: report the msg state in full text in "show sess $PTR"
1247 - CLEANUP: checks: rename some server check flags
1248 - MAJOR: checks: rework completely bogus state machine
1249 - BUG/MINOR: checks: slightly clean the state machine up
1250 - MEDIUM: checks: avoid waking the application up for pure TCP checks
1251 - MEDIUM: checks: close the socket as soon as we have a response
1252 - BUG/MAJOR: checks: close FD on all timeouts
1253 - MINOR: checks: fix recv polling after connect()
1254 - MEDIUM: connection: provide a common conn_full_close() function
1255 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: prevent TIME_WAITs from appearing also on timeouts
1256 - BUG/MAJOR: peers: the listener's maxaccept was not set and caused loops
1257 - MINOR: listeners: make the accept loop more robust when maxaccept==0
1258 - BUG/MEDIUM: acl: correctly resolve all args, not just the first one
1259 - BUG/MEDIUM: acl: make prue_acl_expr() correctly free ACL expressions upon exit
1260 - BUG/MINOR: stats: fix inversion of the report of a check in progress
1261 - MEDIUM: tcp: add explicit support for delayed ACK in connect()
1262 - BUG/MEDIUM: connection: always disable polling upon error
1263 - MINOR: connection: abort earlier when errors are detected
1264 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: report handshake failures
1265 - BUG/MEDIUM: connection: local_send_proxy must wait for connection to establish
1266 - MINOR: tcp: add support for the "v6only" bind option
1267 - MINOR: stats: also report the computed compression savings in html stats
1268 - MINOR: stats: report the total number of compressed responses per front/back
1269 - MINOR: tcp: add support for the "v4v6" bind option
1270 - DOC: stats: document the comp_rsp stats column
1271 - BUILD: buffer: fix another isprint() warning on solaris
1272 - MINOR: cli: add support for the "show sess all" command
1273 - BUG/MAJOR: cli: show sess <id> may randomly corrupt the back-ref list
1274 - MINOR: cli: improve output format for show sess $ptr
Willy Tarreauad15d122012-11-22 01:11:33 +010012762012/11/22 : 1.5-dev13
1277 - BUILD: fix build issue without USE_OPENSSL
1278 - BUILD: fix compilation error with DEBUG_FULL
1279 - DOC: ssl: remove prefer-server-ciphers documentation
1280 - DOC: ssl: surround keywords with quotes
1281 - DOC: fix minor typo on http-send-name-header
1282 - BUG/MEDIUM: acls using IPv6 subnets patterns incorrectly match IPs
1283 - BUG/MAJOR: fix a segfault on option http_proxy and url_ip acl
1284 - MEDIUM: http: accept IPv6 values with (s)hdr_ip acl
1285 - BUILD: report zlib support in haproxy -vv
1286 - DOC: compression: add some details and clean up the formatting
1287 - DOC: Change is_ssl acl to ssl_fc acl in example
1288 - DOC: make it clear what the HTTP request size is
1289 - MINOR: ssl: try to load Diffie-Hellman parameters from cert file
1290 - DOC: ssl: update 'crt' statement on 'bind' about Diffie-Hellman parameters loading
1291 - MINOR: ssl: add elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman support for ssl key generation
1292 - DOC: ssl: add 'ecdhe' statement on 'bind'
1293 - MEDIUM: ssl: add client certificate authentication support
1294 - DOC: ssl: add 'verify', 'cafile' and 'crlfile' statements on 'bind'
1295 - MINOR: ssl: add fetch and ACL 'client_crt' to test a client cert is present
1296 - DOC: ssl: add fetch and ACL 'client_cert'
1297 - MINOR: ssl: add ignore verify errors options
1298 - DOC: ssl: add 'ca-ignore-err' and 'crt-ignore-err' statements on 'bind'
1299 - MINOR: ssl: add fetch and ACL 'ssl_verify_result'
1300 - DOC: ssl: add fetch and ACL 'ssl_verify_result'
1301 - MINOR: ssl: add fetches and ACLs to return verify errors
1302 - DOC: ssl: add fetches and ACLs 'ssl_verify_crterr', 'ssl_verify_caerr', and 'ssl_verify_crterr_depth'
1303 - MINOR: ssl: disable shared memory and locks on session cache if nbproc == 1
1304 - MINOR: ssl: add build param USE_PRIVATE_CACHE to build cache without shared memory
1305 - MINOR: ssl : add statements 'notlsv11' and 'notlsv12' and rename 'notlsv1' to 'notlsv10'.
1306 - DOC: ssl : add statements 'notlsv11' and 'notlsv12' and rename 'notlsv1' to 'notlsv10'.
1307 - MEDIUM: config: authorize frontend and listen without bind.
1308 - MINOR: ssl: add statement 'no-tls-tickets' on bind to disable stateless session resumption
1309 - DOC: ssl: add 'no-tls-tickets' statement documentation.
1310 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: Fix CRL check was not enabled when crlfile was specified.
1311 - BUG/MINOR: build: Fix compilation issue on openssl 0.9.6 due to missing CRL feature.
1312 - BUG/MINOR: conf: Fix 'maxsslconn' statement error if built without OPENSSL.
1313 - BUG/MINOR: build: Fix failure with USE_OPENSSL=1 and USE_FUTEX=1 on archs i486 and i686.
1314 - MINOR: ssl: remove prefer-server-ciphers statement and set it as the default on ssl listeners.
1315 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: subsequent handshakes fail after server configuration changes
1316 - MINOR: ssl: add 'crt-base' and 'ca-base' global statements.
1317 - MEDIUM: conf: rename 'nosslv3' and 'notlsvXX' statements 'no-sslv3' and 'no-tlsvXX'.
1318 - MEDIUM: conf: rename 'cafile' and 'crlfile' statements 'ca-file' and 'crl-file'
1319 - MINOR: ssl: use bit fields to store ssl options instead of one int each
1320 - MINOR: ssl: add 'force-sslv3' and 'force-tlsvXX' statements on bind.
1321 - MINOR: ssl: add 'force-sslv3' and 'force-tlsvXX' statements on server
1323 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: Fix issue on server statements 'no-tls*' and 'no-sslv3'
1324 - MINOR: ssl: move ssl context init for servers from cfgparse.c to ssl_sock.c
1325 - MEDIUM: ssl: reject ssl server keywords in default-server statement
1326 - MINOR: ssl: add statement 'no-tls-tickets' on server side.
1327 - MINOR: ssl: add statements 'verify', 'ca-file' and 'crl-file' on servers.
1328 - DOC: Fix rename of options cafile and crlfile to ca-file and crl-file.
1329 - MINOR: sample: manage binary to string type convertion in stick-table and samples.
1330 - MINOR: acl: add parse and match primitives to use binary type on ACLs
1331 - MINOR: sample: export 'sample_get_trash_chunk(void)'
1332 - MINOR: conf: rename all ssl modules fetches using prefix 'ssl_fc' and 'ssl_c'
1333 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern and ACLs fetches 'ssl_fc_protocol', 'ssl_fc_cipher', 'ssl_fc_use_keysize' and 'ssl_fc_alg_keysize'
1334 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern fetch 'ssl_fc_session_id'
1335 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern and ACLs fetches 'ssl_c_version' and 'ssl_f_version'
1336 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern and ACLs fetches 'ssl_c_s_dn', 'ssl_c_i_dn', 'ssl_f_s_dn' and 'ssl_c_i_dn'
1337 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern and ACLs 'ssl_c_sig_alg' and 'ssl_f_sig_alg'
1338 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern and ACLs fetches 'ssl_c_key_alg' and 'ssl_f_key_alg'
1339 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern and ACLs fetches 'ssl_c_notbefore', 'ssl_c_notafter', 'ssl_f_notbefore' and 'ssl_f_notafter'
1340 - MINOR: ssl: add 'crt' statement on server.
1341 - MINOR: ssl: checks the consistency of a private key with the corresponding certificate
1342 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: review polling on reneg.
1343 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix some reneg cases not correctly handled.
1344 - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix sometimes reneg fails if requested by server.
1345 - MINOR: build: allow packagers to specify the ssl cache size
1346 - MINOR: conf: add warning if ssl is not enabled and a certificate is present on bind.
1347 - MINOR: ssl: Add tune.ssl.lifetime statement in global.
1348 - MINOR: compression: Enable compression for IE6 w/SP2, IE7 and IE8
1349 - BUG: http: revert broken optimisation from 82fe75c1a79dac933391501b9d293bce34513755
1350 - DOC: duplicate ssl_sni section
1351 - MEDIUM: HTTP compression (zlib library support)
1352 - CLEANUP: use struct comp_ctx instead of union
1353 - BUILD: remove dependency to zlib.h
1354 - MINOR: compression: memlevel and windowsize
1355 - MEDIUM: use pool for zlib
1356 - MINOR: compression: try init in cfgparse.c
1357 - MINOR: compression: init before deleting headers
1358 - MEDIUM: compression: limit RAM usage
1359 - MINOR: compression: tune.comp.maxlevel
1360 - MINOR: compression: maximum compression rate limit
1361 - MINOR: log-format: check number of arguments in cfgparse.c
1362 - BUG/MEDIUM: compression: no Content-Type header but type in configuration
1363 - BUG/MINOR: compression: deinit zlib only when required
1364 - MEDIUM: compression: don't compress when no data
1365 - MEDIUM: compression: use pool for comp_ctx
1366 - MINOR: compression: rate limit in 'show info'
1367 - MINOR: compression: report zlib memory usage
1368 - BUG/MINOR: compression: dynamic level increase
1369 - DOC: compression: unsupported cases.
1370 - MINOR: compression: CPU usage limit
1371 - MEDIUM: http: add "redirect scheme" to ease HTTP to HTTPS redirection
1372 - BUG/MAJOR: ssl: missing tests in ACL fetch functions
1373 - MINOR: config: add a function to indent error messages
1374 - REORG: split "protocols" files into protocol and listener
1375 - MEDIUM: config: replace ssl_conf by bind_conf
1376 - CLEANUP: listener: remove unused conf->file and conf->line
1377 - MEDIUM: listener: add a minimal framework to register "bind" keyword options
1378 - MEDIUM: config: move the "bind" TCP parameters to proto_tcp
1379 - MEDIUM: move bind SSL parsing to ssl_sock
1380 - MINOR: config: improve error reporting for "bind" lines
1381 - MEDIUM: config: move the common "bind" settings to listener.c
1382 - MEDIUM: config: move all unix-specific bind keywords to proto_uxst.c
1383 - MEDIUM: config: enumerate full list of registered "bind" keywords upon error
1384 - MINOR: listener: add a scope field in the bind keyword lists
1385 - MINOR: config: pass the file and line to config keyword parsers
1386 - MINOR: stats: fill the file and line numbers in the stats frontend
1387 - MINOR: config: set the bind_conf entry on listeners created from a "listen" line.
1388 - MAJOR: listeners: use dual-linked lists to chain listeners with frontends
1389 - REORG: listener: move unix perms from the listener to the bind_conf
1390 - BUG: backend: balance hdr was broken since 1.5-dev11
1391 - MINOR: standard: make memprintf() support a NULL destination
1392 - MINOR: config: make str2listener() use memprintf() to report errors.
1393 - MEDIUM: stats: remove the stats_sock struct from the global struct
1394 - MINOR: ssl: set the listeners' data layer to ssl during parsing
1395 - MEDIUM: stats: make use of the standard "bind" parsers to parse global socket
1396 - DOC: move bind options to their own section
1397 - DOC: stats: refer to "bind" section for "stats socket" settings
1398 - DOC: fix index to reference bind and server options
1399 - BUG: http: do not print garbage on invalid requests in debug mode
1400 - BUG/MINOR: config: check the proper pointer to report unknown protocol
1401 - CLEANUP: connection: offer conn_prepare() to set up a connection
1402 - CLEANUP: config: fix typo inteface => interface
1403 - BUG: stats: fix regression introduced by commit 4348fad1
1404 - MINOR: cli: allow to set frontend maxconn to zero
1405 - BUG/MAJOR: http: chunk parser was broken with buffer changes
1406 - MEDIUM: monitor: simplify handling of monitor-net and mode health
1407 - MINOR: connection: add a pointer to the connection owner
1408 - MEDIUM: connection: make use of the owner instead of container_of
1409 - BUG/MINOR: ssl: report the L4 connection as established when possible
1410 - BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: must not try to stop disabled proxies upon reload
1411 - BUG/MINOR: config: use a copy of the file name in proxy configurations
1412 - BUG/MEDIUM: listener: don't pause protocols that do not support it
1413 - MEDIUM: proxy: add the global frontend to the list of normal proxies
1414 - BUG/MINOR: epoll: correctly disable FD polling in fd_rem()
1415 - MINOR: signal: really ignore signals configured with no handler
1416 - MINOR: buffers: add a few functions to write chars, strings and blocks
1417 - MINOR: raw_sock: always report asynchronous connection errors
1418 - MEDIUM: raw_sock: improve connection error reporting
1419 - REORG: connection: rename the data layer the "transport layer"
1420 - REORG: connection: rename app_cb "data"
1421 - MINOR: connection: provide a generic data layer wakeup callback
1422 - MINOR: connection: split conn_prepare() in two functions
1423 - MINOR: connection: add an init callback to the data_cb struct
1424 - MEDIUM: session: use a specific data_cb for embryonic sessions
1425 - MEDIUM: connection: use a generic data-layer init() callback
1426 - MEDIUM: connection: reorganize connection flags
1427 - MEDIUM: connection: only call the data->wake callback on activity
1428 - MEDIUM: connection: make it possible for data->wake to return an error
1429 - MEDIUM: session: register a data->wake callback to process errors
1430 - MEDIUM: connection: don't call the data->init callback upon error
1431 - MEDIUM: connection: it's not the data layer's role to validate the connection
1432 - MEDIUM: connection: automatically disable polling on error
1433 - REORG: connection: move the PROXY protocol management to connection.c
1434 - MEDIUM: connection: add a new local send-proxy transport callback
1435 - MAJOR: checks: make use of the connection layer to send checks
1436 - REORG: server: move the check-specific parts into a check subsection
1437 - MEDIUM: checks: use real buffers to store requests and responses
1438 - MEDIUM: check: add the ctrl and transport layers in the server check structure
1439 - MAJOR: checks: completely use the connection transport layer
1440 - MEDIUM: checks: add the "check-ssl" server option
1441 - MEDIUM: checks: enable the PROXY protocol with health checks
1442 - CLEANUP: checks: remove minor warnings for assigned but not used variables
1443 - MEDIUM: tcp: enable TCP Fast Open on systems which support it
1444 - BUG: connection: fix regression from commit 9e272bf9
1445 - CLEANUP: cttproxy: remove a warning on undeclared close()
1446 - BUG/MAJOR: ensure that hdr_idx is always reserved when L7 fetches are used
1447 - MEDIUM: listener: add support for linux's accept4() syscall
1448 - MINOR: halog: sort output by cookie code
1449 - BUG/MINOR: halog: -ad/-ac report the correct number of output lines
1450 - BUG/MINOR: halog: fix help message for -ut/-uto
1451 - MINOR: halog: add a parameter to limit output line count
1452 - BUILD: accept4: move the socketcall declaration outside of accept4()
1453 - MINOR: server: add minimal infrastructure to parse keywords
1454 - MINOR: standard: make indent_msg() support empty messages
1455 - MEDIUM: server: check for registered keywords when parsing unknown keywords
1456 - MEDIUM: server: move parsing of keyword "id" to server.c
1457 - BUG/MEDIUM: config: check-send-proxy was ignored if SSL was not builtin
1458 - MEDIUM: ssl: move "server" keyword SSL options parsing to ssl_sock.c
1459 - MEDIUM: log: suffix the frontend's name with '~' when using SSL
1460 - MEDIUM: connection: always unset the transport layer upon close
1461 - BUG/MINOR: session: fix some leftover from debug code
1462 - BUG/MEDIUM: session: enable the conn_session_update() callback
1463 - MEDIUM: connection: add a flag to hold the transport layer
1464 - MEDIUM: log: add a new LW_XPRT flag to pin the transport layer
1465 - MINOR: log: make lf_text use a const char *
1466 - MEDIUM: log: report SSL ciphers and version in logs using logformat %sslc/%sslv
1467 - REORG: http: rename msg->buf to msg->chn since it's a channel
1468 - CLEANUP: http: use 'chn' to name channel variables, not 'buf'
1469 - CLEANUP: channel: use 'chn' instead of 'buf' as local variable names
1470 - CLEANUP: tcp: use 'chn' instead of 'buf' or 'b' for channel pointer names
1471 - CLEANUP: stream_interface: use 'chn' instead of 'b' to name channel pointers
1472 - CLEANUP: acl: use 'chn' instead of 'b' to name channel pointers
1473 - MAJOR: channel: replace the struct buffer with a pointer to a buffer
1474 - OPTIM: channel: reorganize struct members to improve cache efficiency
1475 - CLEANUP: session: remove term_trace which is not used anymore
1476 - OPTIM: session: reorder struct session fields
1477 - OPTIM: connection: pack the struct target
1478 - DOC: document relations between internal entities
1479 - MINOR: ssl: add 'ssl_npn' sample/acl to extract TLS/NPN information
1480 - BUILD: ssl: fix shctx build on older compilers
1481 - MEDIUM: ssl: add support for the "npn" bind keyword
1482 - BUG: ssl: fix ssl_sni ACLs to correctly process regular expressions
1483 - MINOR: chunk: provide string compare functions
1484 - MINOR: sample: accept fetch keywords without parenthesis
1485 - MEDIUM: sample: pass an empty list instead of a null for fetch args
1486 - MINOR: ssl: improve socket behaviour upon handshake abort.
