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* include/types/global.h
* Global variables.
* Copyright (C) 2000-2012 Willy Tarreau -
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.1
* exclusively.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <common/config.h>
#include <common/initcall.h>
#include <common/hathreads.h>
#include <common/standard.h>
#include <types/listener.h>
#include <types/proxy.h>
#include <types/task.h>
#include <types/vars.h>
#define UNIX_MAX_PATH 108
/* modes of operation (global.mode) */
#define MODE_DEBUG 0x01
#define MODE_DAEMON 0x02
#define MODE_QUIET 0x04
#define MODE_CHECK 0x08
#define MODE_VERBOSE 0x10
#define MODE_STARTING 0x20
#define MODE_FOREGROUND 0x40
#define MODE_MWORKER 0x80 /* Master Worker */
#define MODE_MWORKER_WAIT 0x100 /* Master Worker wait mode */
/* list of last checks to perform, depending on config options */
#define LSTCHK_CAP_BIND 0x00000001 /* check that we can bind to any port */
#define LSTCHK_NETADM 0x00000002 /* check that we have CAP_NET_ADMIN */
/* Global tuning options */
/* available polling mechanisms */
#define GTUNE_USE_SELECT (1<<0)
#define GTUNE_USE_POLL (1<<1)
#define GTUNE_USE_EPOLL (1<<2)
#define GTUNE_USE_KQUEUE (1<<3)
/* platform-specific options */
#define GTUNE_USE_SPLICE (1<<4)
#define GTUNE_USE_GAI (1<<5)
#define GTUNE_USE_REUSEPORT (1<<6)
#define GTUNE_USE_SYSTEMD (1<<10)
#define GTUNE_BUSY_POLLING (1<<11)
#define GTUNE_LISTENER_MQ (1<<12)
#define GTUNE_SET_DUMPABLE (1<<13)
#define GTUNE_USE_EVPORTS (1<<14)
/* Access level for a stats socket */
#define ACCESS_LVL_MASK 0x3
#define ACCESS_FD_LISTENERS 0x4 /* expose listeners FDs on stats socket */
#define ACCESS_MASTER 0x8 /* works with the master (and every other processes) */
#define ACCESS_MASTER_ONLY 0x10 /* only works with the worker */
/* SSL server verify mode */
enum {
/* FIXME : this will have to be redefined correctly */
struct global {
int uid;
int gid;
int external_check;
int nbproc;
int nbthread;
unsigned int hard_stop_after; /* maximum time allowed to perform a soft-stop */
int maxconn, hardmaxconn;
int maxsslconn;
int ssl_session_max_cost; /* how many bytes an SSL session may cost */
int ssl_handshake_max_cost; /* how many bytes an SSL handshake may use */
int ssl_used_frontend; /* non-zero if SSL is used in a frontend */
int ssl_used_backend; /* non-zero if SSL is used in a backend */
int ssl_used_async_engines; /* number of used async engines */
unsigned int ssl_server_verify; /* default verify mode on servers side */
struct freq_ctr conn_per_sec;
struct freq_ctr sess_per_sec;
struct freq_ctr ssl_per_sec;
struct freq_ctr ssl_fe_keys_per_sec;
struct freq_ctr ssl_be_keys_per_sec;
struct freq_ctr comp_bps_in; /* bytes per second, before http compression */
struct freq_ctr comp_bps_out; /* bytes per second, after http compression */
struct freq_ctr out_32bps; /* #of 32-byte blocks emitted per second */
unsigned long long out_bytes; /* total #of bytes emitted */
int cps_lim, cps_max;
int sps_lim, sps_max;
int ssl_lim, ssl_max;
int ssl_fe_keys_max, ssl_be_keys_max;
unsigned int shctx_lookups, shctx_misses;
int comp_rate_lim; /* HTTP compression rate limit */
int maxpipes; /* max # of pipes */
int maxsock; /* max # of sockets */
int rlimit_nofile; /* default ulimit-n value : 0=unset */
int rlimit_memmax_all; /* default all-process memory limit in megs ; 0=unset */
int rlimit_memmax; /* default per-process memory limit in megs ; 0=unset */
long maxzlibmem; /* max RAM for zlib in bytes */
int mode;
unsigned int req_count; /* request counter (HTTP or TCP session) for logs and unique_id */
int last_checks;
int spread_checks;
int max_spread_checks;
int max_syslog_len;
char *chroot;
char *pidfile;
char *node, *desc; /* node name & description */
struct buffer log_tag; /* name for syslog */
struct list logsrvs;
char *log_send_hostname; /* set hostname in syslog header */