1487 - BUG/MEDIUM: http: set DONTWAIT on data when switching to tunnel mode
1488 - MEDIUM: listener: provide a fallback for accept4() when not supported
1489 - BUG/MAJOR: connection: risk of crash on certain tricky close scenario
1490 - MEDIUM: cli: allow the stats socket to be bound to a specific set of processes
1491 - OPTIM: channel: inline channel_forward's fast path
1492 - OPTIM: http: inline http_parse_chunk_size() and http_skip_chunk_crlf()
1493 - OPTIM: tools: inline hex2i()
1494 - CLEANUP: http: rename HTTP_MSG_DATA_CRLF state
1495 - MINOR: compression: automatically disable compression for older browsers
1496 - MINOR: compression: optimize memLevel to improve byte rate
1497 - BUG/MINOR: http: compression should consider all Accept-Encoding header values
1498 - BUILD: fix coexistence of openssl and zlib
1499 - MINOR: ssl: add pattern and ACLs fetches 'ssl_c_serial' and 'ssl_f_serial'
1500 - BUG/MEDIUM: command-line option -D must have precedence over "debug"
1501 - MINOR: tools: add a clear_addr() function to unset an address
1502 - BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: transparent bind to the source only when address is set
1503 - CLEANUP: remove trashlen
1504 - MAJOR: session: detach the connections from the stream interfaces
1505 - DOC: update document describing relations between internal entities
1506 - BUILD: make it possible to specify ZLIB path
1507 - MINOR: compression: add an offload option to remove the Accept-Encoding header
1508 - BUG: compression: disable auto-close and enable MSG_MORE during transfer
1509 - CLEANUP: completely remove trashlen
1510 - MINOR: chunk: add a function to reset a chunk
1511 - CLEANUP: replace chunk_printf() with chunk_appendf()
1512 - MEDIUM: make the trash be a chunk instead of a char *
1513 - MEDIUM: remove remains of BUFSIZE in HTTP auth and sample conversions
1514 - MEDIUM: stick-table: allocate the table key of size buffer size
1515 - BUG/MINOR: stream_interface: don't loop over ->snd_buf()
1516 - BUG/MINOR: session: ensure that we don't retry connection if some data were sent
1517 - OPTIM: session: don't process the whole session when only timers need a refresh
1518 - BUG/MINOR: session: mark the handshake as complete earlier
1519 - MAJOR: connection: remove the CO_FL_CURR_*_POL flag
1520 - BUG/MAJOR: always clear the CO_FL_WAIT_* flags after updating polling flags
1521 - MAJOR: sepoll: make the poller totally event-driven
1522 - OPTIM: stream_interface: disable reading when CF_READ_DONTWAIT is set
1523 - BUILD: compression: remove a build warning
1524 - MEDIUM: fd: don't unset fdtab[].updated upon delete
1525 - REORG: fd: move the speculative I/O management from ev_sepoll
1526 - REORG: fd: move the fd state management from ev_sepoll
1527 - REORG: fd: centralize the processing of speculative events
1528 - BUG: raw_sock: also consider ENOTCONN in addition to EAGAIN
1529 - BUILD: stream_interface: remove si_fd() and its references
1530 - BUILD: compression: enable build in BSD and OSX Makefiles
1531 - MAJOR: ev_select: make the poller support speculative events
1532 - MAJOR: ev_poll: make the poller support speculative events
1533 - MAJOR: ev_kqueue: make the poller support speculative events
1534 - MAJOR: polling: replace epoll with sepoll and remove sepoll
1535 - MAJOR: polling: remove unused callbacks from the poller struct
1536 - MEDIUM: http: refrain from sending "Connection: close" when Upgrade is present
1537 - CLEANUP: channel: remove any reference of the hijackers
1538 - CLEANUP: stream_interface: remove the external task type target
1539 - MAJOR: connection: replace struct target with a pointer to an enum
1540 - BUG: connection: fix typo in previous commit
1541 - BUG: polling: don't skip polled events in the spec list
1542 - MINOR: splice: disable it when the system returns EBADF
1543 - MINOR: build: allow packagers to specify the default maxzlibmem
1544 - BUG: halog: fix broken output limitation
1545 - BUG: proxy: fix server name lookup in get_backend_server()
1546 - BUG: compression: do not always increment the round counter on allocation failure
1547 - BUG/MEDIUM: compression: release the zlib pools between keep-alive requests
1548 - MINOR: global: don't prevent nbproc from being redefined
1549 - MINOR: config: support process ranges for "bind-process"
1550 - MEDIUM: global: add support for CPU binding on Linux ("cpu-map")
1551 - MINOR: ssl: rename and document the tune.ssl.cachesize option
1552 - DOC: update the PROXY protocol spec to support v2
1553 - MINOR: standard: add a simple popcount function
1554 - MEDIUM: adjust the maxaccept per listener depending on the number of processes
1555 - BUG: compression: properly disable compression when content-type does not match
1556 - MINOR: cli: report connection status in "show sess xxx"
1557 - BUG/MAJOR: stream_interface: certain workloads could cause get stuck
1558 - BUILD: cli: fix build when SSL is enabled
1559 - MINOR: cli: report the fd state in "show sess xxx"
1560 - MINOR: cli: report an error message on missing argument to compression rate
1561 - MINOR: http: add some debugging functions to pretty-print msg state names
1562 - BUG/MAJOR: stream_interface: read0 not always handled since dev12
1563 - DOC: documentation on http header capture is wrong
1564 - MINOR: http: allow the cookie capture size to be changed
1565 - DOC: http header capture has not been limited in size for a long time
1566 - DOC: update readme with build methods for BSD
1567 - BUILD: silence a warning on Solaris about usage of isdigit()
1568 - MINOR: stats: report HTTP compression stats per frontend and per backend
1569 - MINOR: log: add '%Tl' to log-format
1570 - MINOR: samples: update the url_param fetch to match parameters in the path
Willy Tarreau16216822012-09-10 09:46:55 +020015722012/09/10 : 1.5-dev12
1573 - CONTRIB: halog: sort URLs by avg bytes_read or total bytes_read
1574 - MEDIUM: ssl: add support for prefer-server-ciphers option
1575 - MINOR: IPv6 support for transparent proxy
1576 - MINOR: protocol: add SSL context to listeners if USE_OPENSSL is defined
1577 - MINOR: server: add SSL context to servers if USE_OPENSSL is defined
1578 - MEDIUM: connection: add a new handshake flag for SSL (CO_FL_SSL_WAIT_HS).
1579 - MEDIUM: ssl: add new files ssl_sock.[ch] to provide the SSL data layer
1580 - MEDIUM: config: add the 'ssl' keyword on 'bind' lines
1581 - MEDIUM: config: add support for the 'ssl' option on 'server' lines
1582 - MEDIUM: ssl: protect against client-initiated renegociation
1583 - BUILD: add optional support for SSL via the USE_OPENSSL flag
1584 - MEDIUM: ssl: add shared memory session cache implementation.
1585 - MEDIUM: ssl: replace OpenSSL's session cache with the shared cache
1586 - MINOR: ssl add global setting tune.sslcachesize to set SSL session cache size.
1587 - MEDIUM: ssl: add support for SNI and wildcard certificates
1588 - DOC: Typos cleanup
1589 - DOC: fix name for "option independant-streams"
1590 - DOC: specify the default value for maxconn in the context of a proxy
1591 - BUG/MINOR: to_log erased with unique-id-format
1592 - LICENSE: add licence exception for OpenSSL
1593 - BUG/MAJOR: cookie prefix doesn't support cookie-less servers
1594 - BUILD: add an AIX 5.2 (and later) target.
1595 - MEDIUM: fd/si: move peeraddr from struct fdinfo to struct connection
1596 - MINOR: halog: use the more recent dual-mode fgets2 implementation
1597 - BUG/MEDIUM: ebtree: ebmb_insert() must not call cmp_bits on full-length matches
1598 - CLEANUP: halog: make clean should also remove .o files
1599 - OPTIM: halog: make use of memchr() on platforms which provide a fast one
1600 - OPTIM: halog: improve cold-cache behaviour when loading a file
1601 - BUG/MINOR: ACL implicit arguments must be created with unresolved flag
1602 - MINOR: replace acl_fetch_{path,url}* with smp_fetch_*
1603 - MEDIUM: pattern: add the "base" sample fetch method
1604 - OPTIM: i386: make use of kernel-mode-linux when available
1605 - BUG/MINOR: tarpit: fix condition to return the HTTP 500 message
1606 - BUG/MINOR: polling: some events were not set in various pollers
1607 - MINOR: http: add the urlp_val ACL match
1608 - BUG: stktable: tcp_src_to_stktable_key() must return NULL on invalid families
1609 - MINOR: stats/cli: add plans to support more stick-table actions
1610 - MEDIUM: stats/cli: add support for "set table key" to enter values
1611 - REORG/MEDIUM: fd: remove FD_STCLOSE from struct fdtab
1612 - REORG/MEDIUM: fd: remove checks for FD_STERROR in ev_sepoll
1613 - REORG/MEDIUM: fd: get rid of FD_STLISTEN
1614 - REORG/MINOR: connection: move declaration to its own include file
1615 - REORG/MINOR: checks: put a struct connection into the server
1616 - MINOR: connection: add flags to the connection struct
1617 - MAJOR: get rid of fdtab[].state and use connection->flags instead
1618 - MINOR: fd: add a new I/O handler to fdtab
1619 - MEDIUM: polling: prepare to call the iocb() function when defined.
1620 - MEDIUM: checks: make use of fdtab->iocb instead of cb[]
1621 - MEDIUM: protocols: use the generic I/O callback for accept callbacks
1622 - MINOR: connection: add a handler for fd-based connections
1623 - MAJOR: connection: replace direct I/O callbacks with the connection callback
1624 - MINOR: fd: make fdtab->owner a connection and not a stream_interface anymore
1625 - MEDIUM: connection: remove the FD_POLL_* flags only once
1626 - MEDIUM: connection: extract the send_proxy callback from proto_tcp
1627 - MAJOR: tcp: remove the specific I/O callbacks for TCP connection probes
1628 - CLEANUP: remove the now unused fdtab direct I/O callbacks
1629 - MAJOR: remove the stream interface and task management code from sock_*
1630 - MEDIUM: stream_interface: pass connection instead of fd in sock_ops
1631 - MEDIUM: stream_interface: centralize the SI_FL_ERR management
1632 - MAJOR: connection: add a new CO_FL_CONNECTED flag
1633 - MINOR: rearrange tcp_connect_probe() and fix wrong return codes
1634 - MAJOR: connection: call data layer handshakes from the handler
1635 - MEDIUM: fd: remove the EV_FD_COND_* primitives
1636 - MINOR: sock_raw: move calls to si_data_close upper
1637 - REORG: connection: replace si_data_close() with conn_data_close()
1638 - MEDIUM: sock_raw: introduce a read0 callback that is different from shutr
1639 - MAJOR: stream_int: use a common stream_int_shut*() functions regardless of the data layer
1640 - MAJOR: fd: replace all EV_FD_* macros with new fd_*_* inline calls
1641 - MEDIUM: fd: add fd_poll_{recv,send} for use when explicit polling is required
1642 - MEDIUM: connection: add definitions for dual polling mechanisms
1643 - MEDIUM: connection: make use of the new polling functions
1644 - MAJOR: make use of conn_{data|sock}_{poll|stop|want}* in connection handlers
1645 - MEDIUM: checks: don't use FD_WAIT_* anymore
1646 - MINOR: fd: get rid of FD_WAIT_*
1647 - MEDIUM: stream_interface: offer a generic function for connection updates
1648 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: offer a generic chk_rcv function for connections
1649 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: add a snd_buf() callback to sock_ops
1650 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: provide a generic stream_int_chk_snd_conn() function
1651 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: provide a generic si_conn_send_cb callback
1652 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: provide a generic stream_sock_read0() function
1653 - REORG/MAJOR: use "struct channel" instead of "struct buffer"
1654 - REORG/MAJOR: extract "struct buffer" from "struct channel"
1655 - MINOR: connection: provide conn_{data|sock}_{read0|shutw} functions
1656 - REORG: sock_raw: rename the files raw_sock*
1657 - MAJOR: raw_sock: extract raw_sock_to_buf() from raw_sock_read()
1658 - MAJOR: raw_sock: temporarily disable splicing
1659 - MINOR: stream-interface: add an rcv_buf callback to sock_ops
1660 - REORG: stream-interface: move sock_raw_read() to si_conn_recv_cb()
1661 - MAJOR: connection: split the send call into connection and stream interface
1662 - MAJOR: stream-interface: restore splicing mechanism
1663 - MAJOR: stream-interface: make conn_notify_si() more robust
1664 - MEDIUM: proxy-proto: don't use buffer flags in conn_si_send_proxy()
1665 - MAJOR: stream-interface: don't commit polling changes in every callback
1666 - MAJOR: stream-interface: fix splice not to call chk_snd by itself
1667 - MEDIUM: stream-interface: don't remove WAIT_DATA when a handshake is in progress
1668 - CLEANUP: connection: split sock_ops into data_ops, app_cp and si_ops
1669 - REORG: buffers: split buffers into chunk,buffer,channel
1670 - MAJOR: channel: remove the BF_OUT_EMPTY flag
1671 - REORG: buffer: move buffer_flush, b_adv and b_rew to buffer.h
1672 - MINOR: channel: rename bi_full to channel_full as it checks the whole channel
1673 - MINOR: buffer: provide a new buffer_full() function
1674 - MAJOR: channel: stop relying on BF_FULL to take action
1675 - MAJOR: channel: remove the BF_FULL flag
1676 - REORG: channel: move buffer_{replace,insert_line}* to buffer.{c,h}
1677 - CLEANUP: channel: usr CF_/CHN_ prefixes instead of BF_/BUF_
1678 - CLEANUP: channel: use "channel" instead of "buffer" in function names
1679 - REORG: connection: move the target pointer from si to connection
1680 - MAJOR: connection: move the addr field from the stream_interface
1681 - MEDIUM: stream_interface: remove CAP_SPLTCP/CAP_SPLICE flags
1682 - MEDIUM: proto_tcp: remove any dependence on stream_interface
1683 - MINOR: tcp: replace tcp_src_to_stktable_key with addr_to_stktable_key
1684 - MEDIUM: connection: add an ->init function to data layer
1685 - MAJOR: session: introduce embryonic sessions
1686 - MAJOR: connection: make the PROXY decoder a handshake handler
1687 - CLEANUP: frontend: remove the old proxy protocol decoder
1688 - MAJOR: connection: rearrange the polling flags.
1689 - MEDIUM: connection: only call tcp_connect_probe when nothing was attempted yet
1690 - MEDIUM: connection: complete the polling cleanups
1691 - MEDIUM: connection: avoid calling handshakes when polling is required
1692 - MAJOR: stream_interface: continue to update data polling flags during handshakes
1693 - CLEANUP: fd: remove fdtab->flags
1694 - CLEANUP: fdtab: flatten the struct and merge the spec struct with the rest
1695 - CLEANUP: includes: fix includes for a number of users of fd.h
1696 - MINOR: ssl: disable TCP quick-ack by default on SSL listeners
1697 - MEDIUM: config: add a "ciphers" keyword to set SSL cipher suites
1698 - MEDIUM: config: add "nosslv3" and "notlsv1" on bind and server lines
1699 - BUG: ssl: mark the connection as waiting for an SSL connection during the handshake
1700 - BUILD: http: rename error_message http_error_message to fix conflicts on RHEL
1701 - BUILD: ssl: fix shctx build on RHEL with futex
1702 - BUILD: include sys/socket.h to fix build failure on FreeBSD
1703 - BUILD: fix build error without SSL (ssl_cert)
1704 - BUILD: ssl: use MAP_ANON instead of MAP_ANONYMOUS
1705 - BUG/MEDIUM: workaround an eglibc bug which truncates the pidfiles when nbproc > 1
1706 - MEDIUM: config: support per-listener backlog and maxconn
1707 - MINOR: session: do not send an HTTP/500 error on SSL sockets
1708 - MEDIUM: config: implement maxsslconn in the global section
1709 - BUG: tcp: close socket fd upon connect error
1710 - MEDIUM: connection: improve error handling around the data layer
1711 - MINOR: config: make the tasks "nice" value configurable on "bind" lines.
1712 - BUILD: shut a gcc warning introduced by commit 269ab31
1713 - MEDIUM: config: centralize handling of SSL config per bind line
1714 - BUILD: makefile: report USE_OPENSSL status in build options
1715 - BUILD: report openssl build settings in haproxy -vv
1716 - MEDIUM: ssl: add sample fetches for is_ssl, ssl_has_sni, ssl_sni_*
1717 - DOC: add a special acknowledgement for the stud project
1718 - DOC: add missing SSL options for servers and listeners
1719 - BUILD: automatically add -lcrypto for SSL
1720 - DOC: add some info about openssl build in the README
Willy Tarreau02c7c142012-06-04 00:43:45 +020017222012/06/04 : 1.5-dev11
1723 - BUG/MEDIUM: option forwardfor if-none doesn't work with some configurations
1724 - BUG/MAJOR: trash must always be the size of a buffer
1725 - DOC: fix minor regex example issue and improve doc on stats
1726 - MINOR: stream_interface: add a pointer to the listener for TARG_TYPE_CLIENT
1727 - MEDIUM: protocol: add a pointer to struct sock_ops to the listener struct
1728 - MINOR: checks: add on-marked-up option
1729 - MINOR: balance uri: added 'whole' parameter to include query string in hash calculation
1730 - MEDIUM: stream_interface: remove the si->init
1731 - MINOR: buffers: add a rewind function
1732 - BUG/MAJOR: fix regression on content-based hashing and http-send-name-header
1733 - MAJOR: http: stop using msg->sol outside the parsers
1734 - CLEANUP: http: make it more obvious that msg->som is always null outside of chunks
1735 - MEDIUM: http: get rid of msg->som which is not used anymore
1736 - MEDIUM: http: msg->sov and msg->sol will never wrap
1737 - BUG/MAJOR: checks: don't call set_server_status_* when no LB algo is set
1738 - BUG/MINOR: stop connect timeout when connect succeeds
1739 - REORG: move the send-proxy code to tcp_connect_write()
1740 - REORG/MINOR: session: detect the TCP monitor checks at the protocol accept
1741 - MINOR: stream_interface: introduce a new "struct connection" type
1742 - REORG/MINOR: stream_interface: move si->fd to struct connection
1743 - REORG/MEDIUM: stream_interface: move applet->state and private to connection
1744 - MINOR: stream_interface: add a data channel close function
1745 - MEDIUM: stream_interface: call si_data_close() before releasing the si
1746 - MINOR: peers: use the socket layer operations from the peer instead of sock_raw
1747 - BUG/MINOR: checks: expire on timeout.check if smaller than timeout.connect
1748 - MINOR: add a new function call tracer for debugging purposes
1749 - BUG/MINOR: perform_http_redirect also needs to rewind the buffer
1750 - BUG/MAJOR: b_rew() must pass a signed offset to b_ptr()
1751 - BUG/MEDIUM: register peer sync handler in the proper order
1752 - BUG/MEDIUM: buffers: fix bi_putchr() to correctly advance the pointer
1753 - BUG/MINOR: fix option httplog validation with TCP frontends
1754 - BUG/MINOR: log: don't report logformat errors in backends
1755 - REORG/MINOR: use dedicated proxy flags for the cookie handling
1756 - BUG/MINOR: config: do not report twice the incompatibility between cookie and non-http
1757 - MINOR: http: add support for "httponly" and "secure" cookie attributes
1758 - BUG/MEDIUM: ensure that unresolved arguments are freed exactly once
1759 - BUG/MINOR: commit 196729ef used wrong condition resulting in freeing constants
1760 - MEDIUM: stats: add support for soft stop/soft start in the admin interface
1761 - MEDIUM: stats: add the ability to kill sessions from the admin interface
1762 - BUILD: add support for linux kernels >= 2.6.28
Willy Tarreauffb89472012-05-14 07:26:56 +020017642012/05/14 : 1.5-dev10
1765 - BUG/MINOR: stats admin: "Unexpected result" was displayed unconditionally
1766 - BUG/MAJOR: acl: http_auth_group() must not accept any user from the userlist
1767 - CLEANUP: auth: make the code build again with DEBUG_AUTH
1768 - BUG/MEDIUM: config: don't crash at config load time on invalid userlist names
1769 - REORG: use the name sock_raw instead of stream_sock
1770 - MINOR: stream_interface: add a client target : TARG_TYPE_CLIENT
1771 - BUG/MEDIUM: stream_interface: restore get_src/get_dst
1772 - CLEANUP: sock_raw: remove last references to stream_sock
1773 - CLEANUP: stream_interface: stop exporting socket layer functions
1774 - MINOR: stream_interface: add an init callback to sock_ops
1775 - MEDIUM: stream_interface: derive the socket operations from the target
1776 - MAJOR: fd: remove the need for the socket layer to recheck the connection
1777 - MINOR: session: call the socket layer init function when a session establishes
1778 - MEDIUM: session: add support for tunnel timeouts
1779 - MINOR: standard: add a new debug macro : fddebug()
1780 - CLEANUP: fd: remove unused cb->b pointers in the struct fdtab
1781 - OPTIM: proto_http: don't enable quick-ack on empty buffers
1782 - OPTIM/MAJOR: ev_sepoll: process spec events after polled events
1783 - OPTIM/MEDIUM: stream_interface: add a new SI_FL_NOHALF flag
Willy Tarreaua0564f32012-05-08 21:56:27 +020017852012/05/08 : 1.5-dev9
1786 - MINOR: Add release callback to si_applet
1787 - CLEANUP: Fix some minor typos
1788 - MINOR: Add TO/FROM_SET flags to struct stream_interface
1789 - CLEANUP: Fix some minor whitespace issues
1790 - MINOR: stats admin: allow unordered parameters in POST requests
1791 - CLEANUP: fix typo in findserver() log message
1792 - MINOR: stats admin: use the backend id instead of its name in the form
1793 - MINOR: stats admin: reduce memcmp()/strcmp() calls on status codes
1794 - DOC: cleanup indentation, alignment, columns and chapters
1795 - DOC: fix some keywords arguments documentation
1796 - MINOR: cli: display the 4 IP addresses and ports on "show sess XXX"
1797 - BUG/MAJOR: log: possible segfault with logformat
1798 - MEDIUM: log: split of log_format generation
1799 - MEDIUM: log: New format-log flags: %Fi %Fp %Si %Sp %Ts %rt %H %pid
1800 - MEDIUM: log: Unique ID
1801 - MINOR: log: log-format: usable without httplog and tcplog
1802 - BUG/MEDIUM: balance source did not properly hash IPv6 addresses
1803 - MINOR: contrib/iprange: add a network IP range to mask converter
1804 - MEDIUM: session: implement the "use-server" directive
1805 - MEDIUM: log: add a new cookie flag 'U' to report situations where cookie is not used
1806 - MEDIUM: http: make extract_cookie_value() iterate over cookie values
1807 - MEDIUM: http: add cookie and scookie ACLs
1808 - CLEANUP: lb_first: add reference to a paper describing the original idea
1809 - MEDIUM: stream_sock: add a get_src and get_dst callback and remove SN_FRT_ADDR_SET
1810 - BUG/MINOR: acl: req_ssl_sni would randomly fail if a session ID is present
1811 - BUILD: http: make extract_cookie_value() return an int not size_t
1812 - BUILD: http: stop gcc-4.1.2 from complaining about possibly uninitialized values
1813 - CLEANUP: http: message parser must ignore HTTP_MSG_ERROR
1814 - MINOR: standard: add a memprintf() function to build formatted error messages
1815 - CLEANUP: remove a few warning about unchecked return values in debug code
1816 - MEDIUM: move message-related flags from transaction to message
1817 - DOC: add a diagram to explain how circular buffers work
1818 - MAJOR: buffer rework: replace ->send_max with ->o
1819 - MAJOR: buffer: replace buf->l with buf->{o+i}
1820 - MINOR: buffers: provide simple pointer normalization functions
1821 - MINOR: buffers: remove unused function buffer_contig_data()
1822 - MAJOR: buffers: replace buf->w with buf->p - buf->o
1823 - MAJOR: buffers: replace buf->r with buf->p + buf->i
1824 - MAJOR: http: move buffer->lr to http_msg->next
1825 - MAJOR: http: change msg->{som,col,sov,eoh} to be relative to buffer origin
1826 - CLEANUP: http: remove unused http_msg->col
1827 - MAJOR: http: turn http_msg->eol to a buffer-relative offset
1828 - MEDIUM: http: add a pointer to the buffer in http_msg
1829 - MAJOR: http: make http_msg->sol relative to buffer's origin
1830 - MEDIUM: http: http_send_name_header: remove references to msg and buffer
1831 - MEDIUM: http: remove buffer arg in a few header manipulation functions
1832 - MEDIUM: http: remove buffer arg in http_capture_bad_message
1833 - MEDIUM: http: remove buffer arg in http_msg_analyzer
1834 - MEDIUM: http: remove buffer arg in http_upgrade_v09_to_v10
1835 - MEDIUM: http: remove buffer arg in http_buffer_heavy_realign
1836 - MEDIUM: http: remove buffer arg in chunk parsing functions
1837 - MINOR: http: remove useless wrapping checks in http_msg_analyzer
1838 - MEDIUM: buffers: fix unsafe use of buffer_ignore at some places
1839 - MEDIUM: buffers: add new pointer wrappers and get rid of almost all buffer_wrap_add calls
1840 - MEDIUM: buffers: implement b_adv() to advance a buffer's pointer
1841 - MEDIUM: buffers: rename a number of buffer management functions
1842 - MEDIUM: http: add a prefetch function for ACL pattern fetch
1843 - MEDIUM: http: make all ACL fetch function use acl_prefetch_http()
1844 - BUG/MINOR: http_auth: ACLs are volatile, not permanent
1845 - MEDIUM: http/acl: merge all request and response ACL fetches of headers and cookies
1846 - MEDIUM: http/acl: make acl_fetch_hdr_{ip,val} rely on acl_fetch_hdr()
1847 - MEDIUM: add a new typed argument list parsing framework
1848 - MAJOR: acl: make use of the new argument parsing framework
1849 - MAJOR: acl: store the ACL argument types in the ACL keyword declaration
1850 - MEDIUM: acl: acl_find_target() now resolves arguments based on their types
1851 - MAJOR: acl: make acl_find_targets also resolve proxy names at config time
1852 - MAJOR: acl: ensure that implicit table and proxies are valid
1853 - MEDIUM: acl: remove unused tests for missing args when args are mandatory
1854 - MEDIUM: pattern: replace type pattern_arg with type arg
1855 - MEDIUM: pattern: get rid of arg_i in all functions making use of arguments
1856 - MEDIUM: pattern: use the standard arg parser
1857 - MEDIUM: pattern: add an argument validation callback to pattern descriptors
1858 - MEDIUM: pattern: report the precise argument parsing error when known.
1859 - MEDIUM: acl: remove the ACL_TEST_F_NULL_MATCH flag
1860 - MINOR: pattern: add a new 'sample' type to store fetched data
1861 - MEDIUM: pattern: add new sample types to replace pattern types
1862 - MAJOR: acl: make use of the new sample struct and get rid of acl_test
1863 - MEDIUM: pattern/acl: get rid of temp_pattern in ACLs
1864 - MEDIUM: acl: get rid of the SET_RES flags
1865 - MEDIUM: get rid of SMP_F_READ_ONLY and SMP_F_MUST_FREE
1866 - MINOR: pattern: replace struct pattern with struct sample
1867 - MEDIUM: pattern: integrate pattern_data into sample and use sample everywhere
1868 - MEDIUM: pattern: retrieve the sample type in the sample, not in the keyword description
1869 - MEDIUM: acl/pattern: switch rdp_cookie functions stack up-down
1870 - MEDIUM: acl: replace acl_expr with args in acl fetch_* functions
1871 - MINOR: tcp: replace acl_fetch_rdp_cookie with smp_fetch_rdp_cookie
1872 - MEDIUM: acl/pattern: use the same direction scheme
1873 - MEDIUM: acl/pattern: start merging common sample fetch functions
1874 - MEDIUM: pattern: ensure that sample types always cast into other types.
1875 - MEDIUM: acl/pattern: factor out the src/dst address fetches
1876 - MEDIUM: acl: implement payload and payload_lv
1877 - CLEANUP: pattern: ensure that payload and payload_lv always stay in the buffer
1878 - MINOR: stick_table: centralize the handling of empty keys
1879 - MINOR: pattern: centralize handling of unstable data in pattern_process()
1880 - MEDIUM: pattern: use smp_fetch_rdp_cookie instead of the pattern specific version
1881 - MINOR: acl: set SMP_OPT_ITERATE on fetch functions
1882 - MINOR: acl: add a val_args field to keywords
1883 - MINOR: proto_tcp: validate arguments of payload and payload_lv ACLs
1884 - MEDIUM: http: merge acl and pattern header fetch functions
1885 - MEDIUM: http: merge ACL and pattern cookie fetches into a single one
1886 - MEDIUM: acl: report parsing errors to the caller
1887 - MINOR: arg: improve error reporting on invalid arguments
1888 - MINOR: acl: report errors encountered when loading patterns from files
1889 - MEDIUM: acl: extend the pattern parsers to report meaningful errors
1890 - REORG: use the name "sample" instead of "pattern" to designate extracted data
1891 - REORG: rename "pattern" files
1892 - MINOR: acl: add types to ACL patterns
1893 - MINOR: standard: add an IPv6 parsing function (str62net)
1894 - MEDIUM: acl: support IPv6 address matching
1895 - REORG: stream_interface: create a struct sock_ops to hold socket operations
1896 - REORG/MEDIUM: move protocol->{read,write} to sock_ops
1897 - REORG/MEDIUM: stream_interface: initialize socket ops from descriptors
1898 - REORG/MEDIUM: replace stream interface protocol functions by a proto pointer
1899 - REORG/MEDIUM: move the default accept function from sockstream to protocols.c
1900 - MEDIUM: proto_tcp: remove src6 and dst6 pattern fetch methods
1901 - BUG/MINOR: http: error snapshots are wrong if buffer wraps
1902 - BUG/MINOR: http: ensure that msg->err_pos is always relative to buf->p
1903 - MEDIUM: http: improve error capture reports
1904 - MINOR: acl: add the cook_val() match to match a cookie against an integer
1905 - BUG/MEDIUM: send_proxy: fix initialisation of send_proxy_ofs
1906 - MEDIUM: memory: add the ability to poison memory at run time
1907 - BUG/MEDIUM: log: ensure that unique_id is properly initialized
1908 - MINOR: cfgparse: use a common errmsg pointer for all parsers
1909 - MEDIUM: cfgparse: make backend_parse_balance() use memprintf to report errors
1910 - MEDIUM: cfgparse: use the new error reporting framework for remaining cfg_keywords
1911 - MINOR: http: replace http_message_realign() with buffer_slow_realign()
Willy Tarreau9eeb57b2012-03-26 06:15:29 +020019132012/03/26 : 1.5-dev8
1914 - MINOR: patch for minor typo (ressources/resources)
1915 - MEDIUM: http: add support for sending the server's name in the outgoing request
1916 - DOC: mention that default checks are TCP connections
1917 - BUG/MINOR: fix options forwardfor if-none when an alternative header name is specified
1918 - CLEANUP: Make check_statuses, analyze_statuses and process_chk static
1919 - CLEANUP: Fix HCHK spelling errors
1920 - BUG/MINOR: fix typo in processing of http-send-name-header
1921 - MEDIUM: log: Use linked lists for loggers
1922 - BUILD: fix declaration inside a scope block
1923 - REORG: log: split send_log function
1924 - MINOR: config: Parse the string of the log-format config keyword
1925 - MINOR: add ultoa, ulltoa, ltoa, lltoa implementations
1926 - MINOR: Date and time fonctions that don't use snprintf
1927 - MEDIUM: log: make http_sess_log use log_format
1928 - DOC: log-format documentation
1929 - MEDIUM: log: use log_format for mode tcplog
1930 - MEDIUM: log-format: backend source address %Bi %Bp
1931 - BUG/MINOR: log-format: fix %o flag
1932 - BUG/MEDIUM: bad length in log_format and __send_log
1933 - MINOR: logformat %st is signed
1934 - BUILD/MINOR: fix the source URL in the spec file
1935 - DOC: acl is http_first_req, not http_req_first
1936 - BUG/MEDIUM: don't trim last spaces from headers consisting only of spaces
1937 - MINOR: acl: add new matches for header/path/url length
1938 - BUILD: halog: make halog build on solaris
1939 - BUG/MINOR: don't use a wrong port when connecting to a server with mapped ports
1940 - MINOR: remove the client/server side distinction in SI addresses
1941 - MINOR: halog: add support for matching queued requests
1942 - DOC: indicate that cookie "prefix" and "indirect" should not be mixed
1943 - OPTIM/MINOR: move struct sockaddr_storage to the tail of structs
1944 - OPTIM/MINOR: make it possible to change pipe size (tune.pipesize)
1945 - BUILD/MINOR: silent a build warning in src/pipe.c (fcntl)
1946 - OPTIM/MINOR: move the hdr_idx pools out of the proxy struct
1947 - MEDIUM: tune.http.maxhdr makes it possible to configure the maximum number of HTTP headers
1948 - BUG/MINOR: fix a segfault when parsing a config with undeclared peers
1949 - CLEANUP: rename possibly confusing struct field "tracked"
1950 - BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix slowstart behaviour when server tracking is in use
1951 - MINOR: config: tolerate server "cookie" setting in non-HTTP mode
1952 - MEDIUM: buffers: add some new primitives and rework existing ones
1953 - BUG: buffers: don't return a negative value on buffer_total_space_res()
1954 - MINOR: buffers: make buffer_pointer() support negative pointers too
1955 - CLEANUP: kill buffer_replace() and use an inline instead
1956 - BUG: tcp: option nolinger does not work on backends
1957 - CLEANUP: ebtree: remove a few annoying signedness warnings
1958 - CLEANUP: ebtree: clarify licence and update to 6.0.6
1959 - CLEANUP: ebtree: remove 4-year old harmless typo in duplicates insertion code
1960 - CLEANUP: ebtree: remove another typo, a wrong initialization in insertion code
1961 - BUG: ebtree: ebst_lookup() could return the wrong entry
1962 - OPTIM: stream_sock: reduce the amount of in-flight spliced data
1963 - OPTIM: stream_sock: save a failed recv syscall when splice returns EAGAIN
1964 - MINOR: acl: add support for TLS server name matching using SNI
1965 - BUG: http: re-enable TCP quick-ack upon incomplete HTTP requests
1966 - BUG: proto_tcp: don't try to bind to a foreign address if sin_family is unknown
1967 - MINOR: pattern: export the global temporary pattern
1968 - CLEANUP: patterns: get rid of pattern_data_setstring()
1969 - MEDIUM: acl: use temp_pattern to store fetched information in the "method" match
1970 - MINOR: acl: include pattern.h to make pattern migration more transparent
1971 - MEDIUM: pattern: change the pattern data integer from unsigned to signed
1972 - MEDIUM: acl: use temp_pattern to store any integer-type information
1973 - MEDIUM: acl: use temp_pattern to store any address-type information
1974 - CLEANUP: acl: integer part of acl_test is not used anymore
1975 - MEDIUM: acl: use temp_pattern to store any string-type information
1976 - CLEANUP: acl: remove last data fields from the acl_test struct
1977 - MEDIUM: http: replace get_ip_from_hdr2() with http_get_hdr()
1978 - MEDIUM: patterns: the hdr() pattern is now of type string
1979 - DOC: add minimal documentation on how ACLs work internally
1980 - DOC: add a coding-style file
1981 - OPTIM: halog: keep a fast path for the lines-count only
1982 - CLEANUP: silence a warning when building on sparc
1983 - BUG: http: tighten the list of allowed characters in a URI
1984 - MEDIUM: http: block non-ASCII characters in URIs by default
1985 - DOC: add some documentation from RFC3986 about URI format
1986 - BUG/MINOR: cli: correctly remove the whole table on "clear table"
1987 - BUG/MEDIUM: correctly disable servers tracking another disabled servers.
1988 - BUG/MEDIUM: zero-weight servers must not dequeue requests from the backend
1989 - MINOR: halog: add some help on the command line
1990 - BUILD: fix build error on FreeBSD
1991 - BUG: fix double free in peers config error path
1992 - MEDIUM: improve config check return codes
1993 - BUILD: make it possible to look for pcre in the default system paths
1994 - MINOR: config: emit a warning when 'default_backend' masks servers
1995 - MINOR: backend: rework the LC definition to support other connection-based algos
1996 - MEDIUM: backend: add the 'first' balancing algorithm
1997 - BUG: fix httplog trailing LF
1998 - MEDIUM: increase chunk-size limit to 2GB-1
1999 - BUG: queue: fix dequeueing sequence on HTTP keep-alive sessions
2000 - BUG: http: disable TCP delayed ACKs when forwarding content-length data
2001 - BUG: checks: fix server maintenance exit sequence
2002 - BUG/MINOR: stream_sock: don't remove BF_EXPECT_MORE and BF_SEND_DONTWAIT on partial writes
2003 - DOC: enumerate valid status codes for "observe layer7"
2004 - MINOR: buffer: switch a number of buffer args to const
2005 - CLEANUP: silence signedness warning in acl.c
2006 - BUG: stream_sock: si->release was not called upon shutw()
2007 - MINOR: log: use "%ts" to log term status only and "%tsc" to log with cookie
2008 - BUG/CRITICAL: log: fix risk of crash in development snapshot
2009 - BUG/MAJOR: possible crash when using capture headers on TCP frontends
2010 - MINOR: config: disable header captures in TCP mode and complain
Willy Tarreau60612eb2011-09-10 23:43:11 +020020122011/09/10 : 1.5-dev7
2013 - [BUG] fix binary stick-tables
2014 - [MINOR] http: *_dom matching header functions now also split on ":"
2015 - [BUG] checks: fix support of Mysqld >= 5.5 for mysql-check
2016 - [MINOR] acl: add srv_conn acl to count connections on a specific backend server
2017 - [MINOR] check: add redis check support
2018 - [DOC] small fixes to clearly distinguish between keyword and variables
2019 - [MINOR] halog: add support for termination code matching (-tcn/-TCN)
2020 - [DOC] Minor spelling fixes and grammatical enhancements
2021 - [CLEANUP] dumpstats: make symbols static where possible
2022 - [MINOR] Break out dumping table
2023 - [MINOR] Break out processing of clear table
2024 - [MINOR] Allow listing of stick table by key
2025 - [MINOR] Break out all stick table socat command parsing
2026 - [MINOR] More flexible clearing of stick table
2027 - [MINOR] Allow showing and clearing by key of ipv6 stick tables
2028 - [MINOR] Allow showing and clearing by key of integer stick tables
2029 - [MINOR] Allow showing and clearing by key of string stick tables
2030 - [CLEANUP] Remove assigned but unused variables
2031 - [CLEANUP] peers.h: fix declarations
2032 - [CLEANUP] session.c: Make functions static where possible
2033 - [MINOR] Add active connection list to server
2034 - [MINOR] Allow shutdown of sessions when a server becomes unavailable
2035 - [MINOR] Add down termination condition
2036 - [MINOR] Make appsess{,ion}_refresh static
2037 - [MINOR] Add rdp_cookie pattern fetch function
2038 - [CLEANUP] Remove unnecessary casts
2039 - [MINOR] Add non-stick server option
2040 - [MINOR] Consistently use error in tcp_parse_tcp_req()
2041 - [MINOR] Consistently free expr on error in cfg_parse_listen()
2042 - [MINOR] Free rdp_cookie_name on denint()
2043 - [MINOR] Free tcp rules on denint()
2044 - [MINOR] Free stick table pool on denint()
2045 - [MINOR] Free stick rules on denint()
2046 - [MEDIUM] Fix stick-table replication on soft-restart
2047 - [MEDIUM] Correct ipmask() logic
2048 - [MINOR] Correct type in table dump examples
2049 - [MINOR] Fix build error in stream_int_register_handler()
2050 - [MINOR] Use DPRINTF in assign_server()
2051 - [BUG] checks: http-check expect could fail a check on multi-packet responses
2052 - [DOC] fix minor typo in the "dispatch" doc
2053 - [BUG] proto_tcp: fix address binding on remote source
2054 - [MINOR] http: don't report the "haproxy" word on the monitoring response
2055 - [REORG] http: move HTTP error codes back to proto_http.h
2056 - [MINOR] http: make the "HTTP 200" status code configurable.
2057 - [MINOR] http: partially revert the chunking optimization for now
2058 - [MINOR] stream_sock: always clear BF_EXPECT_MORE upon complete transfer
2059 - [CLEANUP] stream_sock: remove unneeded FL_TCP and factor out test
2060 - [MEDIUM] http: add support for "http-no-delay"
2061 - [OPTIM] http: optimize chunking again in non-interactive mode
2062 - [OPTIM] stream_sock: avoid fast-forwarding of partial data
2063 - [OPTIM] stream_sock: don't use splice on too small payloads
2064 - [MINOR] config: make it possible to specify a cookie even without a server
2065 - [BUG] stats: support url-encoded forms
2066 - [MINOR] config: automatically compute a default fullconn value
2067 - [CLEANUP] config: remove some left-over printf debugging code from previous patch
2068 - [DOC] add missing entry or stick store-response
2069 - [MEDIUM] http: add support for 'cookie' and 'set-cookie' patterns
2070 - [BUG] halog: correctly handle truncated last line
2071 - [MINOR] halog: make SKIP_CHAR stop on field delimiters
2072 - [MINOR] halog: add support for HTTP log matching (-H)
2073 - [MINOR] halog: gain back performance before SKIP_CHAR fix
2074 - [OPTIM] halog: cache some common fields positions
2075 - [OPTIM] halog: check once for correct line format and reuse the pointer
2076 - [OPTIM] halog: remove many 'if' by using a function pointer for the filters
2077 - [OPTIM] halog: remove support for tab delimiters in input data
2078 - [BUG] session: risk of crash on out of memory (1.5-dev regression)
2079 - [MINOR] session: try to emit a 500 response on memory allocation errors
2080 - [OPTIM] stream_sock: reduce the default number of accepted connections at once
2081 - [BUG] stream_sock: disable listener when system resources are exhausted
2082 - [MEDIUM] proxy: add a PAUSED state to listeners and move socket tricks out of proxy.c
2083 - [BUG] stream_sock: ensure orphan listeners don't accept too many connections
2084 - [MINOR] listeners: add listen_full() to mark a listener full
2085 - [MINOR] listeners: add support for queueing resource limited listeners
2086 - [MEDIUM] listeners: put listeners in queue upon resource shortage
2087 - [MEDIUM] listeners: queue proxy-bound listeners at the proxy's
2088 - [MEDIUM] listeners: don't stop proxies when global maxconn is reached
2089 - [MEDIUM] listeners: don't change listeners states anymore in maintain_proxies
2090 - [CLEANUP] proxy: rename a few proxy states (PR_STIDLE and PR_STRUN)
2091 - [MINOR] stats: report a "WAITING" state for sockets waiting for resource
2092 - [MINOR] proxy: make session rate-limit more accurate
2093 - [MINOR] sessions: only wake waiting listeners up if rate limit is OK
2094 - [BUG] proxy: peers must only be stopped once, not upon every call to maintain_proxies
2095 - [CLEANUP] proxy: merge maintain_proxies() operation inside a single loop
2096 - [MINOR] task: new function task_schedule() to schedule a wake up
2097 - [MAJOR] proxy: finally get rid of maintain_proxies()
2098 - [BUG] proxy: stats frontend and peers were missing many initializers
2099 - [MEDIUM] listeners: add a global listener management task
2100 - [MINOR] proxy: make findproxy() return proxies from numeric IDs too
2101 - [DOC] fix typos, "#" is a sharp, not a dash
2102 - [MEDIUM] stats: add support for changing frontend's maxconn at runtime
2103 - [MEDIUM] checks: group health checks methods by values and save option bits
2104 - [MINOR] session-counters: add the ability to clear the counters
2105 - [BUG] check: http-check expect + regex would crash in defaults section
2106 - [MEDIUM] http: make x-forwarded-for addition conditional
2107 - [REORG] build: move syscall redefinition to specific places
2108 - [CLEANUP] update the year in the copyright banner
2109 - [BUG] possible crash in 'show table' on stats socket
2110 - [BUG] checks: use the correct destination port for sending checks
2111 - [BUG] backend: risk of picking a wrong port when mapping is used with crossed families
2112 - [MINOR] make use of set_host_port() and get_host_port() to get rid of family mismatches
2113 - [DOC] fixed a few "sensible" -> "sensitive" errors
2114 - [MINOR] make use of addr_to_str() and get_host_port() to replace many inet_ntop()
2115 - [BUG] http: trailing white spaces must also be trimmed after headers
2116 - [MINOR] stats: display "<NONE>" instead of the frontend name when unknown
2117 - [MINOR] http: take a capture of too large requests and responses
2118 - [MINOR] http: take a capture of truncated responses
2119 - [MINOR] http: take a capture of bad content-lengths.
2120 - [DOC] add a few old and uncommitted docs
2121 - [CLEANUP] cfgparse: fix reported options for the "bind" keyword
2122 - [MINOR] halog: add -hs/-HS to filter by HTTP status code range
2123 - [MINOR] halog: support backslash-escaped quotes
2124 - [CLEANUP] remove dirty left-over of a debugging message
2125 - [MEDIUM] stats: disable complex socket reservation for stats socket
2126 - [CLEANUP] remove a useless test in manage_global_listener_queue()
2127 - [MEDIUM] stats: add the "set maxconn" setting to the command line interface
2128 - [MEDIUM] add support for global.maxconnrate to limit the per-process conn rate.
2129 - [MINOR] stats: report the current and max global connection rates
2130 - [MEDIUM] stats: add the ability to adjust the global maxconnrate
2131 - [BUG] peers: don't pre-allocate 65000 connections to each peer
2132 - [MEDIUM] don't limit peers nor stats socket to maxconn nor maxconnrate
2133 - [BUG] peers: the peer frontend must not emit any log
2134 - [CLEANUP] proxy: make pause_proxy() perform the required controls and emit the logs
2135 - [BUG] peers: don't keep a peers section which has a NULL frontend
2136 - [BUG] peers: ensure the peers are resumed if they were paused
2137 - [MEDIUM] stats: add the ability to enable/disable/shutdown a frontend at runtime
2138 - [MEDIUM] session: make session_shutdown() an independant function
2139 - [MEDIUM] stats: offer the possibility to kill a session from the CLI
2140 - [CLEANUP] stats: centralize tests for backend/server inputs on the CLI
2141 - [MEDIUM] stats: offer the possibility to kill sessions by server
2142 - [MINOR] halog: do not consider byte 0x8A as end of line
2143 - [MINOR] frontend: ensure debug message length is always initialized
2144 - [OPTIM] halog: make fgets parse more bytes by blocks
2145 - [OPTIM] halog: add assembly version of the field lookup code
2146 - [MEDIUM] poll: add a measurement of idle vs work time
2147 - [CLEANUP] startup: report only the basename in the usage message
2148 - [MINOR] startup: add an option to change to a new directory
2149 - [OPTIM] task: don't scan the run queue if we know it's empty
2150 - [BUILD] stats: stdint is not present on solaris
2151 - [DOC] update the README file to reflect new naming rules for patches
2152 - [MINOR] stats: report the number of requests intercepted by the frontend
2153 - [DOC] update ROADMAP file
Willy Tarreau04df1122011-04-08 00:56:41 +020021552011/04/08 : 1.5-dev6
2156 - [BUG] stream_sock: use get_addr_len() instead of sizeof() on sockaddr_storage
2157 - [BUG] TCP source tracking was broken with IPv6 changes
2158 - [BUG] stick-tables did not work when converting IPv6 to IPv4
2159 - [CRITICAL] fix risk of crash when dealing with space in response cookies
Willy Tarreaub06ed2c2011-03-29 01:10:33 +020021612011/03/29 : 1.5-dev5
2162 - [BUG] standard: is_addr return value for IPv4 was inverted
2163 - [MINOR] update comment about IPv6 support for server
2164 - [MEDIUM] use getaddrinfo to resolve names if gethostbyname fail
2165 - [DOC] update IPv6 support for bind
2166 - [DOC] document IPv6 support for server
2167 - [DOC] fix a minor typo
2168 - [MEDIUM] IPv6 support for syslog
2169 - [DOC] document IPv6 support for syslog
2170 - [MEDIUM] IPv6 support for stick-tables
2171 - [DOC] document IPv6 support for stick-tables
2172 - [DOC] update ROADMAP file
2173 - [BUG] session: src_conn_cur was returning src_conn_cnt instead
2174 - [MINOR] frontend: add a make_proxy_line function
2175 - [MEDIUM] stream_sock: add support for sending the proxy protocol header line
2176 - [MEDIUM] server: add support for the "send-proxy" option
2177 - [DOC] update the spec on the proxy protocol
2178 - [BUILD] proto_tcp: fix build issue with CTTPROXY
2179 - [DOC] update ROADMAP file
2180 - [MEDIUM] config: rework the IPv4/IPv6 address parser to support host-only addresses
2181 - [MINOR] cfgparse: better report wrong listening addresses and make use of str2sa_range
2182 - [BUILD] add the USE_GETADDRINFO build option
2183 - [TESTS] provide a test case for various address formats
2184 - [BUG] session: conn_retries was not always initialized
2185 - [BUG] log: retrieve the target from the session, not the SI
2186 - [BUG] http: fix possible incorrect forwarded wrapping chunk size (take 2)
2187 - [MINOR] tools: add two macros MID_RANGE and MAX_RANGE
2188 - [BUG] http: fix content-length handling on 32-bit platforms
2189 - [OPTIM] buffers: uninline buffer_forward()
2190 - [BUG] stream_sock: fix handling for server side PROXY protocol
2191 - [MINOR] acl: add support for table_cnt and table_avl matches
2192 - [DOC] update ROADMAP file
Willy Tarreaue0052cc2011-03-13 22:15:02 +010021942011/03/13 : 1.5-dev4
2195 - [MINOR] cfgparse: Check whether the path given for the stats socket actually fits into the sockaddr_un structure to avoid truncation.
2196 - [MINOR] unix sockets : inherits the backlog size from the listener
2197 - [CLEANUP] unix sockets : move create_uxst_socket() in uxst_bind_listener()
2198 - [DOC] fix a minor typo
2199 - [DOC] fix ignore-persist documentation
2200 - [MINOR] add warnings on features not compatible with multi-process mode
2201 - [BUG] http: fix http-pretend-keepalive and httpclose/tunnel mode
2202 - [MINOR] stats: add support for several packets in stats admin
2203 - [BUG] stats: admin commands must check the proxy state
2204 - [BUG] stats: admin web interface must check the proxy state
2205 - [MINOR] http: add pattern extraction method to stick on query string parameter
2206 - [MEDIUM] add internal support for IPv6 server addresses
2207 - [MINOR] acl: add be_id/srv_id to match backend's and server's id
2208 - [MINOR] log: add support for passing the forwarded hostname
2209 - [MINOR] log: ability to override the syslog tag
2210 - [MINOR] checks: add PostgreSQL health check
2211 - [DOC] update ROADMAP file
2212 - [BUILD] pattern: use 'int' instead of 'int32_t'
2213 - [OPTIM] linux: add support for bypassing libc to force using vsyscalls
2214 - [BUG] debug: report the correct poller list in verbose mode
2215 - [BUG] capture: do not capture a cookie if there is no memory left
2216 - [BUG] appsession: fix possible double free in case of out of memory
2217 - [CRITICAL] cookies: mixing cookies in indirect mode and appsession can crash the process
2218 - [BUG] http: correctly update the header list when removing two consecutive headers
2219 - [BUILD] add the CPU=native and ARCH=32/64 build options
2220 - [BUILD] add -fno-strict-aliasing to fix warnings with gcc >= 4.4
2221 - [CLEANUP] hash: move the avalanche hash code globally available
2222 - [MEDIUM] hash: add support for an 'avalanche' hash-type
2223 - [DOC] update roadmap file
2224 - [BUG] http: do not re-enable the PROXY analyser on keep-alive
2225 - [OPTIM] http: don't send each chunk in a separate packet
2226 - [DOC] fix minor typos reported recently in the peers section
2227 - [DOC] fix another typo in the doc
2228 - [MINOR] stats: report HTTP message state and buffer flags in error dumps
2229 - [BUG] http chunking: don't report a parsing error on connection errors
2230 - [BUG] stream_interface: truncate buffers when sending error messages
2231 - [MINOR] http: support wrapping messages in error captures
2232 - [MINOR] http: capture incorrectly chunked message bodies
2233 - [MINOR] stats: add global event ID and count
2234 - [BUG] http: analyser optimizations broke pipelining
2235 - [CLEANUP] frontend: only apply TCP-specific settings to TCP/TCP6 sockets
2236 - [BUG] http: fix incorrect error reporting during data transfers
2237 - [CRITICAL] session: correctly leave turn-around and queue states on abort
2238 - [BUG] session: release slot before processing pending connections
2239 - [MINOR] tcp: add support for dynamic MSS setting
2240 - [BUG] stick-table: correctly terminate string keys during lookups
2241 - [BUG] acl: fix handling of empty lines in pattern files
2242 - [BUG] stick-table: use the private buffer when padding strings
2243 - [BUG] ebtree: fix ebmb_lookup() with len smaller than the tree's keys
2244 - [OPTIM] ebtree: ebmb_lookup: reduce stack usage by moving the return code out of the loop
2245 - [OPTIM] ebtree: inline ebst_lookup_len and ebis_lookup_len
2246 - [REVERT] undo the stick-table string key lookup fixes
2247 - [MINOR] http: improve url_param pattern extraction to ignore empty values
2248 - [BUILD] frontend: shut a warning with TCP_MAXSEG
2249 - [BUG] http: update the header list's tail when removing the last header
2250 - [DOC] fix minor typo in the proxy protocol doc
2251 - [DOC] fix typos (http-request instead of http-check)
2252 - [BUG] http: use correct ACL pointer when evaluating authentication
2253 - [BUG] cfgparse: correctly count one socket per port in ranges
2254 - [BUG] startup: set the rlimits before binding ports, not after.
2255 - [BUG] acl: srv_id must return no match when the server is NULL
2256 - [MINOR] acl: add ability to check for internal response-only parameters
2257 - [MINOR] acl: srv_id is only valid in responses
2258 - [MINOR] config: warn if response-only conditions are used in "redirect" rules
2259 - [BUG] acl: fd leak when reading patterns from file
2260 - [DOC] fix minor typo in "usesrc"
2261 - [BUG] http: fix possible incorrect forwarded wrapping chunk size
2262 - [BUG] http: fix computation of message body length after forwarding has started
2263 - [BUG] http: balance url_param did not work with first parameters on POST
2264 - [TESTS] update the url_param regression test to test check_post too
2265 - [DOC] update ROADMAP
2266 - [DOC] internal: reflect the fact that SI_ST_ASS is transient
2267 - [BUG] config: don't crash on empty pattern files.
2268 - [MINOR] stream_interface: make use of an applet descriptor for IO handlers
2269 - [REORG] stream_interface: move the st0, st1 and private members to the applet
2270 - [REORG] stream_interface: split the struct members in 3 parts
2271 - [REORG] session: move client and server address to the stream interface
2272 - [REORG] tcp: make tcpv4_connect_server() take the target address from the SI
2273 - [MEDIUM] stream_interface: store the target pointer and type
2274 - [CLEANUP] stream_interface: remove the applet.handler pointer
2275 - [MEDIUM] log: take the logged server name from the stream interface
2276 - [CLEANUP] session: remove data_source from struct session
2277 - [CLEANUP] stats: make all dump functions only rely on the stream interface
2278 - [REORG] session: move the data_ctx struct to the stream interface's applet
2279 - [MINOR] proxy: add PR_O2_DISPATCH to detect dispatch mode
2280 - [MINOR] cfgparse: only keep one of dispatch, transparent, http_proxy
2281 - [MINOR] session: add a pointer to the new target into the session
2282 - [MEDIUM] session: remove s->prev_srv which is not needed anymore
2283 - [CLEANUP] stream_interface: use inline functions to manipulate targets
2284 - [MAJOR] session: remove the ->srv pointer from struct session
2285 - [MEDIUM] stats: split frontend and backend stats
2286 - [MEDIUM] http: always evaluate http-request rules before stats http-request
2287 - [REORG] http: move the http-request rules to proto_http
2288 - [BUG] http: stats were not incremented on http-request deny
2289 - [MINOR] checks: report it if checks fail due to socket creation error
Willy Tarreau442e8342010-11-11 23:29:35 +010022912010/11/11 : 1.5-dev3
2292 - [DOC] fix http-request documentation
2293 - [MEDIUM] enable/disable servers from the stats web interface
2294 - [MEDIUM] stats: add an admin level
2295 - [DOC] stats: document the "stats admin" statement
2296 - [MINOR] startup: print the proxy socket which caused an error
2297 - [CLEANUP] Remove unneeded chars allocation
2298 - [MINOR] config: detect options not supported due to compilation options
2299 - [MINOR] Add pattern's fetchs payload and payload_lv
2300 - [MINOR] frontend: improve accept-proxy header parsing
2301 - [MINOR] frontend: add tcpv6 support on accept-proxy bind
2302 - [MEDIUM] Enhance message errors management on binds
2303 - [MINOR] Manage unix socket source field on logs
2304 - [MINOR] Manage unix socket source field on session dump on sock stats
2305 - [MINOR] Support of unix listener sockets for debug and log event messages on frontend.c
2306 - [MINOR] Add some tests on sockets family for port remapping and mode transparent.
2307 - [MINOR] Manage socket type unix for some logs
2308 - [MINOR] Enhance controls of socket's family on acls and pattern fetch
2309 - [MINOR] Support listener's sockets unix on http logs.
2310 - [MEDIUM] Add supports of bind on unix sockets.
2311 - [BUG] stick table purge failure if size less than 255
2312 - [BUG] stick table entries expire on counters updates/read or show table, even if there is no "expire" parameter
2313 - [MEDIUM] Implement tcp inspect response rules
2314 - [DOC] tcp-response content and inspect
2315 - [MINOR] new acls fetch req_ssl_hello_type and rep_ssl_hello_type
2316 - [DOC] acls rep_ssl_hello and req_ssl_hello
2317 - [MEDIUM] Create new protected pattern types CONSTSTRING and CONSTDATA to force memcpy if data from protected areas need to be manipulated.
2318 - [DOC] new type binary in stick-table
2319 - [DOC] stick store-response and new patterns payload and payload_lv
2320 - [MINOR] Manage all types (ip, integer, string, binary) on cli "show table" command
2321 - [MEDIUM] Create updates tree on stick table to manage sync.
2322 - [MAJOR] Add new files src/peer.c, include/proto/peers.h and include/types/peers.h for sync stick table management
2323 - [MEDIUM] Manage peers section parsing and stick table registration on peers.
2324 - [MEDIUM] Manage soft stop on peers proxy
2325 - [DOC] add documentation for peers section
2326 - [MINOR] checks: add support for LDAPv3 health checks
2327 - [MINOR] add better support to "mysql-check"
2328 - [BUG] Restore info about available active/backup servers
2329 - [CONTRIB] Update
2330 - [CONTRIB] Update Cacti Tempates
2331 - [CONTRIB] add templates for Cacti.
2332 - [BUG] http: don't consider commas as a header delimitor within quotes
2333 - [MINOR] support a global jobs counter
2334 - [DOC] add a summary about cookie incompatibilities between specs and browsers
2335 - [DOC] fix description of cookie "insert" and "indirect" modes
2336 - [MEDIUM] http: fix space handling in the request cookie parser
2337 - [MEDIUM] http: fix space handling in the response cookie parser
2338 - [DOC] fix typo in the queue() definition (backend, not frontend)
2339 - [BUG] deinit: unbind listeners before freeing them
2340 - [BUG] stream_interface: only call si->release when both dirs are closed
2341 - [MEDIUM] buffers: rework the functions to exchange between SI and buffers
2342 - [DOC] fix typo in the avg_queue() and be_conn() definition (backend, not frontend)
2343 - [MINOR] halog: add '-tc' to sort by termination codes
2344 - [MINOR] halog: skip non-traffic logs for -st and -tc
2345 - [BUG] stream_sock: cleanly disable the listener in case of resource shortage
2346 - [BUILD] stream_sock: previous fix lacked the #include, causing a warning.
2347 - [DOC] bind option is "defer-accept", not "defer_accept"
2348 - [DOC] missing index entry for http-check send-state
2349 - [DOC] tcp-request inspect-delay is for backends too
2350 - [BUG] ebtree: string_equal_bits() could return garbage on identical strings
2351 - [BUG] stream_sock: try to flush any extra pending request data after a POST
2352 - [BUILD] proto_http: eliminate some build warnings with gcc-2.95
2353 - [MEDIUM] make it possible to combine http-pretend-keepalived with httpclose
2354 - [MEDIUM] tcp-request : don't wait for inspect-delay to expire when the buffer is full
2355 - [MEDIUM] checks: add support for HTTP contents lookup
2356 - [TESTS] add test-check-expect to test various http-check methods
2357 - [MINOR] global: add "tune.chksize" to change the default check buffer size
2358 - [MINOR] cookie: add options "maxidle" and "maxlife"
2359 - [MEDIUM] cookie: support client cookies with some contents appended to their value
2360 - [MINOR] http: make some room in the transaction flags to extend cookies
2361 - [MINOR] cookie: add the expired (E) and old (O) flags for request cookies
2362 - [MEDIUM] cookie: reassign set-cookie status flags to store more states
2363 - [MINOR] add encode/decode function for 30-bit integers from/to base64
2364 - [MEDIUM] cookie: check for maxidle and maxlife for incoming dated cookies
2365 - [MEDIUM] cookie: set the date in the cookie if needed
2366 - [DOC] document the cookie maxidle and maxlife parameters
2367 - [BUG] checks: don't log backend down for all zero-weight servers
2368 - [MEDIUM] checks: set server state to one state from failure when leaving maintenance
2369 - [BUG] config: report correct keywords for "observe"
2370 - [MINOR] checks: ensure that we can inherit binary checks from the defaults section
2371 - [MINOR] acl: add the http_req_first match
2372 - [DOC] fix typos about bind-process syntax
2373 - [BUG] cookie: correctly unset default cookie parameters
2374 - [MINOR] cookie: add support for the "preserve" option
2375 - [BUG] ebtree: fix duplicate strings insertion
2376 - [CONTRIB] halog: report per-url counts, errors and times
2377 - [CONTRIB] halog: minor speed improvement in timer parser
2378 - [MINOR] buffers: add a new request analyser flag for PROXY mode
2379 - [MINOR] listener: add the "accept-proxy" option to the "bind" keyword
2380 - [MINOR] standard: add read_uint() to parse a delimited unsigned integer
2381 - [MINOR] standard: change arg type from const char* to char*
2382 - [MINOR] frontend: add a new analyser to parse a proxied connection
2383 - [MEDIUM] session: call the frontend_decode_proxy analyser on proxied connections
2384 - [DOC] add the proxy protocol's specifications
2385 - [DOC] document the 'accept-proxy' bind option
2386 - [MINOR] cfgparse: report support of <path> for the 'bind' statements
2387 - [DOC] add references to unix socket handling
2388 - [MINOR] move MAXPATHLEN definition to compat.h
2389 - [MEDIUM] unix sockets: cleanup the error reporting path
2390 - [BUG] session: don't stop forwarding of data upon last packet
2391 - [CLEANUP] accept: replace some inappropriate Alert() calls with send_log()
2392 - [BUILD] peers: shut a printf format warning (key_size is a size_t)
2393 - [BUG] accept: don't close twice upon error
2394 - [OPTIM] session: don't recheck analysers when buffer flags have not changed
2395 - [OPTIM] stream_sock: don't clear FDs that are already cleared
2396 - [BUG] proto_tcp: potential bug on pattern fetch dst and dport
Willy Tarreau37242fa2010-08-28 19:21:00 +020023982010/08/28 : 1.5-dev2
2399 - [MINOR] startup: release unused structs after forking
2400 - [MINOR] startup: don't wait for nothing when no old pid remains
2401 - [CLEANUP] reference product branch 1.5
2402 - [MEDIUM] signals: add support for registering functions and tasks
2403 - [MEDIUM] signals: support redistribution of signal zero when stopping
2404 - [BUG] http: don't set auto_close if more data are expected
Willy Tarreaufc815fd2010-08-25 10:56:53 +020024062010/08/25 : 1.5-dev1
2407 - [BUG] stats: session rate limit gets garbaged in the stats
2408 - [DOC] mention 'option http-server-close' effect in Tq section
2409 - [DOC] summarize and highlight persistent connections behaviour
2410 - [DOC] add configuration samples
2411 - [BUG] http: dispatch and http_proxy modes were broken for a long time
2412 - [BUG] http: the transaction must be initialized even in TCP mode
2413 - [BUG] tcp: dropped connections must be counted as "denied" not "failed"
2414 - [BUG] consistent hash: balance on all servers, not only 2 !
2415 - [CONTRIB] halog: report per-server status codes, errors and response times
2416 - [BUG] http: the transaction must be initialized even in TCP mode (part 2)
2417 - [BUG] client: always ensure to zero rep->analysers
2418 - [BUG] session: clear BF_READ_ATTACHED before next I/O
2419 - [BUG] http: automatically close response if req is aborted
2420 - [BUG] proxy: connection rate limiting was eating lots of CPU
2421 - [BUG] http: report correct flags in case of client aborts during body
2422 - [TESTS] refine non-regression tests and add 4 new tests
2423 - [BUG] debug: wrong pointer was used to report a status line
2424 - [BUG] debug: correctly report truncated messages
2425 - [DOC] document the "dispatch" keyword
2426 - [BUG] stick_table: fix possible memory leak in case of connection error
2427 - [CLEANUP] acl: use 'L6' instead of 'L4' in ACL flags relying on contents
2428 - [MINOR] accept: count the incoming connection earlier
2429 - [CLEANUP] tcp: move some non tcp-specific layer6 processing out of proto_tcp
2430 - [CLEANUP] client: move some ACLs away to their respective locations
2431 - [CLEANUP] rename client -> frontend
2432 - [MEDIUM] separate protocol-level accept() from the frontend's
2433 - [MINOR] proxy: add a list to hold future layer 4 rules
2434 - [MEDIUM] config: parse tcp layer4 rules (tcp-request accept/reject)
2435 - [MEDIUM] tcp: check for pure layer4 rules immediately after accept()
2436 - [OPTIM] frontend: tell the compiler that errors are unlikely to occur
2437 - [MEDIUM] frontend: check for LI_O_TCP_RULES in the listener
2438 - [MINOR] frontend: only check for monitor-net rules if LI_O_CHK_MONNET is set
2439 - [CLEANUP] buffer->cto is not used anymore
2440 - [MEDIUM] session: finish session establishment sequence in with I/O handlers
2441 - [MEDIUM] session: initialize server-side timeouts after connect()
2442 - [MEDIUM] backend: initialize the server stream_interface upon connect()
2443 - [MAJOR] frontend: don't initialize the server-side stream_int anymore
2444 - [MEDIUM] session: move the conn_retries attribute to the stream interface
2445 - [MEDIUM] session: don't assign conn_retries upon accept() anymore
2446 - [MINOR] frontend: rely on the frontend and not the backend for INDEPSTR
2447 - [MAJOR] frontend: reorder the session initialization upon accept
2448 - [MINOR] proxy: add an accept() callback for the application layer
2449 - [MAJOR] frontend: split accept() into frontend_accept() and session_accept()
2450 - [MEDIUM] stats: rely on the standard session_accept() function
2451 - [MINOR] buffer: refine the flags that may wake an analyser up.
2452 - [MINOR] stream_sock: don't dereference a non-existing frontend
2453 - [MINOR] session: differenciate between accepted connections and received connections
2454 - [MEDIUM] frontend: count the incoming connection earlier
2455 - [MINOR] frontend: count denied TCP requests separately
2456 - [CLEANUP] stick_table: add/clarify some comments
2457 - [BUILD] memory: add a few missing parenthesis to the pool management macros
2458 - [MINOR] stick_table: add support for variable-sized data
2459 - [CLEANUP] stick_table: rename some stksess struct members to avoid confusion
2460 - [CLEANUP] stick_table: move pattern to key functions to stick_table.c
2461 - [MEDIUM] stick_table: add room for extra data types
2462 - [MINOR] stick_table: add support for "conn_cum" data type.
2463 - [MEDIUM] stick_table: don't overwrite data when storing an entry
2464 - [MINOR] config: initialize stick tables after all the parsing
2465 - [MINOR] stick_table: provide functions to return stksess data from a type
2466 - [MEDIUM] stick_table: move the server ID to a generic data type
2467 - [MINOR] stick_table: enable it for frontends too
2468 - [MINOR] stick_table: export the stick_table_key
2469 - [MINOR] tcp: add per-source connection rate limiting
2470 - [MEDIUM] stick_table: separate storage and update of session entries
2471 - [MEDIUM] stick-tables: add a reference counter to each entry
2472 - [MINOR] session: add a pointer to the tracked counters for the source
2473 - [CLEANUP] proto_tcp: make the config parser a little bit more flexible
2474 - [BUG] config: report the correct proxy type in tcp-request errors
2475 - [MINOR] config: provide a function to quote args in a more friendly way
2476 - [BUG] stick_table: the fix for the memory leak caused a regression
2477 - [MEDIUM] backend: support servers on
2478 - [BUG] stick-table: correctly refresh expiration timers
2479 - [MEDIUM] stream-interface: add a ->release callback
2480 - [MINOR] proxy: add a "parent" member to the structure
2481 - [MEDIUM] session: make it possible to call an I/O handler on both SI
2482 - [MINOR] tools: add a fast div64_32 function
2483 - [MINOR] freq_ctr: add new types and functions for periods different from 1s
2484 - [MINOR] errors: provide new status codes for config parsing functions
2485 - [BUG] http: denied requests must not be counted as denied resps in listeners
2486 - [MINOR] tools: add a get_std_op() function to parse operators
2487 - [MEDIUM] acl: make use of get_std_op() to parse intger ranges
2488 - [MAJOR] stream_sock: better wakeup conditions on read()
2489 - [BUG] session: analysers must be checked when SI state changes
2490 - [MINOR] http: reset analysers to listener's, not frontend's
2491 - [MEDIUM] session: support "tcp-request content" rules in backends
2492 - [BUILD] always match official tags when doing git-tar
2493 - [MAJOR] stream_interface: fix the wakeup conditions for embedded iohandlers
2494 - [MEDIUM] buffer: make buffer_feed* support writing non-contiguous chunks
2495 - [MINOR] tcp: src_count acl does not have a permanent result
2496 - [MAJOR] session: add track-counters to track counters related to the session
2497 - [MINOR] stick-table: provide a table lookup function
2498 - [MINOR] stick-table: use suffix "_cnt" for cumulated counts
2499 - [MEDIUM] session: move counter ACL fetches from proto_tcp
2500 - [MEDIUM] session: add concurrent connections counter
2501 - [MEDIUM] session: add data in and out volume counters
2502 - [MINOR] session: add the trk_conn_cnt ACL keyword to track connection counts
2503 - [MEDIUM] session-counters: automatically update tracked connection count
2504 - [MINOR] session: add the trk_conn_cur ACL keyword to track concurrent connection
2505 - [MINOR] session: add trk_kbytes_* ACL keywords to track data size
2506 - [MEDIUM] session: add a counter on the cumulated number of sessions
2507 - [MINOR] config: support a comma-separated list of store data types in stick-table
2508 - [MEDIUM] stick-tables: add support for arguments to data_types
2509 - [MEDIUM] stick-tables: add stored data argument type checking
2510 - [MEDIUM] session counters: add conn_rate and sess_rate counters
2511 - [MEDIUM] session counters: add bytes_in_rate and bytes_out_rate counters
2512 - [MINOR] stktable: add a stktable_update_key() function
2513 - [MINOR] session-counters: add a general purpose counter (gpc0)
2514 - [MEDIUM] session-counters: add HTTP req/err tracking
2515 - [MEDIUM] stats: add "show table [<name>]" to dump a stick-table
2516 - [MEDIUM] stats: add "clear table <name> key <value>" to clear table entries
2517 - [CLEANUP] stick-table: declare stktable_data_types as extern
2518 - [MEDIUM] stick-table: make use of generic types for stored data
2519 - [MINOR] stats: correctly report errors on "show table" and "clear table"
2520 - [MEDIUM] stats: add the ability to dump table entries matching criteria
2521 - [DOC] configuration: document all the new tracked counters
2522 - [DOC] stats: document "show table" and "clear table"
2523 - [MAJOR] session-counters: split FE and BE track counters
2524 - [MEDIUM] tcp: accept the "track-counters" in "tcp-request content" rules
2525 - [MEDIUM] session counters: automatically remove expired entries.
2526 - [MEDIUM] config: replace 'tcp-request <action>' with "tcp-request connection"
2527 - [MEDIUM] session-counters: make it possible to count connections from frontend
2528 - [MINOR] session-counters: use "track-sc{1,2}" instead of "track-{fe,be}-counters"
2529 - [MEDIUM] session-counters: correctly unbind the counters tracked by the backend
2530 - [CLEANUP] stats: use stksess_kill() to remove table entries
2531 - [DOC] update the references to session counters and to tcp-request connection
2532 - [DOC] cleanup: split a few long lines
2533 - [MEDIUM] http: forward client's close when abortonclose is set
2534 - [BUG] queue: don't dequeue proxy-global requests on disabled servers
2535 - [BUG] stats: global stats timeout may be specified before stats socket.
2536 - [BUG] conf: add tcp-request content rules to the correct list
Willy Tarreau21475e32010-05-23 08:46:08 +020025382010/05/23 : 1.5-dev0
2539 - exact copy of 1.4.6
Willy Tarreau5fdd77d2010-05-16 22:34:28 +020025412010/05/16 : 1.4.6
2542 - [BUILD] ebtree: update to v6.0.1 to remove references to dprintf()
2543 - [CLEANUP] acl: make use of eb_is_empty() instead of open coding the tree's emptiness test
2544 - [MINOR] acl: add srv_is_up() to check that a specific server is up or not
2545 - [DOC] add a few precisions about the use of RDP cookies
Willy Tarreau9d4d9e32010-05-13 22:17:08 +020025472010/05/13 : 1.4.5
2548 - [DOC] report minimum kernel version for tproxy in the Makefile
2549 - [MINOR] add the "ignore-persist" option to conditionally ignore persistence
2550 - [DOC] add the "ignore-persist" option to conditionally ignore persistence
2551 - [DOC] fix ignore-persist/force-persist documentation
2552 - [BUG] cttproxy: socket fd leakage in check_cttproxy_version
2553 - [DOC] doc/configuration.txt: fix typos
2554 - [MINOR] option http-pretend-keepalive is both for FEs and BEs
2555 - [MINOR] fix possible crash in debug mode with invalid responses
2556 - [MINOR] halog: add support for statisticts on status codes
2557 - [OPTIM] halog: use a faster zero test in fgets()
2558 - [OPTIM] halog: minor speedup by using unlikely()
2559 - [OPTIM] halog: speed up fgets2-64 by about 10%
2560 - [DOC] refresh the README file and merge the CONTRIB file into it
2561 - [MINOR] acl: support loading values from files
2562 - [MEDIUM] ebtree: upgrade to version 6.0
2563 - [MINOR] acl trees: add flags and union members to store values in trees
2564 - [MEDIUM] acl: add ability to insert patterns in trees
2565 - [MEDIUM] acl: add tree-based lookups of exact strings
2566 - [MEDIUM] acl: add tree-based lookups of networks
2567 - [MINOR] acl: ignore empty lines and comments in pattern files
2568 - [MINOR] stick-tables: add support for "stick on hdr"
Willy Tarreau9508c1c2010-04-07 23:12:24 +020025702010/04/07 : 1.4.4
2571 - [BUG] appsession should match the whole cookie name
2572 - [CLEANUP] proxy: move PR_O_SSL3_CHK to options2 to release one flag
2573 - [MEDIUM] backend: move the transparent proxy address selection to backend
2574 - [MINOR] add very fast IP parsing functions
2575 - [MINOR] add new tproxy flags for dynamic source address binding
2576 - [MEDIUM] add ability to connect to a server from an IP found in a header
2577 - [BUILD] config: last patch breaks build without CONFIG_HAP_LINUX_TPROXY
2578 - [MINOR] http: make it possible to pretend keep-alive when doing close
2579 - [MINOR] config: report "default-server" instead of "(null)" in error messages
Willy Tarreau75934a12010-03-30 09:50:08 +020025812010/03/30 : 1.4.3
2582 - [CLEANUP] stats: remove printf format warning in stats_dump_full_sess_to_buffer()
2583 - [MEDIUM] session: better fix for connection to servers with closed input
2584 - [DOC] indicate in the doc how to bind to port ranges
2585 - [BUG] backend: L7 hashing must not be performed on incomplete requests
2586 - [TESTS] add a simple program to test connection resets
2587 - [MINOR] cli: "show errors" should display "backend <NONE>" when backend was not used
2588 - [MINOR] config: emit warnings when HTTP-only options are used in TCP mode
2589 - [MINOR] config: allow "slowstart 0s"
2590 - [BUILD] 'make tags' did not consider files ending in '.c'
2591 - [MINOR] checks: add the ability to disable a server in the config
Willy Tarreauda618cb2010-03-17 23:41:57 +010025932010/03/17 : 1.4.2
2594 - [CLEANUP] product branch update
2595 - [DOC] Some more documentation cleanups
2596 - [BUG] clf logs segfault when capturing a non existant header
2597 - [OPTIM] config: only allocate check buffer when checks are enabled
2598 - [MEDIUM] checks: support multi-packet health check responses
2599 - [CLEANUP] session: remove duplicate test
2600 - [BUG] http: don't wait for response data to leave buffer is client has left
2601 - [MINOR] proto_uxst: set accept_date upon accept() to the wall clock time
2602 - [MINOR] stats: don't send empty lines in "show errors"
2603 - [MINOR] stats: make the data dump function reusable for other purposes
2604 - [MINOR] stats socket: add show sess <id> to dump details about a session
2605 - [BUG] stats: connection reset counters must be plain ascii, not HTML
2606 - [BUG] url_param hash may return a down server
2607 - [MINOR] force null-termination of hostname
2608 - [MEDIUM] connect to servers even when the input has already been closed
2609 - [BUG] don't merge anonymous ACLs !
2610 - [BUG] config: fix endless loop when parsing "on-error"
2611 - [MINOR] http: don't mark a server as failed when it returns 501/505
2612 - [OPTIM] checks: try to detect the end of response without polling again
2613 - [BUG] checks: don't report an error when recv() returns an error after data
2614 - [BUG] checks: don't abort when second poll returns an error
2615 - [MINOR] checks: make shutdown() silently fail
2616 - [BUG] http: fix truncated responses on chunk encoding when size divides buffer size
2617 - [BUG] init: unconditionally catch SIGPIPE
2618 - [BUG] checks: don't wait for a close to start parsing the response
Willy Tarreauc5e60c32010-03-04 23:39:19 +010026202010/03/04 : 1.4.1
2621 - [BUG] Clear-cookie path issue
2622 - [DOC] fix typo on stickiness rules
2623 - [BUILD] fix BSD and OSX makefiles for missing files
2624 - [BUILD] includes order breaks OpenBSD build
2625 - [BUILD] fix some build warnings on Solaris with is* macros
2626 - [BUG] logs: don't report "last data" when we have just closed after an error
2627 - [BUG] logs: don't report "proxy request" when server closes early
2628 - [BUILD] fix platform-dependant build issues related to crypt()
2629 - [STATS] count transfer aborts caused by client and by server
2630 - [STATS] frontend requests were not accounted for failed requests
2631 - [MINOR] report total number of processed connections when stopping a proxy
2632 - [DOC] be more clear about the limitation to one single monitor-net entry
Willy Tarreaue18fdfd2010-02-26 14:55:22 +010026342010/02/26 : 1.4.0
2635 - [MINOR] stats: report maint state for tracking servers too
2636 - [DOC] fix summary to add pattern extraction
2637 - [DOC] Documentation cleanups
2638 - [BUG] cfgparse memory leak and missing free calls in deinit()
2639 - [BUG] pxid/puid/luid: don't shift IDs when some of them are forced
2640 - [EXAMPLES] add auth.cfg
2641 - [BUG] uri_auth: ST_SHLGNDS should be 0x00000008 not 0x0000008
2642 - [BUG] uri_auth: do not attemp to convert uri_auth -> http-request more than once
2643 - [BUILD] auth: don't use unnamed unions
2644 - [BUG] config: report unresolvable host names as errors
2645 - [BUILD] fix build breakage with DEBUG_FULL
2646 - [DOC] fix a typo about timeout check and clarify the explanation.
2647 - [MEDIUM] http: don't use trash to realign large buffers
2648 - [STATS] report HTTP requests (total and rate) in frontends
2649 - [STATS] separate frontend and backend HTTP stats
2650 - [MEDIUM] http: revert to use a swap buffer for realignment
2651 - [MINOR] stats: report the request rate in frontends as cell titles
2652 - [MINOR] stats: mark areas with an underline when tooltips are available
2653 - [DOC] reorder some entries to maintain the alphabetical order
2654 - [DOC] cleanup of the keyword matrix
Willy Tarreaub05613d2010-02-02 10:18:28 +010026562010/02/02 : 1.4-rc1
2657 - [MEDIUM] add a maintenance mode to servers
2658 - [MINOR] http-auth: last fix was wrong
2659 - [CONTRIB] add base64rev-gen.c that was used to generate the base64rev table.
2660 - [MINOR] Base64 decode
2661 - [MINOR] generic auth support with groups and encrypted passwords
2663 - [MINOR] http-request: allow/deny/auth support for frontend/backend/listen
2664 - [MINOR] acl: add http_auth and http_auth_group
2665 - [MAJOR] use the new auth framework for http stats
2666 - [DOC] add info about userlists, http-request and http_auth/http_auth_group acls
2667 - [STATS] make it possible to change a CLI connection timeout
2668 - [BUG] patterns: copy-paste typo in type conversion arguments
2669 - [MINOR] pattern: make the converter more flexible by supporting void* and int args
2670 - [MINOR] standard: str2mask: string to netmask converter
2671 - [MINOR] pattern: add support for argument parsers for converters
2672 - [MINOR] pattern: add the "ipmask()" converting function
2673 - [MINOR] config: off-by-one in "stick-table" after list of converters
2674 - [CLEANUP] acl, patterns: make use of my_strndup() instead of malloc+memcpy
2675 - [BUG] restore accidentely removed line in last patch !
2676 - [MINOR] checks: make the HTTP check code add the CRLF itself
2677 - [MINOR] checks: add the server's status in the checks
2678 - [BUILD] halog: make without arch-specific optimizations
2679 - [BUG] halog: fix segfault in case of empty log in PCT mode (cherry picked from commit fe362fe4762151d209b9656639ee1651bc2b329d)
2680 - [MINOR] http: disable keep-alive when process is going down
2681 - [MINOR] acl: add build_acl_cond() to make it easier to add ACLs in config
2682 - [CLEANUP] config: use build_acl_cond() instead of parse_acl_cond()
2683 - [CLEANUP] config: use warnif_cond_requires_resp() to check for bad ACLs
2684 - [MINOR] prepare req_*/rsp_* to receive a condition
2685 - [CLEANUP] config: specify correct const char types to warnif_* functions
2686 - [MEDIUM] config: factor out the parsing of 20 req*/rsp* keywords
2687 - [MEDIUM] http: make the request filter loop check for optional conditions
2688 - [MEDIUM] http: add support for conditional request filter execution
2689 - [DOC] add some build info about the AIX platform (cherry picked from commit e41914c77edbc40aebf827b37542d37d758e371e)
2690 - [MEDIUM] http: add support for conditional request header addition
2691 - [MEDIUM] http: add support for conditional response header rewriting
2692 - [DOC] add some missing ACLs about response header matching
2693 - [MEDIUM] http: add support for proxy authentication
2694 - [MINOR] http-auth: make the 'unless' keyword work as expected
2695 - [CLEANUP] config: use build_acl_cond() to simplify http-request ACL parsing
2696 - [MEDIUM] add support for anonymous ACLs
2697 - [MEDIUM] http: switch to tunnel mode after status 101 responses
2698 - [MEDIUM] http: stricter processing of the CONNECT method
2699 - [BUG] config: reset check request to avoid double free when switching to ssl/sql
2700 - [MINOR] config: fix too large ssl-hello-check message.
2701 - [BUG] fix error response in case of server error
Willy Tarreau2eba6aa2010-01-25 23:28:05 +010027032010/01/25 : 1.4-dev8
2704 - [CLEANUP] Keep in sync "defaults" support between documentation and code
2705 - [MEDIUM] http: add support for Proxy-Connection header
2706 - [CRITICAL] buffers: buffer_insert_line2 must not change the ->w entry
2707 - [MINOR] http: remove a copy-paste typo in transaction cleaning
2708 - [BUG] http: trim any excess buffer data when recycling a connection
Willy Tarreau6939b552010-01-25 01:54:37 +010027102010/01/25 : 1.4-dev7
2711 - [BUG] appsession: possible memory leak in case of out of memory condition
2712 - [MINOR] config: don't accept 'appsession' in defaults section
2713 - [MINOR] Add function to parse a size in configuration
2714 - [MEDIUM] Add stick table (persistence) management functions and types
2715 - [MEDIUM] Add pattern fetch management types and functions
2716 - [MEDIUM] Add src dst and dport pattern fetches.
2717 - [MEDIUM] Add stick table configuration and init.
2718 - [MEDIUM] Add stick and store rules analysers.
2719 - [MINOR] add option "mysql-check" to use MySQL health checks
2720 - [BUG] health checks: fix requeued message
2721 - [OPTIM] remove SSP_O_VIA and SSP_O_STATUS
2722 - [BUG] checks: fix newline termination
2723 - [MINOR] acl: add fe_id/so_id to match frontend's and socket's id
2724 - [BUG] appsession's sessid must be reset at end of transaction
2725 - [BUILD] appsession did not build anymore under gcc-2.95
2726 - [BUG] server redirection used an uninitialized string.
2727 - [MEDIUM] http: fix handling of message pointers
2728 - [MINOR] http: fix double slash prefix with server redirect
2729 - [MINOR] http redirect: add the ability to append a '/' to the URL
2730 - [BUG] stream_interface: fix retnclose and remove cond_close
2731 - [MINOR] http redirect: don't explicitly state keep-alive on 1.1
2732 - [MINOR] http: move appsession 'sessid' from session to http_txn
2733 - [OPTIM] reorder http_txn to optimize cache lines placement
2734 - [MINOR] http: differentiate waiting for new request and waiting for a complete requst
2735 - [MINOR] http: add a separate "http-keep-alive" timeout
2736 - [MINOR] config: remove undocumented and buggy 'timeout appsession'
2737 - [DOC] fix various too large lines
2738 - [DOC] remove several trailing spaces
2739 - [DOC] add the doc about stickiness
2740 - [BUILD] remove a warning in standard.h on AIX
2741 - [BUG] checks: chars are unsigned on AIX, check was always true
2742 - [CLEANUP] stream_sock: MSG_NOSIGNAL is only for send(), not recv()
2743 - [BUG] check: we must not check for error before reading a response
2744 - [BUG] buffers: remove remains of wrong obsolete length check
2745 - [OPTIM] stream_sock: don't shutdown(write) when the socket is in error
2746 - [BUG] http: don't count req errors on client resets or t/o during keep-alive
2747 - [MEDIUM] http: don't switch to tunnel mode upon close
2748 - [DOC] add documentation about connection header processing
2749 - [MINOR] http: add http_remove_header2() to remove a header value.
2750 - [MINOR] tools: add a "word_match()" function to match words and ignore spaces
2751 - [MAJOR] http: rework request Connection header handling
2752 - [MAJOR] http: rework response Connection header handling
2753 - [MINOR] add the ability to force kernel socket buffer size.
2754 - [BUG] http_server_error() must not purge a previous pending response
2755 - [OPTIM] http: don't delay response if next request is incomplete
2756 - [MINOR] add the "force-persist" statement to force persistence on down servers
2757 - [MINOR] http: logs must report persistent connections to down servers
2758 - [BUG] buffer_replace2 must never change the ->w entry
Willy Tarreau11f8f542010-01-08 07:49:44 +010027602010/01/08 : 1.4-dev6
2761 - [BUILD] warning in stream_interface.h
2762 - [BUILD] warning ultoa_r returns char *
2763 - [MINOR] hana: only report stats if it is enabled
2764 - [MINOR] stats: add "a link" & "a href" for sockets
2765 - [MINOR]: stats: add show-legends to report additional informations
2766 - [MEDIUM] default-server support
2767 - [BUG]: add 'observer', 'on-error', 'error-limit' to supported options list
2768 - [MINOR] stats: add href to tracked server
2769 - [BUG] stats: show UP/DOWN status also in tracking servers
2770 - [DOC] Restore ability to search a keyword at the beginning of a line
2771 - [BUG] stats: cookie should be reported under backend not under proxy
2772 - [BUG] cfgparser/stats: fix error message
2773 - [BUG] http: disable auto-closing during chunk analysis
2774 - [BUG] http: fix hopefully last closing issue on data forwarding
2775 - [DEBUG] add an http_silent_debug function to debug HTTP states
2776 - [MAJOR] http: fix again the forward analysers
2777 - [BUG] http_process_res_common() must not skip the forward analyser
2778 - [BUG] http: some possible missed close remain in the forward chain
2779 - [BUG] http: redirect needed to be updated after recent changes
2780 - [BUG] http: don't set no-linger on response in case of forced close
2781 - [MEDIUM] http: restore the original behaviour of option httpclose
2782 - [TESTS] add a file to test various connection modes
2783 - [BUG] http: check options before the connection header
2784 - [MAJOR] session: fix the order by which the analysers are run
2785 - [MEDIUM] session: also consider request analysers added during response
2786 - [MEDIUM] http: make safer use of the DONT_READ and AUTO_CLOSE flags
2787 - [BUG] http: memory leak with captures when using keep-alive
2788 - [BUG] http: fix for capture memory leak was incorrect
2789 - [MINOR] http redirect: use proper call to return last response
2790 - [MEDIUM] http: wait for some flush of the response buffer before a new request
2791 - [MEDIUM] session: limit the number of analyser loops
Willy Tarreau1f445892010-01-03 23:23:36 +010027932010/01/03 : 1.4-dev5
2794 - [MINOR] server tracking: don't care about the tracked server's mode
2795 - [MEDIUM] appsession: add "len", "prefix" and "mode" options
2796 - [MEDIUM] appsession: add the "request-learn" option
2797 - [BUG] Configuration parser bug when escaping characters
2798 - [MINOR] CSS & HTML fun
2799 - [MINOR] Collect & provide http response codes received from servers
2800 - [BUG] Fix silly typo: hspr_other -> hrsp_other
2801 - [MINOR] Add "a name" to stats page
2802 - [MINOR] add additional "a href"s to stats page
2803 - [MINOR] Collect & provide http response codes for frontends, fix backends
2804 - [DOC] some small spell fixes and unifications
2805 - [MEDIUM] Decrease server health based on http responses / events, version 3
2806 - [BUG] format '%d' expects type 'int', but argument 5 has type 'long int'
2807 - [BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names, again
2808 - [BUG] Healthchecks: get a proper error code if connection cannot be completed immediately
2809 - [DOC] trivial fix for man page
2810 - [MINOR] config: report all supported options for the "bind" keyword
2811 - [MINOR] tcp: add support for the defer_accept bind option
2812 - [MINOR] unix socket: report the socket path in case of bind error
2813 - [CONTRIB] halog: support searching by response time
2814 - [DOC] add a reminder about obsolete documents
2815 - [DOC] point to 1.4 doc, not 1.3
2816 - [DOC] option tcp-smart-connect was missing from index
2817 - [MINOR] http: detect connection: close earlier
2818 - [CLEANUP] sepoll: clean up the fd_clr/fd_set functions
2819 - [OPTIM] move some rarely used fields out of fdtab
2820 - [MEDIUM] fd: merge fd_list into fdtab
2821 - [MAJOR] buffer: flag BF_DONT_READ to disable reads when not required
2822 - [MINOR] http: add new transaction flags for keep-alive and content-length
2823 - [MEDIUM] http request: parse connection, content-length and transfer-encoding
2824 - [MINOR] http request: update the TX_SRV_CONN_KA flag on rewrite
2825 - [MINOR] http request: simplify the test of no-data
2826 - [MEDIUM] http request: simplify POST length detection
2827 - [MEDIUM] http request: make use of pre-parsed transfer-encoding header
2828 - [MAJOR] http: create the analyser which waits for a response
2829 - [MINOR] http: pre-set the persistent flags in the transaction
2830 - [MEDIUM] http response: check body length and set transaction flags
2831 - [MINOR] http response: update the TX_CLI_CONN_KA flag on rewrite
2832 - [MINOR] http: remove the last call to stream_int_return
2833 - [IMPORT] import ebtree v5.0 into directory ebtree/
2834 - [MEDIUM] build: switch ebtree users to use new ebtree version
2835 - [CLEANUP] ebtree: remove old unused files
2836 - [BUG] definitely fix regparm issues between haproxy core and ebtree
2837 - [CLEANUP] ebtree: cast to char * to get rid of gcc warning
2838 - [BUILD] missing #ifndef in ebmbtree.h
2839 - [BUILD] missing #ifndef in ebsttree.h
2840 - [MINOR] tools: add hex2i() function to convert hex char to int
2841 - [MINOR] http: create new MSG_BODY sub-states
2842 - [BUG] stream_sock: BUF_INFINITE_FORWARD broke splice on 64-bit platforms
2843 - [DOC] option is "defer-accept", not "defer_accept"
2844 - [MINOR] http: keep pointer to beginning of data
2845 - [BUG] x-original-to: name was not set in default instance
2846 - [MINOR] http: detect tunnel mode and set it in the session
2847 - [BUG] config: fix error message when config file is not found
2848 - [BUG] config: fix wrong handling of too large argument count
2849 - [BUG] config: disable 'option httplog' on TCP proxies
2850 - [BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names
2851 - [BUG] config: cookie domain was ignored in defaults sections
2852 - [MINOR] config: support passing multiple "domain" statements to cookies
2853 - [MINOR] ebtree: add functions to lookup non-null terminated strings
2854 - [MINOR] config: don't report error on all subsequent files on failure
2855 - [BUG] second fix for the printf format warning
2856 - [BUG] check_post: limit analysis to the buffer length
2857 - [MEDIUM] http: process request body in a specific analyser
2858 - [MEDIUM] backend: remove HTTP POST parsing from get_server_ph_post()
2859 - [MAJOR] http: completely process the "connection" header
2860 - [MINOR] http: only consider chunk encoding with HTTP/1.1
2861 - [MAJOR] buffers: automatically compute the maximum buffer length
2862 - [MINOR] http: move the http transaction init/cleanup code to proto_http
2863 - [MINOR] http: move 1xx handling earlier to eliminate a lot of ifs
2864 - [MINOR] http: introduce a new synchronisation state : HTTP_MSG_DONE
2865 - [MEDIUM] http: rework chunk-size parser
2866 - [MEDIUM] http: add a new transaction flags indicating if we know the transfer length
2867 - [MINOR] buffers: add buffer_ignore() to skip some bytes
2868 - [BUG] http: offsets are relative to the buffer, not to ->som
2869 - [MEDIUM] http: automatically re-aling request buffer
2870 - [BUG] http: body parsing must consider the start of message
2871 - [MINOR] new function stream_int_cond_close()
2872 - [MAJOR] http: implement body parser
2873 - [BUG] http: typos on several unlikely() around header insertion
2874 - [BUG] stream_sock: wrong max computation on recv
2875 - [MEDIUM] http: rework the buffer alignment logic
2876 - [BUG] buffers: wrong size calculation for displaced data
2877 - [MINOR] stream_sock: prepare for closing when all pending data are sent
2878 - [MEDIUM] http: add two more states for the closing period
2879 - [MEDIUM] http: properly handle "option forceclose"
2880 - [MINOR] stream_sock: add SI_FL_NOLINGER for faster close
2881 - [MEDIUM] http: make forceclose use SI_FL_NOLINGER
2882 - [MEDIUM] session: set SI_FL_NOLINGER when aborting on write timeouts
2883 - [MEDIUM] http: add some SI_FL_NOLINGER around server errors
2884 - [MINOR] config: option forceclose is valid in frontends too
2885 - [BUILD] halog: insufficient include path in makefile
2886 - [MEDIUM] http: make the analyser not rely on msg being initialized anymore
2887 - [MEDIUM] http: make the parsers able to wait for a buffer flush
2888 - [MAJOR] http: add support for option http-server-close
2889 - [BUG] http: ensure we abort data transfer on write error
2890 - [BUG] last fix was overzealous and disabled server-close
2891 - [BUG] http: fix erroneous trailers size computation
2892 - [MINOR] stream_sock: enable MSG_MORE when forwarding finite amount of data
2893 - [OPTIM] http: set MSG_MORE on response when a pipelined request is pending
2894 - [BUG] http: redirects were broken by chunk changes
2895 - [BUG] http: the request URI pointer is relative to the buffer
2896 - [OPTIM] http: don't immediately enable reading on request
2897 - [MINOR] http: move redirect messages to HTTP/1.1 with a content-length
2898 - [BUG] http: take care of errors, timeouts and aborts during the data phase
2899 - [MINOR] http: don't wait for sending requests to the server
2900 - [MINOR] http: make the conditional redirect support keep-alive
2901 - [BUG] http: fix cookie parser to support spaces and commas in values
2902 - [MINOR] config: some options were missing for "redirect"
2903 - [MINOR] redirect: add support for unconditional rules
2904 - [MINOR] config: centralize proxy struct initialization
2905 - [MEDIUM] config: remove the limitation of 10 reqadd/rspadd statements
2906 - [MEDIUM] config: remove the limitation of 10 config files
2907 - [CLEANUP] http: remove a remaining impossible condition
2908 - [OPTIM] http: optimize a bit the construct of the forward loops
Willy Tarreauc82a9e52009-10-12 06:40:53 +020029102009/10/12 : 1.4-dev4
2911 - [DOC] add missing rate_lim and rate_max
2912 - [MAJOR] struct chunk rework
2913 - [MEDIUM] Health check reporting code rework + health logging, v3
2914 - [BUG] check if rise/fall has an argument and it is > 0
2915 - [MINOR] health checks logging unification
2916 - [MINOR] add "description", "node" and show-node"/"show-desc", remove "node-name", v2
2917 - [MINOR] Allow dots in show-node & add "white-space: nowrap" in th.pxname.
2918 - [DOC] Add information about
2919 - [MINOR] Introduce include/types/counters.h
2920 - [CLEANUP] Move counters to dedicated structures
2921 - [MINOR] Add "clear counters" to clear statistics counters
2922 - [MEDIUM] Collect & provide separate statistics for sockets, v2
2923 - [BUG] Fix NULL pointer dereference in stats_check_uri_auth(), v2
2924 - [MINOR] acl: don't report valid acls as potential mistakes
2925 - [MINOR] Add cut_crlf(), ltrim(), rtrim() and alltrim()
2926 - [MINOR] Add chunk_htmlencode and chunk_asciiencode
2927 - [MINOR] Capture & display more data from health checks, v2
2928 - [BUG] task.c: don't assing last_timer to node-less entries
2929 - [BUG] http stats: large outputs sometimes got some parts chopped off
2930 - [MINOR] backend: export some functions to recount servers
2931 - [MINOR] backend: uninline some LB functions
2932 - [MINOR] include time.h from freq_ctr.h as is uses "now".
2933 - [CLEANUP] backend: move LB algos to individual files
2934 - [MINOR] lb_map: reorder code in order to ease integration of new hash functions
2935 - [CLEANUP] proxy: move last lb-specific bits to their respective files
2936 - [MINOR] backend: separate declarations of LB algos from their lookup method
2937 - [MINOR] backend: reorganize the LB algorithm selection
2938 - [MEDIUM] backend: introduce the "static-rr" LB algorithm
2939 - [MINOR] report list of supported pollers with -vv
2940 - [DOC] log-health-checks is an option, not a directive
2941 - [MEDIUM] new option "independant-streams" to stop updating read timeout on writes
2942 - [BUG] stats: don't call buffer_shutw(), but ->shutw() instead
2943 - [MINOR] stats: strip CR and LF from the input command line
2944 - [BUG] don't refresh timeouts late after detected activity
2945 - [MINOR] stats_dump_errors_to_buffer: use buffer_feed_chunk()
2946 - [MINOR] stats_dump_sess_to_buffer: use buffer_feed_chunk()
2947 - [MINOR] stats: make stats_dump_raw_to_buffer() use buffer_feed_chunk
2948 - [MEDIUM] stats: don't use s->ana_state anymore
2949 - [MINOR] remove now obsolete ana_state from the session struct
2950 - [MEDIUM] stats: make HTTP stats use an I/O handler
2951 - [MEDIUM] stream_int: adjust WAIT_ROOM handling
2952 - [BUG] config: look for ID conflicts in all sockets, not only last ones.
2953 - [MINOR] config: reference file and line with any listener/proxy/server declaration
2954 - [MINOR] config: report places of duplicate names or IDs
2955 - [MINOR] config: add pointer to file name in block/redirect/use_backend/monitor rules
2956 - [MINOR] tools: add a new get_next_id() function
2957 - [MEDIUM] config: automatically find unused IDs for proxies, servers and listeners
2958 - [OPTIM] counters: move some max numbers to the counters struct
2959 - [BUG] counters: fix segfault on missing counters for a listener
2960 - [MEDIUM] backend: implement consistent hashing variation
2961 - [MINOR] acl: add fe_conn, be_conn, queue, avg_queue
2962 - [MINOR] stats: use 'clear counters all' to clear all values
2963 - [MEDIUM] add access restrictions to the stats socket
2964 - [MINOR] buffers: add buffer_feed2() and make buffer_feed() measure string length
2965 - [MINOR] proxy: provide function to retrieve backend/server pointers
2966 - [MINOR] add the "initial weight" to the server struct.
2967 - [MEDIUM] stats: add the "get weight" command to report a server's weight
2968 - [MEDIUM] stats: add the "set weight" command
2969 - [BUILD] add a 'make tags' target
2970 - [MINOR] stats: add support for numeric IDs in set weight/get weight
2971 - [MINOR] stats: use a dedicated state to output static data
2972 - [OPTIM] stats: check free space before trying to print
Willy Tarreau9f389e02009-09-24 00:12:50 +020029742009/09/24 : 1.4-dev3
2975 - [BUILD] compilation of haproxy-1.4-dev2 on FreeBSD
2976 - [MEDIUM] Collect & show information about last health check, v3
2977 - [MINOR] export the hostname variable so that all the code can access it
2978 - [MINOR] stats: add a new node-name setting
2979 - [MEDIUM] remove old experimental tcpsplice option
2980 - [BUILD] fix build for systems without SOL_TCP
2981 - [MEDIUM] move connection establishment from backend to the SI.
2982 - [MEDIUM] make the global stats socket part of a frontend
2983 - [MEDIUM] session: account per-listener connections
2984 - [MINOR] session: switch to established state if no connect function
2985 - [MEDIUM] make the unix stats sockets use the generic session handler
2986 - [CLEANUP] unix: remove uxst_process_session()
2987 - [CLEANUP] move remaining stats sockets code to dumpstats
2988 - [MINOR] move the initial task's nice value to the listener
2989 - [MINOR] cleanup set_session_backend by using pre-computed analysers
2990 - [MINOR] set s->srv_error according to the analysers
2991 - [MEDIUM] set rep->analysers from fe and be analysers
2992 - [MEDIUM] replace BUFSIZE with buf->size in computations
2993 - [MEDIUM] make it possible to change the buffer size in the configuration
2994 - [MEDIUM] report error on buffer writes larger than buffer size
2995 - [MEDIUM] stream_interface: add and use ->update function to resync
2996 - [CLEANUP] remove ifdef MSG_NOSIGNAL and define it instead
2997 - [MEDIUM] remove TCP_CORK and make use of MSG_MORE instead
2998 - [BUG] tarpit did not work anymore
2999 - [MINOR] acl: add support for hdr_ip to match IP addresses in headers
3000 - [MAJOR] buffers: fix misuse of the BF_SHUTW_NOW flag
3001 - [MINOR] buffers: provide more functions to handle buffer data
3002 - [MEDIUM] buffers: provide new buffer_feed*() function
3003 - [MINOR] buffers: add peekchar and peekline functions for stream interfaces
3004 - [MINOR] buffers: provide buffer_si_putchar() to send a char from a stream interface
3005 - [BUG] buffer_forward() would not correctly consider data already scheduled
3006 - [MINOR] buffers: add buffer_cut_tail() to cut only unsent data
3007 - [MEDIUM] stream_interface: make use of buffer_cut_tail() to report errors
3008 - [MAJOR] http: add support for HTTP 1xx informational responses
3009 - [MINOR] buffers: inline buffer_si_putchar()
3010 - [MAJOR] buffers: split BF_WRITE_ENA into BF_AUTO_CONNECT and BF_AUTO_CLOSE
3011 - [MAJOR] buffers: fix the BF_EMPTY flag's meaning
3012 - [BUG] stream_interface: SI_ST_CLO must have buffers SHUT
3013 - [MINOR] stream_sock: don't set SI_FL_WAIT_DATA if BF_SHUTW_NOW is set
3014 - [MEDIUM] add support for infinite forwarding
3015 - [BUILD] stream_interface: fix conflicting declaration
3016 - [BUG] buffers: buffer_forward() must not always clear BF_OUT_EMPTY
3017 - [BUG] variable buffer size ignored at initialization time
3018 - [MINOR] ensure that buffer_feed() and buffer_skip() set BF_*_PARTIAL
3019 - [BUG] fix buffer_skip() and buffer_si_getline() to correctly handle wrap-arounds
3020 - [MINOR] stream_interface: add SI_FL_DONT_WAKE flag
3021 - [MINOR] stream_interface: add iohandler callback
3022 - [MINOR] stream_interface: add functions to support running as internal/external tasks
3023 - [MEDIUM] session: call iohandler for embedded tasks (applets)
3024 - [MINOR] add a ->private member to the stream_interface
3025 - [MEDIUM] stats: prepare the connection for closing before dumping
3026 - [MEDIUM] stats: replace the stats socket analyser with an SI applet
Willy Tarreau68dcd252009-08-09 22:57:09 +020030282009/08/09 : 1.4-dev2
3029 - [BUG] task: fix possible crash when some timeouts are not configured
3030 - [BUG] log: option tcplog would log to global if no logger was defined
Willy Tarreaub03d2982009-07-29 22:38:32 +020030322009/07/29 : 1.4-dev1
3033 - [MINOR] acl: add support for matching of RDP cookies
3034 - [MEDIUM] add support for RDP cookie load-balancing
3035 - [MEDIUM] add support for RDP cookie persistence
3036 - [MINOR] add a new CLF log format
3037 - [MINOR] startup: don't imply -q with -D
3038 - [BUG] ensure that we correctly re-start old process in case of error
3039 - [MEDIUM] add support for binding to source port ranges during connect
3040 - [MINOR] config: track "no option"/"option" changes
3041 - [MINOR] config: support resetting options do default values
3042 - [MEDIUM] implement option tcp-smart-accept at the frontend
3043 - [MEDIUM] stream_sock: implement tcp-cork for use during shutdowns on Linux
3044 - [MEDIUM] implement tcp-smart-connect option at the backend
3045 - [MEDIUM] add support for TCP MSS adjustment for listeners
3046 - [MEDIUM] support setting a server weight to zero
3047 - [MINOR] make DEFAULT_MAXCONN user-configurable at build time
3048 - [MAJOR] session: don't clear buffer status flags anymore
3049 - [MAJOR] session: only check for timeouts when they have just occurred.
3050 - [MAJOR] session: simplify buffer error handling
3051 - [MEDIUM] config: split parser and checker in two functions
3052 - [MEDIUM] config: support loading multiple configuration files
3053 - [MEDIUM] stream_sock: don't close prematurely when nolinger is set
3054 - [MEDIUM] session: rework buffer analysis to permit permanent analysers
3055 - [MEDIUM] splice: set the capability on each stream_interface
3056 - [BUG] http: redirect rules were processed too early
3057 - [CLEANUP] remove unused DEBUG_PARSE_NO_SPEEDUP define
3058 - [MEDIUM] http: split request waiter from request processor
3059 - [MEDIUM] session: tell analysers what bit they were called for
3060 - [MAJOR] http: complete splitting of the remaining stages
3061 - [MINOR] report in the proxies the requirements for ACLs
3062 - [MINOR] http: rely on proxy->acl_requires to allocate hdr_idx
3063 - [MINOR] acl: add HTTP protocol detection (req_proto_http)
3064 - [MINOR] prepare callers of session_set_backend to handle errors
3065 - [BUG] default ACLs did not properly set the ->requires flag
3066 - [MEDIUM] allow a TCP frontend to switch to an HTTP backend
3067 - [MINOR] ensure we can jump from swiching rules to http without data
3068 - [MINOR] http: take http request timeout from the backend
3069 - [MINOR] allow TCP inspection rules to make use of HTTP ACLs
3070 - [BUILD] report commit date and not author's date as build date
3071 - [MINOR] acl: don't complain anymore when using L7 acls in TCP
3072 - [BUG] stream_sock: always shutdown(SHUT_WR) before closing
3073 - [BUG] stream_sock: don't stop reading when the poller reports an error
3074 - [BUG] config: tcp-request content only accepts "if" or "unless"
3075 - [BUG] task: fix possible timer drift after update
3076 - [MINOR] apply tcp-smart-connect option for the checks too
3077 - [MINOR] stats: better displaying in MSIE
3078 - [MINOR] config: improve error reporting in global section
3079 - [MINOR] config: improve error reporting in listen sections
3080 - [MINOR] config: the "capture" keyword is not allowed in backends
3081 - [MINOR] config: improve error reporting when checking configuration
3082 - [BUILD] fix a minor build warning on AIX
3083 - [BUILD] use "git cmd" instead of "git-cmd"
3084 - [CLEANUP] report 2009 not 2008 in the copyright banner.
3085 - [MINOR] print usage on the stats sockets upon invalid commands
3086 - [MINOR] acl: detect and report potential mistakes in ACLs
3087 - [BUILD] fix incorrect printf arg count with tcp_splice
3088 - [BUG] fix random pauses on last segment of a series
3089 - [BUILD] add support for build under Cygwin
Willy Tarreau79158882009-06-09 11:59:08 +020030912009/06/09 : 1.4-dev0
3092 - exact copy of 1.3.18
Willy Tarreaubeb05ae2009-05-10 20:27:47 +020030942009/05/10 : 1.3.18
3095 - [MEDIUM] add support for "balance hdr(name)"
3096 - [CLEANUP] give a little bit more information in error message
3097 - [MINOR] add X-Original-To: header
3098 - [BUG] x-original-to: fix missing initialization to default value
3099 - [BUILD] spec file: fix broken pipe during rpmbuild and add man file
3100 - [MINOR] improve reporting of misplaced acl/reqxxx rules
3101 - [MEDIUM] http: add options to ignore invalid header names
3102 - [MEDIUM] http: capture invalid requests/responses even if accepted
3103 - [BUILD] add format(printf) to printf-like functions
3104 - [MINOR] fix several printf formats and missing arguments
3105 - [BUG] stats: total and lbtot are unsigned
3106 - [MINOR] fix a few remaining printf-like formats on 64-bit platforms
3107 - [CLEANUP] remove unused make option from haproxy.spec
3108 - [BUILD] make it possible to pass alternative arch at build time
3109 - [MINOR] switch all stat counters to 64-bit
3110 - [MEDIUM] ensure we don't recursively call pool_gc2()
3111 - [CRITICAL] uninitialized response field can sometimes cause crashes
3112 - [BUG] fix wrong pointer arithmetics in HTTP message captures
3113 - [MINOR] rhel init script : support the reload operation
3114 - [MINOR] add basic signal handling functions
3115 - [BUILD] add signal.o to all makefiles
3116 - [MEDIUM] call signal_process_queue from run_poll_loop
3117 - [MEDIUM] pollers: don't wait if a signal is pending
3118 - [MEDIUM] convert all signals to asynchronous signals
3119 - [BUG] O(1) pollers should check their FD before closing it
3120 - [MINOR] don't close stdio fds twice
3121 - [MINOR] add options dontlog-normal and log-separate-errors
3122 - [DOC] minor fixes and rearrangements
3123 - [BUG] fix parser crash on unconditional tcp content rules
3124 - [DOC] rearrange the configuration manual and add a summary
3125 - [MINOR] standard: provide a new 'my_strndup' function
3126 - [MINOR] implement per-logger log level limitation
3127 - [MINOR] compute the max of sessions/s on fe/be/srv
3128 - [MINOR] stats: report max sessions/s and limit in CSV export
3129 - [MINOR] stats: report max sessions/s and limit in HTML stats
3130 - [MINOR] stats/html: use the arial font before helvetica
Willy Tarreauf459b422009-03-29 15:26:57 +020031322009/03/29 : 1.3.17
3133 - Update specfile to build for v2.6 kernel.
3134 - [BUG] reset the stream_interface connect timeout upon connect or error
3135 - [BUG] reject unix accepts when connection limit is reached
3136 - [MINOR] show sess: report number of calls to each task
3137 - [BUG] don't call epoll_ctl() on closed sockets
3138 - [BUG] stream_sock: disable I/O on fds reporting an error
3139 - [MINOR] sepoll: don't count two events on the same FD.
3140 - [MINOR] show sess: report a lot more information about sessions
3141 - [BUG] stream_sock: check for shut{r,w} before refreshing some timeouts
3142 - [BUG] don't set an expiration date directly from now_ms
3143 - [MINOR] implement ulltoh() to write HTML-formatted numbers
3144 - [MINOR] stats/html: group digits by 3 to clarify numbers
3145 - [BUILD] remove haproxy-small.spec
3146 - [BUILD] makefile: remove unused references to linux24eold and EPOLL_CTL_WORKAROUND
Willy Tarreau8019ffa2009-03-22 23:46:12 +010031482009/03/22 : 1.3.16
3149 - [BUILD] Fixed Makefile for linking pcre
3150 - [CONTRIB] selinux policy for haproxy
3151 - [MINOR] show errors: encode backslash as well as non-ascii characters
3152 - [MINOR] cfgparse: some cleanups in the consistency checks
3153 - [MINOR] cfgparse: set backends to "balance roundrobin" by default
3154 - [MINOR] tcp-inspect: permit the use of no-delay inspection
3155 - [MEDIUM] reverse internal proxy declaration order to match configuration
3156 - [CLEANUP] config: catch and report some possibly wrong rule ordering
3157 - [BUG] connect timeout is in the stream interface, not the buffer
3158 - [BUG] session: errors were not reported in termination flags in TCP mode
3159 - [MINOR] tcp_request: let the caller take care of errors and timeouts
3160 - [CLEANUP] http: remove some commented out obsolete code in process_response
3161 - [MINOR] update ebtree to version 4.1
3162 - [MEDIUM] scheduler: get rid of the 4 trees thanks and use ebtree v4.1
3163 - [BUG] sched: don't leave 3 lasts tasks unprocessed when niced tasks are present
3164 - [BUG] scheduler: fix improper handling of duplicates __task_queue()
3165 - [MINOR] sched: permit a task to stay up between calls
3166 - [MINOR] task: keep a task count and clean up task creators
3167 - [MINOR] stats: report number of tasks (active and running)
3168 - [BUG] server check intervals must not be null
3169 - [OPTIM] stream_sock: don't retry to read after a large read
3170 - [OPTIM] buffer: new BF_READ_DONTWAIT flag reduces EAGAIN rates
3171 - [MEDIUM] session: don't resync FSMs on non-interesting changes
3172 - [BUG] check for global.maxconn before doing accept()
3173 - [OPTIM] sepoll: do not re-check whole list upon accepts
Willy Tarreau8185ced2009-03-09 22:45:53 +010031752009/03/09 : 1.3.16-rc2
3176 - [BUG] stream_sock: write timeout must be updated when forwarding !
Willy Tarreauff63b432009-03-09 01:03:42 +010031782009/03/09 : 1.3.16-rc1
3179 - appsessions: cleanup DEBUG_HASH and initialize request_counter
3180 - [MINOR] acl: add new keyword "connslots"
3181 - [MINOR] cfgparse: fix off-by 2 in error message size
3182 - [BUILD] fix build with gcc 4.3
3183 - [BUILD] fix MANDIR default location to match documentation
3184 - [TESTS] add a debug patch to help trigger the stats bug
3185 - [BUG] Flush buffers also where there are exactly 0 bytes left
3186 - [MINOR] Allow to specify a domain for a cookie
3187 - [BUG/CLEANUP] cookiedomain -> cookie_domain rename + free(p->cookie_domain)
3188 - [MEDIUM] Fix memory freeing at exit
3189 - [MEDIUM] Fix memory freeing at exit, part 2
3190 - [BUG] Fix listen & more of 2 couples <ip>:<port>
3191 - [DOC] remove buggy comment for use_backend
3192 - [CRITICAL] fix server state tracking: it was O(n!) instead of O(n)
3193 - [MEDIUM] add support for URI hash depth and length limits
3194 - [MINOR] permit renaming of x-forwarded-for header
3195 - [BUILD] fix Makefile.bsd and Makefile.osx for stream_interface
3196 - [BUILD] Haproxy won't compile if DEBUG_FULL is defined
3197 - [MEDIUM] upgrade to ebtree v4.0
3198 - [DOC] update the README file with new build options
3199 - [MEDIUM] reduce risk of event starvation in ev_sepoll
3200 - [MEDIUM] detect streaming buffers and tag them as such
3201 - [MEDIUM] add support for conditional HTTP redirection
3202 - [BUILD] make install should depend on haproxy not "all"
3203 - [DEBUG] add a TRACE macro to facilitate runtime data extraction
3204 - [BUG] event pollers must not wait if a task exists in the run queue
3205 - [BUG] queue management: wake oldest request in queues
3206 - [BUG] log: reported queue position was offed-by-one
3207 - [BUG] fix the dequeuing logic to ensure that all requests get served
3208 - [DOC] documentation for the "retries" parameter was missing.
3209 - [MEDIUM] implement a monotonic internal clock
3210 - [MEDIUM] further improve monotonic clock by check forward jumps
3211 - [OPTIM] add branch prediction hints in list manipulations
3212 - [MAJOR] replace ultree with ebtree in wait-queues
3213 - [BUG] we could segfault during exit while freeing uri_auths
3214 - [BUG] wqueue: perform proper timeout comparisons with wrapping values
3215 - [MINOR] introduce now_ms, the current date in milliseconds
3216 - [BUG] disable buffer read timeout when reading stats
3217 - [MEDIUM] rework the wait queue mechanism
3218 - [BUILD] change declaration of base64tab to fix build with Intel C++
3219 - [OPTIM] shrink wake_expired_tasks() by using task_wakeup()
3220 - [MAJOR] use an ebtree instead of a list for the run queue
3221 - [MEDIUM] introduce task->nice and boot access to statistics
3222 - [OPTIM] task_queue: assume most consecutive timers are equal
3223 - [BUILD] silent a warning in unlikely() with gcc 4.x
3224 - [MAJOR] convert all expiration timers from timeval to ticks
3225 - [BUG] use_backend would not correctly consider "unless"
3226 - [TESTS] added test-acl.cfg to test some ACL combinations
3227 - [MEDIUM] add support for configuration keyword registration
3228 - [MEDIUM] modularize the global "stats" keyword configuration parser
3229 - [MINOR] cfgparse: add support for warnings in external functions
3230 - [MEDIUM] modularize the "timeout" keyword configuration parser
3231 - [MAJOR] implement tcp request content inspection
3232 - [MINOR] acl: add a new parsing function: parse_dotted_ver
3233 - [MINOR] acl: add req_ssl_ver in TCP, to match an SSL version
3234 - [CLEANUP] remove unused include/types/client.h
3235 - [CLEANUP] remove many #include <types/xxx> from C files
3236 - [CLEANUP] remove dependency on obsolete INTBITS macro
3237 - [DOC] document the new "tcp-request" keyword and associated ACLs
3238 - [MINOR] acl: add REQ_CONTENT to the list of default acls
3239 - [MEDIUM] acl: permit fetch() functions to set the result themselves
3240 - [MEDIUM] acl: get rid of dummy values in always_true/always_false
3241 - [MINOR] acl: add the "wait_end" acl verb
3242 - [MEDIUM] acl: enforce ACL type checking
3243 - [MEDIUM] acl: set types on all currently known ACL verbs
3244 - [MEDIUM] acl: when possible, report the name and requirements of ACLs in warnings
3245 - [CLEANUP] remove 65 useless NULL checks before free
3246 - [MEDIUM] memory: update pool_free2() to support NULL pointers
3247 - [MEDIUM] buffers: ensure buffer_shut* are properly called upon shutdowns
3248 - [MEDIUM] process_srv: rely on buffer flags for client shutdown
3249 - [MEDIUM] process_srv: don't rely at all on client state
3250 - [MEDIUM] process_cli: don't rely at all on server state
3251 - [BUG] fix segfault with url_param + check_post
3252 - [BUG] server timeout was not considered in some circumstances
3253 - [BUG] client timeout incorrectly rearmed while waiting for server
3254 - [MAJOR] kill CL_STINSPECT and CL_STHEADERS (step 1)
3255 - [MAJOR] get rid of SV_STANALYZE (step 2)
3256 - [MEDIUM] simplify and centralize request timeout cancellation and request forwarding
3257 - [MAJOR] completely separate HTTP and TCP states on the request path
3258 - [BUG] fix recently introduced loop when client closes early
3259 - [MAJOR] get rid of the SV_STHEADERS state
3260 - [MAJOR] better separation of response processing and server state
3261 - [MAJOR] clearly separate HTTP response processing from TCP server state
3262 - [MEDIUM] remove unused references to {CL|SV}_STSHUT*
3263 - [MINOR] term_trace: add better instrumentations to trace the code
3264 - [BUG] ev_sepoll: closed file descriptors could persist in the spec list
3265 - [BUG] process_response must not enable the read FD
3266 - [BUG] buffers: remove BF_MAY_CONNECT and fix forwarding issue
3267 - [BUG] process_response: do not touch srv_state
3268 - [BUG] maintain_proxies must not disable backends
3269 - [CLEANUP] get rid of BF_SHUT*_PENDING
3270 - [MEDIUM] buffers: add BF_EMPTY and BF_FULL to remove dependency on req/rep->l
3271 - [MAJOR] process_session: rely only on buffer flags
3272 - [MEDIUM] use buffer->wex instead of buffer->cex for connect timeout
3273 - [MEDIUM] centralize buffer timeout checks at the top of process_session
3274 - [MINOR] ensure the termination flags are set by process_xxx
3275 - [MEDIUM] session: move the analysis bit field to the buffer
3276 - [OPTIM] process_cli/process_srv: reduce the number of tests
3277 - [BUG] regparm is broken on gcc < 3
3278 - [BUILD] fix warning in proto_tcp.c with gcc >= 4
3279 - [MEDIUM] merge inspect_exp and txn->exp into request buffer
3280 - [BUG] process_cli/process_srv: don't call shutdown when already done
3281 - [BUG] process_request: HTTP body analysis must return zero if missing data
3282 - [TESTS] test-fsm: 22 regression tests for state machines
3283 - [BUG] Fix empty X-Forwarded-For header name when set in defaults section
3284 - [BUG] fix harmless but wrong fd insertion sequence
3285 - [MEDIUM] make it possible for analysers to follow the whole session
3286 - [MAJOR] rework of the server FSM
3287 - [OPTIM] remove useless fd_set(read) upon shutdown(write)
3288 - [MEDIUM] massive cleanup of process_srv()
3289 - [MEDIUM] second level of code cleanup for process_srv_data
3290 - [MEDIUM] third cleanup and optimization of process_srv_data()
3291 - [MEDIUM] process_srv_data: ensure that we always correctly re-arm timeouts
3292 - [MEDIUM] stream_sock_process_data moved to stream_sock.c
3293 - [MAJOR] make the client side use stream_sock_process_data()
3294 - [MEDIUM] split stream_sock_process_data
3295 - [OPTIM] stream_sock_read must check for null-reads more often
3296 - [MINOR] only call flow analysers when their read side is connected.
3297 - [MEDIUM] reintroduce BF_HIJACK with produce_content
3298 - [MINOR] re-arrange buffer flags and rename some of them
3299 - [MINOR] do not check for BF_SHUTR when computing write timeout
3300 - [OPTIM] ev_sepoll: detect newly created FDs and check them once
3301 - [OPTIM] reduce the number of calls to task_wakeup()
3302 - [OPTIM] force inlining of large functions with gcc >= 3
3303 - [MEDIUM] indicate a reason for a task wakeup
3304 - [MINOR] change type of fdtab[]->owner to void*