char *server_state_base; /* path to a directory where server state files can be found */
char *server_state_file; /* path to the file where server states are loaded from */
struct {
int maxpollevents; /* max number of poll events at once */
int maxaccept; /* max number of consecutive accept() */
int options; /* various tuning options */
int runqueue_depth;/* max number of tasks to run at once */
int recv_enough; /* how many input bytes at once are "enough" */
int bufsize; /* buffer size in bytes, defaults to BUFSIZE */
int maxrewrite; /* buffer max rewrite size in bytes, defaults to MAXREWRITE */
int reserved_bufs; /* how many buffers can only be allocated for response */
int buf_limit; /* if not null, how many total buffers may only be allocated */
int client_sndbuf; /* set client sndbuf to this value if not null */
int client_rcvbuf; /* set client rcvbuf to this value if not null */
int server_sndbuf; /* set server sndbuf to this value if not null */
int server_rcvbuf; /* set server rcvbuf to this value if not null */
int chksize; /* check buffer size in bytes, defaults to BUFSIZE */
int pipesize; /* pipe size in bytes, system defaults if zero */
int max_http_hdr; /* max number of HTTP headers, use MAX_HTTP_HDR if zero */
int requri_len; /* max len of request URI, use REQURI_LEN if zero */
int cookie_len; /* max length of cookie captures */
int pattern_cache; /* max number of entries in the pattern cache. */
int sslcachesize; /* SSL cache size in session, defaults to 20000 */
int comp_maxlevel; /* max HTTP compression level */
int pool_low_ratio; /* max ratio of FDs used before we stop using new idle connections */
int pool_high_ratio; /* max ratio of FDs used before we start killing idle connections when creating new connections */
int pool_low_count; /* max number of opened fd before we stop using new idle connections */
int pool_high_count; /* max number of opened fd before we start killing idle connections when creating new connections */
unsigned short idle_timer; /* how long before an empty buffer is considered idle (ms) */
} tune;
struct {
char *prefix; /* path prefix of unix bind socket */
struct { /* UNIX socket permissions */
uid_t uid; /* -1 to leave unchanged */
gid_t gid; /* -1 to leave unchanged */
mode_t mode; /* 0 to leave unchanged */
} ux;
} unix_bind;
struct proxy *stats_fe; /* the frontend holding the stats settings */
struct vars vars; /* list of variables for the process scope. */
struct {
unsigned long proc[MAX_PROCS]; /* list of CPU masks for the 32/64 first processes */
unsigned long proc_t1[MAX_PROCS]; /* list of CPU masks for the 1st thread of each process */
unsigned long thread[MAX_THREADS]; /* list of CPU masks for the 32/64 first threads of the 1st process */
} cpu_map;
/* options for mworker_proc */
#define PROC_O_TYPE_MASTER 0x00000001
#define PROC_O_TYPE_WORKER 0x00000002
#define PROC_O_TYPE_PROG 0x00000004
/* 0x00000008 unused */
#define PROC_O_LEAVING 0x00000010 /* this process should be leaving */
/* 0x00000020 to 0x00000080 unused */
#define PROC_O_START_RELOAD 0x00000100 /* Start the process even if the master was re-executed */
* Structure used to describe the processes in master worker mode
struct mworker_proc {
int pid;
int options;
char *id;
char **command;
char *path;
char *version;
int ipc_fd[2]; /* 0 is master side, 1 is worker side */
int relative_pid;
int reloads;
int timestamp;
struct server *srv; /* the server entry in the master proxy */
struct list list;
extern struct global global;
extern int pid; /* current process id */
extern int relative_pid; /* process id starting at 1 */
extern unsigned long pid_bit; /* bit corresponding to the process id */
extern unsigned long all_proc_mask; /* mask of all processes */
extern int actconn; /* # of active sessions */
extern int listeners;
extern int jobs; /* # of active jobs (listeners, sessions, open devices) */
extern int unstoppable_jobs; /* # of active jobs that can't be stopped during a soft stop */
extern int active_peers; /* # of active peers (connection attempts and successes) */
extern int connected_peers; /* # of really connected peers */
extern THREAD_LOCAL struct buffer trash;
extern int nb_oldpids; /* contains the number of old pids found */
extern const int zero;
extern const int one;
extern const struct linger nolinger;
extern int stopping; /* non zero means stopping in progress */
extern int killed; /* >0 means a hard-stop is triggered, >1 means hard-stop immediately */
extern char hostname[MAX_HOSTNAME_LEN];
extern char localpeer[MAX_HOSTNAME_LEN];
extern struct list global_listener_queue; /* list of the temporarily limited listeners */
extern struct task *global_listener_queue_task;
extern unsigned int warned; /* bitfield of a few warnings to emit just once */
extern volatile unsigned long sleeping_thread_mask;
extern struct list proc_list; /* list of process in mworker mode */
extern struct mworker_proc *proc_self; /* process structure of current process */
extern int master; /* 1 if in master, 0 otherwise */
extern unsigned int rlim_fd_cur_at_boot;
extern unsigned int rlim_fd_max_at_boot;
extern int atexit_flag;
/* bit values to go with "warned" above */
#define WARN_BLOCK_DEPRECATED 0x00000001
/* unassigned : 0x00000002 */
#define WARN_CLITO_DEPRECATED 0x00000008
#define WARN_SRVTO_DEPRECATED 0x00000010
#define WARN_CONTO_DEPRECATED 0x00000020
#define WARN_REQREP_DEPRECATED 0x00000080
#define WARN_REQDEL_DEPRECATED 0x00000100
#define WARN_REQDENY_DEPRECATED 0x00000200
#define WARN_REQPASS_DEPRECATED 0x00000400
#define WARN_REQADD_DEPRECATED 0x00002000
#define WARN_RSPREP_DEPRECATED 0x00004000
#define WARN_RSPDEL_DEPRECATED 0x00008000
#define WARN_RSPDENY_DEPRECATED 0x00010000
#define WARN_RSPADD_DEPRECATED 0x00020000
/* to be used with warned and WARN_* */
static inline int already_warned(unsigned int warning)
if (warned & warning)
return 1;
warned |= warning;
return 0;
/* returns a mask if set, otherwise all_proc_mask */
static inline unsigned long proc_mask(unsigned long mask)
return mask ? mask : all_proc_mask;
/* returns a mask if set, otherwise all_threads_mask */
static inline unsigned long thread_mask(unsigned long mask)
return mask ? mask : all_threads_mask;
int tell_old_pids(int sig);
int delete_oldpid(int pid);
void deinit(void);
void hap_register_build_opts(const char *str, int must_free);
void hap_register_post_check(int (*fct)());
void hap_register_post_deinit(void (*fct)());
void hap_register_per_thread_alloc(int (*fct)());
void hap_register_per_thread_init(int (*fct)());
void hap_register_per_thread_deinit(void (*fct)());
void hap_register_per_thread_free(int (*fct)());
void mworker_accept_wrapper(int fd);
void mworker_reload();
/* simplified way to declare static build options in a file */
#define REGISTER_BUILD_OPTS(str) \
INITCALL2(STG_REGISTER, hap_register_build_opts, (str), 0)
/* simplified way to declare a post-check callback in a file */
#define REGISTER_POST_CHECK(fct) \
INITCALL1(STG_REGISTER, hap_register_post_check, (fct))
/* simplified way to declare a post-deinit callback in a file */
INITCALL1(STG_REGISTER, hap_register_post_deinit, (fct))
/* simplified way to declare a per-thread allocation callback in a file */
INITCALL1(STG_REGISTER, hap_register_per_thread_alloc, (fct))
/* simplified way to declare a per-thread init callback in a file */
INITCALL1(STG_REGISTER, hap_register_per_thread_init, (fct))
/* simplified way to declare a per-thread deinit callback in a file */
INITCALL1(STG_REGISTER, hap_register_per_thread_deinit, (fct))
/* simplified way to declare a per-thread free callback in a file */
INITCALL1(STG_REGISTER, hap_register_per_thread_free, (fct))
#endif /* _TYPES_GLOBAL_H */
* Local variables:
* c-indent-level: 8
* c-basic-offset: 8
* End: