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ChangeLog :
2011/04/08 : 1.5-dev6
- [BUG] stream_sock: use get_addr_len() instead of sizeof() on sockaddr_storage
- [BUG] TCP source tracking was broken with IPv6 changes
- [BUG] stick-tables did not work when converting IPv6 to IPv4
- [CRITICAL] fix risk of crash when dealing with space in response cookies
2011/03/29 : 1.5-dev5
- [BUG] standard: is_addr return value for IPv4 was inverted
- [MINOR] update comment about IPv6 support for server
- [MEDIUM] use getaddrinfo to resolve names if gethostbyname fail
- [DOC] update IPv6 support for bind
- [DOC] document IPv6 support for server
- [DOC] fix a minor typo
- [MEDIUM] IPv6 support for syslog
- [DOC] document IPv6 support for syslog
- [MEDIUM] IPv6 support for stick-tables
- [DOC] document IPv6 support for stick-tables
- [DOC] update ROADMAP file
- [BUG] session: src_conn_cur was returning src_conn_cnt instead
- [MINOR] frontend: add a make_proxy_line function
- [MEDIUM] stream_sock: add support for sending the proxy protocol header line
- [MEDIUM] server: add support for the "send-proxy" option
- [DOC] update the spec on the proxy protocol
- [BUILD] proto_tcp: fix build issue with CTTPROXY
- [DOC] update ROADMAP file
- [MEDIUM] config: rework the IPv4/IPv6 address parser to support host-only addresses
- [MINOR] cfgparse: better report wrong listening addresses and make use of str2sa_range
- [BUILD] add the USE_GETADDRINFO build option
- [TESTS] provide a test case for various address formats
- [BUG] session: conn_retries was not always initialized
- [BUG] log: retrieve the target from the session, not the SI
- [BUG] http: fix possible incorrect forwarded wrapping chunk size (take 2)
- [MINOR] tools: add two macros MID_RANGE and MAX_RANGE
- [BUG] http: fix content-length handling on 32-bit platforms
- [OPTIM] buffers: uninline buffer_forward()
- [BUG] stream_sock: fix handling for server side PROXY protocol
- [MINOR] acl: add support for table_cnt and table_avl matches
- [DOC] update ROADMAP file
2011/03/13 : 1.5-dev4
- [MINOR] cfgparse: Check whether the path given for the stats socket actually fits into the sockaddr_un structure to avoid truncation.
- [MINOR] unix sockets : inherits the backlog size from the listener
- [CLEANUP] unix sockets : move create_uxst_socket() in uxst_bind_listener()
- [DOC] fix a minor typo
- [DOC] fix ignore-persist documentation
- [MINOR] add warnings on features not compatible with multi-process mode
- [BUG] http: fix http-pretend-keepalive and httpclose/tunnel mode
- [MINOR] stats: add support for several packets in stats admin
- [BUG] stats: admin commands must check the proxy state
- [BUG] stats: admin web interface must check the proxy state
- [MINOR] http: add pattern extraction method to stick on query string parameter
- [MEDIUM] add internal support for IPv6 server addresses
- [MINOR] acl: add be_id/srv_id to match backend's and server's id
- [MINOR] log: add support for passing the forwarded hostname
- [MINOR] log: ability to override the syslog tag
- [MINOR] checks: add PostgreSQL health check
- [DOC] update ROADMAP file
- [BUILD] pattern: use 'int' instead of 'int32_t'
- [OPTIM] linux: add support for bypassing libc to force using vsyscalls
- [BUG] debug: report the correct poller list in verbose mode
- [BUG] capture: do not capture a cookie if there is no memory left
- [BUG] appsession: fix possible double free in case of out of memory
- [CRITICAL] cookies: mixing cookies in indirect mode and appsession can crash the process
- [BUG] http: correctly update the header list when removing two consecutive headers
- [BUILD] add the CPU=native and ARCH=32/64 build options
- [BUILD] add -fno-strict-aliasing to fix warnings with gcc >= 4.4
- [CLEANUP] hash: move the avalanche hash code globally available
- [MEDIUM] hash: add support for an 'avalanche' hash-type
- [DOC] update roadmap file
- [BUG] http: do not re-enable the PROXY analyser on keep-alive
- [OPTIM] http: don't send each chunk in a separate packet
- [DOC] fix minor typos reported recently in the peers section
- [DOC] fix another typo in the doc
- [MINOR] stats: report HTTP message state and buffer flags in error dumps
- [BUG] http chunking: don't report a parsing error on connection errors
- [BUG] stream_interface: truncate buffers when sending error messages
- [MINOR] http: support wrapping messages in error captures
- [MINOR] http: capture incorrectly chunked message bodies
- [MINOR] stats: add global event ID and count
- [BUG] http: analyser optimizations broke pipelining
- [CLEANUP] frontend: only apply TCP-specific settings to TCP/TCP6 sockets
- [BUG] http: fix incorrect error reporting during data transfers
- [CRITICAL] session: correctly leave turn-around and queue states on abort
- [BUG] session: release slot before processing pending connections
- [MINOR] tcp: add support for dynamic MSS setting
- [BUG] stick-table: correctly terminate string keys during lookups
- [BUG] acl: fix handling of empty lines in pattern files
- [BUG] stick-table: use the private buffer when padding strings
- [BUG] ebtree: fix ebmb_lookup() with len smaller than the tree's keys
- [OPTIM] ebtree: ebmb_lookup: reduce stack usage by moving the return code out of the loop
- [OPTIM] ebtree: inline ebst_lookup_len and ebis_lookup_len
- [REVERT] undo the stick-table string key lookup fixes
- [MINOR] http: improve url_param pattern extraction to ignore empty values
- [BUILD] frontend: shut a warning with TCP_MAXSEG
- [BUG] http: update the header list's tail when removing the last header
- [DOC] fix minor typo in the proxy protocol doc
- [DOC] fix typos (http-request instead of http-check)
- [BUG] http: use correct ACL pointer when evaluating authentication
- [BUG] cfgparse: correctly count one socket per port in ranges
- [BUG] startup: set the rlimits before binding ports, not after.
- [BUG] acl: srv_id must return no match when the server is NULL
- [MINOR] acl: add ability to check for internal response-only parameters
- [MINOR] acl: srv_id is only valid in responses
- [MINOR] config: warn if response-only conditions are used in "redirect" rules
- [BUG] acl: fd leak when reading patterns from file
- [DOC] fix minor typo in "usesrc"
- [BUG] http: fix possible incorrect forwarded wrapping chunk size
- [BUG] http: fix computation of message body length after forwarding has started
- [BUG] http: balance url_param did not work with first parameters on POST
- [TESTS] update the url_param regression test to test check_post too
- [DOC] update ROADMAP
- [DOC] internal: reflect the fact that SI_ST_ASS is transient
- [BUG] config: don't crash on empty pattern files.
- [MINOR] stream_interface: make use of an applet descriptor for IO handlers
- [REORG] stream_interface: move the st0, st1 and private members to the applet
- [REORG] stream_interface: split the struct members in 3 parts
- [REORG] session: move client and server address to the stream interface
- [REORG] tcp: make tcpv4_connect_server() take the target address from the SI
- [MEDIUM] stream_interface: store the target pointer and type
- [CLEANUP] stream_interface: remove the applet.handler pointer
- [MEDIUM] log: take the logged server name from the stream interface
- [CLEANUP] session: remove data_source from struct session
- [CLEANUP] stats: make all dump functions only rely on the stream interface
- [REORG] session: move the data_ctx struct to the stream interface's applet
- [MINOR] proxy: add PR_O2_DISPATCH to detect dispatch mode
- [MINOR] cfgparse: only keep one of dispatch, transparent, http_proxy
- [MINOR] session: add a pointer to the new target into the session
- [MEDIUM] session: remove s->prev_srv which is not needed anymore
- [CLEANUP] stream_interface: use inline functions to manipulate targets
- [MAJOR] session: remove the ->srv pointer from struct session
- [MEDIUM] stats: split frontend and backend stats
- [MEDIUM] http: always evaluate http-request rules before stats http-request
- [REORG] http: move the http-request rules to proto_http
- [BUG] http: stats were not incremented on http-request deny
- [MINOR] checks: report it if checks fail due to socket creation error
2010/11/11 : 1.5-dev3
- [DOC] fix http-request documentation
- [MEDIUM] enable/disable servers from the stats web interface
- [MEDIUM] stats: add an admin level
- [DOC] stats: document the "stats admin" statement
- [MINOR] startup: print the proxy socket which caused an error
- [CLEANUP] Remove unneeded chars allocation
- [MINOR] config: detect options not supported due to compilation options
- [MINOR] Add pattern's fetchs payload and payload_lv
- [MINOR] frontend: improve accept-proxy header parsing
- [MINOR] frontend: add tcpv6 support on accept-proxy bind
- [MEDIUM] Enhance message errors management on binds
- [MINOR] Manage unix socket source field on logs
- [MINOR] Manage unix socket source field on session dump on sock stats
- [MINOR] Support of unix listener sockets for debug and log event messages on frontend.c
- [MINOR] Add some tests on sockets family for port remapping and mode transparent.
- [MINOR] Manage socket type unix for some logs
- [MINOR] Enhance controls of socket's family on acls and pattern fetch
- [MINOR] Support listener's sockets unix on http logs.
- [MEDIUM] Add supports of bind on unix sockets.
- [BUG] stick table purge failure if size less than 255
- [BUG] stick table entries expire on counters updates/read or show table, even if there is no "expire" parameter
- [MEDIUM] Implement tcp inspect response rules
- [DOC] tcp-response content and inspect
- [MINOR] new acls fetch req_ssl_hello_type and rep_ssl_hello_type
- [DOC] acls rep_ssl_hello and req_ssl_hello
- [MEDIUM] Create new protected pattern types CONSTSTRING and CONSTDATA to force memcpy if data from protected areas need to be manipulated.
- [DOC] new type binary in stick-table
- [DOC] stick store-response and new patterns payload and payload_lv
- [MINOR] Manage all types (ip, integer, string, binary) on cli "show table" command
- [MEDIUM] Create updates tree on stick table to manage sync.
- [MAJOR] Add new files src/peer.c, include/proto/peers.h and include/types/peers.h for sync stick table management
- [MEDIUM] Manage peers section parsing and stick table registration on peers.
- [MEDIUM] Manage soft stop on peers proxy
- [DOC] add documentation for peers section
- [MINOR] checks: add support for LDAPv3 health checks
- [MINOR] add better support to "mysql-check"
- [BUG] Restore info about available active/backup servers
- [CONTRIB] Update
- [CONTRIB] Update Cacti Tempates
- [CONTRIB] add templates for Cacti.
- [BUG] http: don't consider commas as a header delimitor within quotes
- [MINOR] support a global jobs counter
- [DOC] add a summary about cookie incompatibilities between specs and browsers
- [DOC] fix description of cookie "insert" and "indirect" modes
- [MEDIUM] http: fix space handling in the request cookie parser
- [MEDIUM] http: fix space handling in the response cookie parser
- [DOC] fix typo in the queue() definition (backend, not frontend)
- [BUG] deinit: unbind listeners before freeing them
- [BUG] stream_interface: only call si->release when both dirs are closed
- [MEDIUM] buffers: rework the functions to exchange between SI and buffers
- [DOC] fix typo in the avg_queue() and be_conn() definition (backend, not frontend)
- [MINOR] halog: add '-tc' to sort by termination codes
- [MINOR] halog: skip non-traffic logs for -st and -tc
- [BUG] stream_sock: cleanly disable the listener in case of resource shortage
- [BUILD] stream_sock: previous fix lacked the #include, causing a warning.
- [DOC] bind option is "defer-accept", not "defer_accept"
- [DOC] missing index entry for http-check send-state
- [DOC] tcp-request inspect-delay is for backends too
- [BUG] ebtree: string_equal_bits() could return garbage on identical strings
- [BUG] stream_sock: try to flush any extra pending request data after a POST
- [BUILD] proto_http: eliminate some build warnings with gcc-2.95
- [MEDIUM] make it possible to combine http-pretend-keepalived with httpclose
- [MEDIUM] tcp-request : don't wait for inspect-delay to expire when the buffer is full
- [MEDIUM] checks: add support for HTTP contents lookup
- [TESTS] add test-check-expect to test various http-check methods
- [MINOR] global: add "tune.chksize" to change the default check buffer size
- [MINOR] cookie: add options "maxidle" and "maxlife"
- [MEDIUM] cookie: support client cookies with some contents appended to their value
- [MINOR] http: make some room in the transaction flags to extend cookies
- [MINOR] cookie: add the expired (E) and old (O) flags for request cookies
- [MEDIUM] cookie: reassign set-cookie status flags to store more states
- [MINOR] add encode/decode function for 30-bit integers from/to base64
- [MEDIUM] cookie: check for maxidle and maxlife for incoming dated cookies
- [MEDIUM] cookie: set the date in the cookie if needed
- [DOC] document the cookie maxidle and maxlife parameters
- [BUG] checks: don't log backend down for all zero-weight servers
- [MEDIUM] checks: set server state to one state from failure when leaving maintenance
- [BUG] config: report correct keywords for "observe"
- [MINOR] checks: ensure that we can inherit binary checks from the defaults section
- [MINOR] acl: add the http_req_first match
- [DOC] fix typos about bind-process syntax
- [BUG] cookie: correctly unset default cookie parameters
- [MINOR] cookie: add support for the "preserve" option
- [BUG] ebtree: fix duplicate strings insertion
- [CONTRIB] halog: report per-url counts, errors and times
- [CONTRIB] halog: minor speed improvement in timer parser
- [MINOR] buffers: add a new request analyser flag for PROXY mode
- [MINOR] listener: add the "accept-proxy" option to the "bind" keyword
- [MINOR] standard: add read_uint() to parse a delimited unsigned integer
- [MINOR] standard: change arg type from const char* to char*
- [MINOR] frontend: add a new analyser to parse a proxied connection
- [MEDIUM] session: call the frontend_decode_proxy analyser on proxied connections
- [DOC] add the proxy protocol's specifications
- [DOC] document the 'accept-proxy' bind option
- [MINOR] cfgparse: report support of <path> for the 'bind' statements
- [DOC] add references to unix socket handling
- [MINOR] move MAXPATHLEN definition to compat.h
- [MEDIUM] unix sockets: cleanup the error reporting path
- [BUG] session: don't stop forwarding of data upon last packet
- [CLEANUP] accept: replace some inappropriate Alert() calls with send_log()
- [BUILD] peers: shut a printf format warning (key_size is a size_t)
- [BUG] accept: don't close twice upon error
- [OPTIM] session: don't recheck analysers when buffer flags have not changed
- [OPTIM] stream_sock: don't clear FDs that are already cleared
- [BUG] proto_tcp: potential bug on pattern fetch dst and dport
2010/08/28 : 1.5-dev2
- [MINOR] startup: release unused structs after forking
- [MINOR] startup: don't wait for nothing when no old pid remains
- [CLEANUP] reference product branch 1.5
- [MEDIUM] signals: add support for registering functions and tasks
- [MEDIUM] signals: support redistribution of signal zero when stopping
- [BUG] http: don't set auto_close if more data are expected
2010/08/25 : 1.5-dev1
- [BUG] stats: session rate limit gets garbaged in the stats
- [DOC] mention 'option http-server-close' effect in Tq section
- [DOC] summarize and highlight persistent connections behaviour
- [DOC] add configuration samples
- [BUG] http: dispatch and http_proxy modes were broken for a long time
- [BUG] http: the transaction must be initialized even in TCP mode
- [BUG] tcp: dropped connections must be counted as "denied" not "failed"
- [BUG] consistent hash: balance on all servers, not only 2 !
- [CONTRIB] halog: report per-server status codes, errors and response times
- [BUG] http: the transaction must be initialized even in TCP mode (part 2)
- [BUG] client: always ensure to zero rep->analysers
- [BUG] session: clear BF_READ_ATTACHED before next I/O
- [BUG] http: automatically close response if req is aborted
- [BUG] proxy: connection rate limiting was eating lots of CPU
- [BUG] http: report correct flags in case of client aborts during body
- [TESTS] refine non-regression tests and add 4 new tests
- [BUG] debug: wrong pointer was used to report a status line
- [BUG] debug: correctly report truncated messages
- [DOC] document the "dispatch" keyword
- [BUG] stick_table: fix possible memory leak in case of connection error
- [CLEANUP] acl: use 'L6' instead of 'L4' in ACL flags relying on contents
- [MINOR] accept: count the incoming connection earlier
- [CLEANUP] tcp: move some non tcp-specific layer6 processing out of proto_tcp
- [CLEANUP] client: move some ACLs away to their respective locations
- [CLEANUP] rename client -> frontend
- [MEDIUM] separate protocol-level accept() from the frontend's
- [MINOR] proxy: add a list to hold future layer 4 rules
- [MEDIUM] config: parse tcp layer4 rules (tcp-request accept/reject)
- [MEDIUM] tcp: check for pure layer4 rules immediately after accept()
- [OPTIM] frontend: tell the compiler that errors are unlikely to occur
- [MEDIUM] frontend: check for LI_O_TCP_RULES in the listener
- [MINOR] frontend: only check for monitor-net rules if LI_O_CHK_MONNET is set
- [CLEANUP] buffer->cto is not used anymore
- [MEDIUM] session: finish session establishment sequence in with I/O handlers
- [MEDIUM] session: initialize server-side timeouts after connect()
- [MEDIUM] backend: initialize the server stream_interface upon connect()
- [MAJOR] frontend: don't initialize the server-side stream_int anymore
- [MEDIUM] session: move the conn_retries attribute to the stream interface
- [MEDIUM] session: don't assign conn_retries upon accept() anymore
- [MINOR] frontend: rely on the frontend and not the backend for INDEPSTR
- [MAJOR] frontend: reorder the session initialization upon accept
- [MINOR] proxy: add an accept() callback for the application layer
- [MAJOR] frontend: split accept() into frontend_accept() and session_accept()
- [MEDIUM] stats: rely on the standard session_accept() function
- [MINOR] buffer: refine the flags that may wake an analyser up.
- [MINOR] stream_sock: don't dereference a non-existing frontend
- [MINOR] session: differenciate between accepted connections and received connections
- [MEDIUM] frontend: count the incoming connection earlier
- [MINOR] frontend: count denied TCP requests separately
- [CLEANUP] stick_table: add/clarify some comments
- [BUILD] memory: add a few missing parenthesis to the pool management macros
- [MINOR] stick_table: add support for variable-sized data
- [CLEANUP] stick_table: rename some stksess struct members to avoid confusion
- [CLEANUP] stick_table: move pattern to key functions to stick_table.c
- [MEDIUM] stick_table: add room for extra data types
- [MINOR] stick_table: add support for "conn_cum" data type.
- [MEDIUM] stick_table: don't overwrite data when storing an entry
- [MINOR] config: initialize stick tables after all the parsing
- [MINOR] stick_table: provide functions to return stksess data from a type
- [MEDIUM] stick_table: move the server ID to a generic data type
- [MINOR] stick_table: enable it for frontends too
- [MINOR] stick_table: export the stick_table_key
- [MINOR] tcp: add per-source connection rate limiting
- [MEDIUM] stick_table: separate storage and update of session entries
- [MEDIUM] stick-tables: add a reference counter to each entry
- [MINOR] session: add a pointer to the tracked counters for the source
- [CLEANUP] proto_tcp: make the config parser a little bit more flexible
- [BUG] config: report the correct proxy type in tcp-request errors
- [MINOR] config: provide a function to quote args in a more friendly way
- [BUG] stick_table: the fix for the memory leak caused a regression
- [MEDIUM] backend: support servers on
- [BUG] stick-table: correctly refresh expiration timers
- [MEDIUM] stream-interface: add a ->release callback
- [MINOR] proxy: add a "parent" member to the structure
- [MEDIUM] session: make it possible to call an I/O handler on both SI
- [MINOR] tools: add a fast div64_32 function
- [MINOR] freq_ctr: add new types and functions for periods different from 1s
- [MINOR] errors: provide new status codes for config parsing functions
- [BUG] http: denied requests must not be counted as denied resps in listeners
- [MINOR] tools: add a get_std_op() function to parse operators
- [MEDIUM] acl: make use of get_std_op() to parse intger ranges
- [MAJOR] stream_sock: better wakeup conditions on read()
- [BUG] session: analysers must be checked when SI state changes
- [MINOR] http: reset analysers to listener's, not frontend's
- [MEDIUM] session: support "tcp-request content" rules in backends
- [BUILD] always match official tags when doing git-tar
- [MAJOR] stream_interface: fix the wakeup conditions for embedded iohandlers
- [MEDIUM] buffer: make buffer_feed* support writing non-contiguous chunks
- [MINOR] tcp: src_count acl does not have a permanent result
- [MAJOR] session: add track-counters to track counters related to the session
- [MINOR] stick-table: provide a table lookup function
- [MINOR] stick-table: use suffix "_cnt" for cumulated counts
- [MEDIUM] session: move counter ACL fetches from proto_tcp
- [MEDIUM] session: add concurrent connections counter
- [MEDIUM] session: add data in and out volume counters
- [MINOR] session: add the trk_conn_cnt ACL keyword to track connection counts
- [MEDIUM] session-counters: automatically update tracked connection count
- [MINOR] session: add the trk_conn_cur ACL keyword to track concurrent connection
- [MINOR] session: add trk_kbytes_* ACL keywords to track data size
- [MEDIUM] session: add a counter on the cumulated number of sessions
- [MINOR] config: support a comma-separated list of store data types in stick-table
- [MEDIUM] stick-tables: add support for arguments to data_types
- [MEDIUM] stick-tables: add stored data argument type checking
- [MEDIUM] session counters: add conn_rate and sess_rate counters
- [MEDIUM] session counters: add bytes_in_rate and bytes_out_rate counters
- [MINOR] stktable: add a stktable_update_key() function
- [MINOR] session-counters: add a general purpose counter (gpc0)
- [MEDIUM] session-counters: add HTTP req/err tracking
- [MEDIUM] stats: add "show table [<name>]" to dump a stick-table
- [MEDIUM] stats: add "clear table <name> key <value>" to clear table entries
- [CLEANUP] stick-table: declare stktable_data_types as extern
- [MEDIUM] stick-table: make use of generic types for stored data
- [MINOR] stats: correctly report errors on "show table" and "clear table"
- [MEDIUM] stats: add the ability to dump table entries matching criteria
- [DOC] configuration: document all the new tracked counters
- [DOC] stats: document "show table" and "clear table"
- [MAJOR] session-counters: split FE and BE track counters
- [MEDIUM] tcp: accept the "track-counters" in "tcp-request content" rules
- [MEDIUM] session counters: automatically remove expired entries.
- [MEDIUM] config: replace 'tcp-request <action>' with "tcp-request connection"
- [MEDIUM] session-counters: make it possible to count connections from frontend
- [MINOR] session-counters: use "track-sc{1,2}" instead of "track-{fe,be}-counters"
- [MEDIUM] session-counters: correctly unbind the counters tracked by the backend
- [CLEANUP] stats: use stksess_kill() to remove table entries
- [DOC] update the references to session counters and to tcp-request connection
- [DOC] cleanup: split a few long lines
- [MEDIUM] http: forward client's close when abortonclose is set
- [BUG] queue: don't dequeue proxy-global requests on disabled servers
- [BUG] stats: global stats timeout may be specified before stats socket.
- [BUG] conf: add tcp-request content rules to the correct list
2010/05/23 : 1.5-dev0
- exact copy of 1.4.6
2010/05/16 : 1.4.6
- [BUILD] ebtree: update to v6.0.1 to remove references to dprintf()
- [CLEANUP] acl: make use of eb_is_empty() instead of open coding the tree's emptiness test
- [MINOR] acl: add srv_is_up() to check that a specific server is up or not
- [DOC] add a few precisions about the use of RDP cookies
2010/05/13 : 1.4.5
- [DOC] report minimum kernel version for tproxy in the Makefile
- [MINOR] add the "ignore-persist" option to conditionally ignore persistence
- [DOC] add the "ignore-persist" option to conditionally ignore persistence
- [DOC] fix ignore-persist/force-persist documentation
- [BUG] cttproxy: socket fd leakage in check_cttproxy_version
- [DOC] doc/configuration.txt: fix typos
- [MINOR] option http-pretend-keepalive is both for FEs and BEs
- [MINOR] fix possible crash in debug mode with invalid responses
- [MINOR] halog: add support for statisticts on status codes
- [OPTIM] halog: use a faster zero test in fgets()
- [OPTIM] halog: minor speedup by using unlikely()
- [OPTIM] halog: speed up fgets2-64 by about 10%
- [DOC] refresh the README file and merge the CONTRIB file into it
- [MINOR] acl: support loading values from files
- [MEDIUM] ebtree: upgrade to version 6.0
- [MINOR] acl trees: add flags and union members to store values in trees
- [MEDIUM] acl: add ability to insert patterns in trees
- [MEDIUM] acl: add tree-based lookups of exact strings
- [MEDIUM] acl: add tree-based lookups of networks
- [MINOR] acl: ignore empty lines and comments in pattern files
- [MINOR] stick-tables: add support for "stick on hdr"
2010/04/07 : 1.4.4
- [BUG] appsession should match the whole cookie name
- [CLEANUP] proxy: move PR_O_SSL3_CHK to options2 to release one flag
- [MEDIUM] backend: move the transparent proxy address selection to backend
- [MINOR] add very fast IP parsing functions
- [MINOR] add new tproxy flags for dynamic source address binding
- [MEDIUM] add ability to connect to a server from an IP found in a header
- [BUILD] config: last patch breaks build without CONFIG_HAP_LINUX_TPROXY
- [MINOR] http: make it possible to pretend keep-alive when doing close
- [MINOR] config: report "default-server" instead of "(null)" in error messages
2010/03/30 : 1.4.3
- [CLEANUP] stats: remove printf format warning in stats_dump_full_sess_to_buffer()
- [MEDIUM] session: better fix for connection to servers with closed input
- [DOC] indicate in the doc how to bind to port ranges
- [BUG] backend: L7 hashing must not be performed on incomplete requests
- [TESTS] add a simple program to test connection resets
- [MINOR] cli: "show errors" should display "backend <NONE>" when backend was not used
- [MINOR] config: emit warnings when HTTP-only options are used in TCP mode
- [MINOR] config: allow "slowstart 0s"
- [BUILD] 'make tags' did not consider files ending in '.c'
- [MINOR] checks: add the ability to disable a server in the config
2010/03/17 : 1.4.2
- [CLEANUP] product branch update
- [DOC] Some more documentation cleanups
- [BUG] clf logs segfault when capturing a non existant header
- [OPTIM] config: only allocate check buffer when checks are enabled
- [MEDIUM] checks: support multi-packet health check responses
- [CLEANUP] session: remove duplicate test
- [BUG] http: don't wait for response data to leave buffer is client has left
- [MINOR] proto_uxst: set accept_date upon accept() to the wall clock time
- [MINOR] stats: don't send empty lines in "show errors"
- [MINOR] stats: make the data dump function reusable for other purposes
- [MINOR] stats socket: add show sess <id> to dump details about a session
- [BUG] stats: connection reset counters must be plain ascii, not HTML
- [BUG] url_param hash may return a down server
- [MINOR] force null-termination of hostname
- [MEDIUM] connect to servers even when the input has already been closed
- [BUG] don't merge anonymous ACLs !
- [BUG] config: fix endless loop when parsing "on-error"
- [MINOR] http: don't mark a server as failed when it returns 501/505
- [OPTIM] checks: try to detect the end of response without polling again
- [BUG] checks: don't report an error when recv() returns an error after data
- [BUG] checks: don't abort when second poll returns an error
- [MINOR] checks: make shutdown() silently fail
- [BUG] http: fix truncated responses on chunk encoding when size divides buffer size
- [BUG] init: unconditionally catch SIGPIPE
- [BUG] checks: don't wait for a close to start parsing the response
2010/03/04 : 1.4.1
- [BUG] Clear-cookie path issue
- [DOC] fix typo on stickiness rules
- [BUILD] fix BSD and OSX makefiles for missing files
- [BUILD] includes order breaks OpenBSD build
- [BUILD] fix some build warnings on Solaris with is* macros
- [BUG] logs: don't report "last data" when we have just closed after an error
- [BUG] logs: don't report "proxy request" when server closes early
- [BUILD] fix platform-dependant build issues related to crypt()
- [STATS] count transfer aborts caused by client and by server
- [STATS] frontend requests were not accounted for failed requests
- [MINOR] report total number of processed connections when stopping a proxy
- [DOC] be more clear about the limitation to one single monitor-net entry
2010/02/26 : 1.4.0
- [MINOR] stats: report maint state for tracking servers too
- [DOC] fix summary to add pattern extraction
- [DOC] Documentation cleanups
- [BUG] cfgparse memory leak and missing free calls in deinit()
- [BUG] pxid/puid/luid: don't shift IDs when some of them are forced
- [EXAMPLES] add auth.cfg
- [BUG] uri_auth: ST_SHLGNDS should be 0x00000008 not 0x0000008
- [BUG] uri_auth: do not attemp to convert uri_auth -> http-request more than once
- [BUILD] auth: don't use unnamed unions
- [BUG] config: report unresolvable host names as errors
- [BUILD] fix build breakage with DEBUG_FULL
- [DOC] fix a typo about timeout check and clarify the explanation.
- [MEDIUM] http: don't use trash to realign large buffers
- [STATS] report HTTP requests (total and rate) in frontends
- [STATS] separate frontend and backend HTTP stats
- [MEDIUM] http: revert to use a swap buffer for realignment
- [MINOR] stats: report the request rate in frontends as cell titles
- [MINOR] stats: mark areas with an underline when tooltips are available
- [DOC] reorder some entries to maintain the alphabetical order
- [DOC] cleanup of the keyword matrix
2010/02/02 : 1.4-rc1
- [MEDIUM] add a maintenance mode to servers
- [MINOR] http-auth: last fix was wrong
- [CONTRIB] add base64rev-gen.c that was used to generate the base64rev table.
- [MINOR] Base64 decode
- [MINOR] generic auth support with groups and encrypted passwords
- [MINOR] http-request: allow/deny/auth support for frontend/backend/listen
- [MINOR] acl: add http_auth and http_auth_group
- [MAJOR] use the new auth framework for http stats
- [DOC] add info about userlists, http-request and http_auth/http_auth_group acls
- [STATS] make it possible to change a CLI connection timeout
- [BUG] patterns: copy-paste typo in type conversion arguments
- [MINOR] pattern: make the converter more flexible by supporting void* and int args
- [MINOR] standard: str2mask: string to netmask converter
- [MINOR] pattern: add support for argument parsers for converters
- [MINOR] pattern: add the "ipmask()" converting function
- [MINOR] config: off-by-one in "stick-table" after list of converters
- [CLEANUP] acl, patterns: make use of my_strndup() instead of malloc+memcpy
- [BUG] restore accidentely removed line in last patch !
- [MINOR] checks: make the HTTP check code add the CRLF itself
- [MINOR] checks: add the server's status in the checks
- [BUILD] halog: make without arch-specific optimizations
- [BUG] halog: fix segfault in case of empty log in PCT mode (cherry picked from commit fe362fe4762151d209b9656639ee1651bc2b329d)
- [MINOR] http: disable keep-alive when process is going down
- [MINOR] acl: add build_acl_cond() to make it easier to add ACLs in config
- [CLEANUP] config: use build_acl_cond() instead of parse_acl_cond()
- [CLEANUP] config: use warnif_cond_requires_resp() to check for bad ACLs
- [MINOR] prepare req_*/rsp_* to receive a condition
- [CLEANUP] config: specify correct const char types to warnif_* functions
- [MEDIUM] config: factor out the parsing of 20 req*/rsp* keywords
- [MEDIUM] http: make the request filter loop check for optional conditions
- [MEDIUM] http: add support for conditional request filter execution
- [DOC] add some build info about the AIX platform (cherry picked from commit e41914c77edbc40aebf827b37542d37d758e371e)
- [MEDIUM] http: add support for conditional request header addition
- [MEDIUM] http: add support for conditional response header rewriting
- [DOC] add some missing ACLs about response header matching
- [MEDIUM] http: add support for proxy authentication
- [MINOR] http-auth: make the 'unless' keyword work as expected
- [CLEANUP] config: use build_acl_cond() to simplify http-request ACL parsing
- [MEDIUM] add support for anonymous ACLs
- [MEDIUM] http: switch to tunnel mode after status 101 responses
- [MEDIUM] http: stricter processing of the CONNECT method
- [BUG] config: reset check request to avoid double free when switching to ssl/sql
- [MINOR] config: fix too large ssl-hello-check message.
- [BUG] fix error response in case of server error
2010/01/25 : 1.4-dev8
- [CLEANUP] Keep in sync "defaults" support between documentation and code
- [MEDIUM] http: add support for Proxy-Connection header
- [CRITICAL] buffers: buffer_insert_line2 must not change the ->w entry
- [MINOR] http: remove a copy-paste typo in transaction cleaning
- [BUG] http: trim any excess buffer data when recycling a connection
2010/01/25 : 1.4-dev7
- [BUG] appsession: possible memory leak in case of out of memory condition
- [MINOR] config: don't accept 'appsession' in defaults section
- [MINOR] Add function to parse a size in configuration
- [MEDIUM] Add stick table (persistence) management functions and types
- [MEDIUM] Add pattern fetch management types and functions
- [MEDIUM] Add src dst and dport pattern fetches.
- [MEDIUM] Add stick table configuration and init.
- [MEDIUM] Add stick and store rules analysers.
- [MINOR] add option "mysql-check" to use MySQL health checks
- [BUG] health checks: fix requeued message
- [BUG] checks: fix newline termination
- [MINOR] acl: add fe_id/so_id to match frontend's and socket's id
- [BUG] appsession's sessid must be reset at end of transaction
- [BUILD] appsession did not build anymore under gcc-2.95
- [BUG] server redirection used an uninitialized string.
- [MEDIUM] http: fix handling of message pointers
- [MINOR] http: fix double slash prefix with server redirect
- [MINOR] http redirect: add the ability to append a '/' to the URL
- [BUG] stream_interface: fix retnclose and remove cond_close
- [MINOR] http redirect: don't explicitly state keep-alive on 1.1
- [MINOR] http: move appsession 'sessid' from session to http_txn
- [OPTIM] reorder http_txn to optimize cache lines placement
- [MINOR] http: differentiate waiting for new request and waiting for a complete requst
- [MINOR] http: add a separate "http-keep-alive" timeout
- [MINOR] config: remove undocumented and buggy 'timeout appsession'
- [DOC] fix various too large lines
- [DOC] remove several trailing spaces
- [DOC] add the doc about stickiness
- [BUILD] remove a warning in standard.h on AIX
- [BUG] checks: chars are unsigned on AIX, check was always true
- [CLEANUP] stream_sock: MSG_NOSIGNAL is only for send(), not recv()
- [BUG] check: we must not check for error before reading a response
- [BUG] buffers: remove remains of wrong obsolete length check
- [OPTIM] stream_sock: don't shutdown(write) when the socket is in error
- [BUG] http: don't count req errors on client resets or t/o during keep-alive
- [MEDIUM] http: don't switch to tunnel mode upon close
- [DOC] add documentation about connection header processing
- [MINOR] http: add http_remove_header2() to remove a header value.
- [MINOR] tools: add a "word_match()" function to match words and ignore spaces
- [MAJOR] http: rework request Connection header handling
- [MAJOR] http: rework response Connection header handling
- [MINOR] add the ability to force kernel socket buffer size.
- [BUG] http_server_error() must not purge a previous pending response
- [OPTIM] http: don't delay response if next request is incomplete
- [MINOR] add the "force-persist" statement to force persistence on down servers
- [MINOR] http: logs must report persistent connections to down servers
- [BUG] buffer_replace2 must never change the ->w entry
2010/01/08 : 1.4-dev6
- [BUILD] warning in stream_interface.h
- [BUILD] warning ultoa_r returns char *
- [MINOR] hana: only report stats if it is enabled
- [MINOR] stats: add "a link" & "a href" for sockets
- [MINOR]: stats: add show-legends to report additional informations
- [MEDIUM] default-server support
- [BUG]: add 'observer', 'on-error', 'error-limit' to supported options list
- [MINOR] stats: add href to tracked server
- [BUG] stats: show UP/DOWN status also in tracking servers
- [DOC] Restore ability to search a keyword at the beginning of a line
- [BUG] stats: cookie should be reported under backend not under proxy
- [BUG] cfgparser/stats: fix error message
- [BUG] http: disable auto-closing during chunk analysis
- [BUG] http: fix hopefully last closing issue on data forwarding
- [DEBUG] add an http_silent_debug function to debug HTTP states
- [MAJOR] http: fix again the forward analysers
- [BUG] http_process_res_common() must not skip the forward analyser
- [BUG] http: some possible missed close remain in the forward chain
- [BUG] http: redirect needed to be updated after recent changes
- [BUG] http: don't set no-linger on response in case of forced close
- [MEDIUM] http: restore the original behaviour of option httpclose
- [TESTS] add a file to test various connection modes
- [BUG] http: check options before the connection header
- [MAJOR] session: fix the order by which the analysers are run
- [MEDIUM] session: also consider request analysers added during response
- [MEDIUM] http: make safer use of the DONT_READ and AUTO_CLOSE flags
- [BUG] http: memory leak with captures when using keep-alive
- [BUG] http: fix for capture memory leak was incorrect
- [MINOR] http redirect: use proper call to return last response
- [MEDIUM] http: wait for some flush of the response buffer before a new request
- [MEDIUM] session: limit the number of analyser loops
2010/01/03 : 1.4-dev5
- [MINOR] server tracking: don't care about the tracked server's mode
- [MEDIUM] appsession: add "len", "prefix" and "mode" options
- [MEDIUM] appsession: add the "request-learn" option
- [BUG] Configuration parser bug when escaping characters
- [MINOR] CSS & HTML fun
- [MINOR] Collect & provide http response codes received from servers
- [BUG] Fix silly typo: hspr_other -> hrsp_other
- [MINOR] Add "a name" to stats page
- [MINOR] add additional "a href"s to stats page
- [MINOR] Collect & provide http response codes for frontends, fix backends
- [DOC] some small spell fixes and unifications
- [MEDIUM] Decrease server health based on http responses / events, version 3
- [BUG] format '%d' expects type 'int', but argument 5 has type 'long int'
- [BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names, again
- [BUG] Healthchecks: get a proper error code if connection cannot be completed immediately
- [DOC] trivial fix for man page
- [MINOR] config: report all supported options for the "bind" keyword
- [MINOR] tcp: add support for the defer_accept bind option
- [MINOR] unix socket: report the socket path in case of bind error
- [CONTRIB] halog: support searching by response time
- [DOC] add a reminder about obsolete documents
- [DOC] point to 1.4 doc, not 1.3
- [DOC] option tcp-smart-connect was missing from index
- [MINOR] http: detect connection: close earlier
- [CLEANUP] sepoll: clean up the fd_clr/fd_set functions
- [OPTIM] move some rarely used fields out of fdtab
- [MEDIUM] fd: merge fd_list into fdtab
- [MAJOR] buffer: flag BF_DONT_READ to disable reads when not required
- [MINOR] http: add new transaction flags for keep-alive and content-length
- [MEDIUM] http request: parse connection, content-length and transfer-encoding
- [MINOR] http request: update the TX_SRV_CONN_KA flag on rewrite
- [MINOR] http request: simplify the test of no-data
- [MEDIUM] http request: simplify POST length detection
- [MEDIUM] http request: make use of pre-parsed transfer-encoding header
- [MAJOR] http: create the analyser which waits for a response
- [MINOR] http: pre-set the persistent flags in the transaction
- [MEDIUM] http response: check body length and set transaction flags
- [MINOR] http response: update the TX_CLI_CONN_KA flag on rewrite
- [MINOR] http: remove the last call to stream_int_return
- [IMPORT] import ebtree v5.0 into directory ebtree/
- [MEDIUM] build: switch ebtree users to use new ebtree version
- [CLEANUP] ebtree: remove old unused files
- [BUG] definitely fix regparm issues between haproxy core and ebtree
- [CLEANUP] ebtree: cast to char * to get rid of gcc warning
- [BUILD] missing #ifndef in ebmbtree.h
- [BUILD] missing #ifndef in ebsttree.h
- [MINOR] tools: add hex2i() function to convert hex char to int
- [MINOR] http: create new MSG_BODY sub-states
- [BUG] stream_sock: BUF_INFINITE_FORWARD broke splice on 64-bit platforms
- [DOC] option is "defer-accept", not "defer_accept"
- [MINOR] http: keep pointer to beginning of data
- [BUG] x-original-to: name was not set in default instance
- [MINOR] http: detect tunnel mode and set it in the session
- [BUG] config: fix error message when config file is not found
- [BUG] config: fix wrong handling of too large argument count
- [BUG] config: disable 'option httplog' on TCP proxies
- [BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names
- [BUG] config: cookie domain was ignored in defaults sections
- [MINOR] config: support passing multiple "domain" statements to cookies
- [MINOR] ebtree: add functions to lookup non-null terminated strings
- [MINOR] config: don't report error on all subsequent files on failure
- [BUG] second fix for the printf format warning
- [BUG] check_post: limit analysis to the buffer length
- [MEDIUM] http: process request body in a specific analyser
- [MEDIUM] backend: remove HTTP POST parsing from get_server_ph_post()
- [MAJOR] http: completely process the "connection" header
- [MINOR] http: only consider chunk encoding with HTTP/1.1
- [MAJOR] buffers: automatically compute the maximum buffer length
- [MINOR] http: move the http transaction init/cleanup code to proto_http
- [MINOR] http: move 1xx handling earlier to eliminate a lot of ifs
- [MINOR] http: introduce a new synchronisation state : HTTP_MSG_DONE
- [MEDIUM] http: rework chunk-size parser
- [MEDIUM] http: add a new transaction flags indicating if we know the transfer length
- [MINOR] buffers: add buffer_ignore() to skip some bytes
- [BUG] http: offsets are relative to the buffer, not to ->som
- [MEDIUM] http: automatically re-aling request buffer
- [BUG] http: body parsing must consider the start of message
- [MINOR] new function stream_int_cond_close()
- [MAJOR] http: implement body parser
- [BUG] http: typos on several unlikely() around header insertion
- [BUG] stream_sock: wrong max computation on recv
- [MEDIUM] http: rework the buffer alignment logic
- [BUG] buffers: wrong size calculation for displaced data
- [MINOR] stream_sock: prepare for closing when all pending data are sent
- [MEDIUM] http: add two more states for the closing period
- [MEDIUM] http: properly handle "option forceclose"
- [MINOR] stream_sock: add SI_FL_NOLINGER for faster close
- [MEDIUM] http: make forceclose use SI_FL_NOLINGER
- [MEDIUM] session: set SI_FL_NOLINGER when aborting on write timeouts
- [MEDIUM] http: add some SI_FL_NOLINGER around server errors
- [MINOR] config: option forceclose is valid in frontends too
- [BUILD] halog: insufficient include path in makefile
- [MEDIUM] http: make the analyser not rely on msg being initialized anymore
- [MEDIUM] http: make the parsers able to wait for a buffer flush
- [MAJOR] http: add support for option http-server-close
- [BUG] http: ensure we abort data transfer on write error
- [BUG] last fix was overzealous and disabled server-close
- [BUG] http: fix erroneous trailers size computation
- [MINOR] stream_sock: enable MSG_MORE when forwarding finite amount of data
- [OPTIM] http: set MSG_MORE on response when a pipelined request is pending
- [BUG] http: redirects were broken by chunk changes
- [BUG] http: the request URI pointer is relative to the buffer
- [OPTIM] http: don't immediately enable reading on request
- [MINOR] http: move redirect messages to HTTP/1.1 with a content-length
- [BUG] http: take care of errors, timeouts and aborts during the data phase
- [MINOR] http: don't wait for sending requests to the server
- [MINOR] http: make the conditional redirect support keep-alive
- [BUG] http: fix cookie parser to support spaces and commas in values
- [MINOR] config: some options were missing for "redirect"
- [MINOR] redirect: add support for unconditional rules
- [MINOR] config: centralize proxy struct initialization
- [MEDIUM] config: remove the limitation of 10 reqadd/rspadd statements
- [MEDIUM] config: remove the limitation of 10 config files
- [CLEANUP] http: remove a remaining impossible condition
- [OPTIM] http: optimize a bit the construct of the forward loops
2009/10/12 : 1.4-dev4
- [DOC] add missing rate_lim and rate_max
- [MAJOR] struct chunk rework
- [MEDIUM] Health check reporting code rework + health logging, v3
- [BUG] check if rise/fall has an argument and it is > 0
- [MINOR] health checks logging unification
- [MINOR] add "description", "node" and show-node"/"show-desc", remove "node-name", v2
- [MINOR] Allow dots in show-node & add "white-space: nowrap" in th.pxname.
- [DOC] Add information about
- [MINOR] Introduce include/types/counters.h
- [CLEANUP] Move counters to dedicated structures
- [MINOR] Add "clear counters" to clear statistics counters
- [MEDIUM] Collect & provide separate statistics for sockets, v2
- [BUG] Fix NULL pointer dereference in stats_check_uri_auth(), v2
- [MINOR] acl: don't report valid acls as potential mistakes
- [MINOR] Add cut_crlf(), ltrim(), rtrim() and alltrim()
- [MINOR] Add chunk_htmlencode and chunk_asciiencode
- [MINOR] Capture & display more data from health checks, v2
- [BUG] task.c: don't assing last_timer to node-less entries
- [BUG] http stats: large outputs sometimes got some parts chopped off
- [MINOR] backend: export some functions to recount servers
- [MINOR] backend: uninline some LB functions
- [MINOR] include time.h from freq_ctr.h as is uses "now".
- [CLEANUP] backend: move LB algos to individual files
- [MINOR] lb_map: reorder code in order to ease integration of new hash functions
- [CLEANUP] proxy: move last lb-specific bits to their respective files
- [MINOR] backend: separate declarations of LB algos from their lookup method
- [MINOR] backend: reorganize the LB algorithm selection
- [MEDIUM] backend: introduce the "static-rr" LB algorithm
- [MINOR] report list of supported pollers with -vv
- [DOC] log-health-checks is an option, not a directive
- [MEDIUM] new option "independant-streams" to stop updating read timeout on writes
- [BUG] stats: don't call buffer_shutw(), but ->shutw() instead
- [MINOR] stats: strip CR and LF from the input command line
- [BUG] don't refresh timeouts late after detected activity
- [MINOR] stats_dump_errors_to_buffer: use buffer_feed_chunk()
- [MINOR] stats_dump_sess_to_buffer: use buffer_feed_chunk()
- [MINOR] stats: make stats_dump_raw_to_buffer() use buffer_feed_chunk
- [MEDIUM] stats: don't use s->ana_state anymore
- [MINOR] remove now obsolete ana_state from the session struct
- [MEDIUM] stats: make HTTP stats use an I/O handler
- [MEDIUM] stream_int: adjust WAIT_ROOM handling
- [BUG] config: look for ID conflicts in all sockets, not only last ones.
- [MINOR] config: reference file and line with any listener/proxy/server declaration
- [MINOR] config: report places of duplicate names or IDs
- [MINOR] config: add pointer to file name in block/redirect/use_backend/monitor rules
- [MINOR] tools: add a new get_next_id() function
- [MEDIUM] config: automatically find unused IDs for proxies, servers and listeners
- [OPTIM] counters: move some max numbers to the counters struct
- [BUG] counters: fix segfault on missing counters for a listener
- [MEDIUM] backend: implement consistent hashing variation
- [MINOR] acl: add fe_conn, be_conn, queue, avg_queue
- [MINOR] stats: use 'clear counters all' to clear all values
- [MEDIUM] add access restrictions to the stats socket
- [MINOR] buffers: add buffer_feed2() and make buffer_feed() measure string length
- [MINOR] proxy: provide function to retrieve backend/server pointers
- [MINOR] add the "initial weight" to the server struct.
- [MEDIUM] stats: add the "get weight" command to report a server's weight
- [MEDIUM] stats: add the "set weight" command
- [BUILD] add a 'make tags' target
- [MINOR] stats: add support for numeric IDs in set weight/get weight
- [MINOR] stats: use a dedicated state to output static data
- [OPTIM] stats: check free space before trying to print
2009/09/24 : 1.4-dev3
- [BUILD] compilation of haproxy-1.4-dev2 on FreeBSD
- [MEDIUM] Collect & show information about last health check, v3
- [MINOR] export the hostname variable so that all the code can access it
- [MINOR] stats: add a new node-name setting
- [MEDIUM] remove old experimental tcpsplice option
- [BUILD] fix build for systems without SOL_TCP
- [MEDIUM] move connection establishment from backend to the SI.
- [MEDIUM] make the global stats socket part of a frontend
- [MEDIUM] session: account per-listener connections
- [MINOR] session: switch to established state if no connect function
- [MEDIUM] make the unix stats sockets use the generic session handler
- [CLEANUP] unix: remove uxst_process_session()
- [CLEANUP] move remaining stats sockets code to dumpstats
- [MINOR] move the initial task's nice value to the listener
- [MINOR] cleanup set_session_backend by using pre-computed analysers
- [MINOR] set s->srv_error according to the analysers
- [MEDIUM] set rep->analysers from fe and be analysers
- [MEDIUM] replace BUFSIZE with buf->size in computations
- [MEDIUM] make it possible to change the buffer size in the configuration
- [MEDIUM] report error on buffer writes larger than buffer size
- [MEDIUM] stream_interface: add and use ->update function to resync
- [CLEANUP] remove ifdef MSG_NOSIGNAL and define it instead
- [MEDIUM] remove TCP_CORK and make use of MSG_MORE instead
- [BUG] tarpit did not work anymore
- [MINOR] acl: add support for hdr_ip to match IP addresses in headers
- [MAJOR] buffers: fix misuse of the BF_SHUTW_NOW flag
- [MINOR] buffers: provide more functions to handle buffer data
- [MEDIUM] buffers: provide new buffer_feed*() function
- [MINOR] buffers: add peekchar and peekline functions for stream interfaces
- [MINOR] buffers: provide buffer_si_putchar() to send a char from a stream interface
- [BUG] buffer_forward() would not correctly consider data already scheduled
- [MINOR] buffers: add buffer_cut_tail() to cut only unsent data
- [MEDIUM] stream_interface: make use of buffer_cut_tail() to report errors
- [MAJOR] http: add support for HTTP 1xx informational responses
- [MINOR] buffers: inline buffer_si_putchar()
- [MAJOR] buffers: fix the BF_EMPTY flag's meaning
- [BUG] stream_interface: SI_ST_CLO must have buffers SHUT
- [MINOR] stream_sock: don't set SI_FL_WAIT_DATA if BF_SHUTW_NOW is set
- [MEDIUM] add support for infinite forwarding
- [BUILD] stream_interface: fix conflicting declaration
- [BUG] buffers: buffer_forward() must not always clear BF_OUT_EMPTY
- [BUG] variable buffer size ignored at initialization time
- [MINOR] ensure that buffer_feed() and buffer_skip() set BF_*_PARTIAL
- [BUG] fix buffer_skip() and buffer_si_getline() to correctly handle wrap-arounds
- [MINOR] stream_interface: add SI_FL_DONT_WAKE flag
- [MINOR] stream_interface: add iohandler callback
- [MINOR] stream_interface: add functions to support running as internal/external tasks
- [MEDIUM] session: call iohandler for embedded tasks (applets)
- [MINOR] add a ->private member to the stream_interface
- [MEDIUM] stats: prepare the connection for closing before dumping
- [MEDIUM] stats: replace the stats socket analyser with an SI applet
2009/08/09 : 1.4-dev2
- [BUG] task: fix possible crash when some timeouts are not configured
- [BUG] log: option tcplog would log to global if no logger was defined
2009/07/29 : 1.4-dev1
- [MINOR] acl: add support for matching of RDP cookies
- [MEDIUM] add support for RDP cookie load-balancing
- [MEDIUM] add support for RDP cookie persistence
- [MINOR] add a new CLF log format
- [MINOR] startup: don't imply -q with -D
- [BUG] ensure that we correctly re-start old process in case of error
- [MEDIUM] add support for binding to source port ranges during connect
- [MINOR] config: track "no option"/"option" changes
- [MINOR] config: support resetting options do default values
- [MEDIUM] implement option tcp-smart-accept at the frontend
- [MEDIUM] stream_sock: implement tcp-cork for use during shutdowns on Linux
- [MEDIUM] implement tcp-smart-connect option at the backend
- [MEDIUM] add support for TCP MSS adjustment for listeners
- [MEDIUM] support setting a server weight to zero
- [MINOR] make DEFAULT_MAXCONN user-configurable at build time
- [MAJOR] session: don't clear buffer status flags anymore
- [MAJOR] session: only check for timeouts when they have just occurred.
- [MAJOR] session: simplify buffer error handling
- [MEDIUM] config: split parser and checker in two functions
- [MEDIUM] config: support loading multiple configuration files
- [MEDIUM] stream_sock: don't close prematurely when nolinger is set
- [MEDIUM] session: rework buffer analysis to permit permanent analysers
- [MEDIUM] splice: set the capability on each stream_interface
- [BUG] http: redirect rules were processed too early
- [CLEANUP] remove unused DEBUG_PARSE_NO_SPEEDUP define
- [MEDIUM] http: split request waiter from request processor
- [MEDIUM] session: tell analysers what bit they were called for
- [MAJOR] http: complete splitting of the remaining stages
- [MINOR] report in the proxies the requirements for ACLs
- [MINOR] http: rely on proxy->acl_requires to allocate hdr_idx
- [MINOR] acl: add HTTP protocol detection (req_proto_http)
- [MINOR] prepare callers of session_set_backend to handle errors
- [BUG] default ACLs did not properly set the ->requires flag
- [MEDIUM] allow a TCP frontend to switch to an HTTP backend
- [MINOR] ensure we can jump from swiching rules to http without data
- [MINOR] http: take http request timeout from the backend
- [MINOR] allow TCP inspection rules to make use of HTTP ACLs
- [BUILD] report commit date and not author's date as build date
- [MINOR] acl: don't complain anymore when using L7 acls in TCP
- [BUG] stream_sock: always shutdown(SHUT_WR) before closing
- [BUG] stream_sock: don't stop reading when the poller reports an error
- [BUG] config: tcp-request content only accepts "if" or "unless"
- [BUG] task: fix possible timer drift after update
- [MINOR] apply tcp-smart-connect option for the checks too
- [MINOR] stats: better displaying in MSIE
- [MINOR] config: improve error reporting in global section
- [MINOR] config: improve error reporting in listen sections
- [MINOR] config: the "capture" keyword is not allowed in backends
- [MINOR] config: improve error reporting when checking configuration
- [BUILD] fix a minor build warning on AIX
- [BUILD] use "git cmd" instead of "git-cmd"
- [CLEANUP] report 2009 not 2008 in the copyright banner.
- [MINOR] print usage on the stats sockets upon invalid commands
- [MINOR] acl: detect and report potential mistakes in ACLs
- [BUILD] fix incorrect printf arg count with tcp_splice
- [BUG] fix random pauses on last segment of a series
- [BUILD] add support for build under Cygwin
2009/06/09 : 1.4-dev0
- exact copy of 1.3.18
2009/05/10 : 1.3.18
- [MEDIUM] add support for "balance hdr(name)"
- [CLEANUP] give a little bit more information in error message
- [MINOR] add X-Original-To: header
- [BUG] x-original-to: fix missing initialization to default value
- [BUILD] spec file: fix broken pipe during rpmbuild and add man file
- [MINOR] improve reporting of misplaced acl/reqxxx rules
- [MEDIUM] http: add options to ignore invalid header names
- [MEDIUM] http: capture invalid requests/responses even if accepted
- [BUILD] add format(printf) to printf-like functions
- [MINOR] fix several printf formats and missing arguments
- [BUG] stats: total and lbtot are unsigned
- [MINOR] fix a few remaining printf-like formats on 64-bit platforms
- [CLEANUP] remove unused make option from haproxy.spec
- [BUILD] make it possible to pass alternative arch at build time
- [MINOR] switch all stat counters to 64-bit
- [MEDIUM] ensure we don't recursively call pool_gc2()
- [CRITICAL] uninitialized response field can sometimes cause crashes
- [BUG] fix wrong pointer arithmetics in HTTP message captures
- [MINOR] rhel init script : support the reload operation
- [MINOR] add basic signal handling functions
- [BUILD] add signal.o to all makefiles
- [MEDIUM] call signal_process_queue from run_poll_loop
- [MEDIUM] pollers: don't wait if a signal is pending
- [MEDIUM] convert all signals to asynchronous signals
- [BUG] O(1) pollers should check their FD before closing it
- [MINOR] don't close stdio fds twice
- [MINOR] add options dontlog-normal and log-separate-errors
- [DOC] minor fixes and rearrangements
- [BUG] fix parser crash on unconditional tcp content rules
- [DOC] rearrange the configuration manual and add a summary
- [MINOR] standard: provide a new 'my_strndup' function
- [MINOR] implement per-logger log level limitation
- [MINOR] compute the max of sessions/s on fe/be/srv
- [MINOR] stats: report max sessions/s and limit in CSV export
- [MINOR] stats: report max sessions/s and limit in HTML stats
- [MINOR] stats/html: use the arial font before helvetica
2009/03/29 : 1.3.17
- Update specfile to build for v2.6 kernel.
- [BUG] reset the stream_interface connect timeout upon connect or error
- [BUG] reject unix accepts when connection limit is reached
- [MINOR] show sess: report number of calls to each task
- [BUG] don't call epoll_ctl() on closed sockets
- [BUG] stream_sock: disable I/O on fds reporting an error
- [MINOR] sepoll: don't count two events on the same FD.
- [MINOR] show sess: report a lot more information about sessions
- [BUG] stream_sock: check for shut{r,w} before refreshing some timeouts
- [BUG] don't set an expiration date directly from now_ms
- [MINOR] implement ulltoh() to write HTML-formatted numbers
- [MINOR] stats/html: group digits by 3 to clarify numbers
- [BUILD] remove haproxy-small.spec
- [BUILD] makefile: remove unused references to linux24eold and EPOLL_CTL_WORKAROUND
2009/03/22 : 1.3.16
- [BUILD] Fixed Makefile for linking pcre
- [CONTRIB] selinux policy for haproxy
- [MINOR] show errors: encode backslash as well as non-ascii characters
- [MINOR] cfgparse: some cleanups in the consistency checks
- [MINOR] cfgparse: set backends to "balance roundrobin" by default
- [MINOR] tcp-inspect: permit the use of no-delay inspection
- [MEDIUM] reverse internal proxy declaration order to match configuration
- [CLEANUP] config: catch and report some possibly wrong rule ordering
- [BUG] connect timeout is in the stream interface, not the buffer
- [BUG] session: errors were not reported in termination flags in TCP mode
- [MINOR] tcp_request: let the caller take care of errors and timeouts
- [CLEANUP] http: remove some commented out obsolete code in process_response
- [MINOR] update ebtree to version 4.1
- [MEDIUM] scheduler: get rid of the 4 trees thanks and use ebtree v4.1
- [BUG] sched: don't leave 3 lasts tasks unprocessed when niced tasks are present
- [BUG] scheduler: fix improper handling of duplicates __task_queue()
- [MINOR] sched: permit a task to stay up between calls
- [MINOR] task: keep a task count and clean up task creators
- [MINOR] stats: report number of tasks (active and running)
- [BUG] server check intervals must not be null
- [OPTIM] stream_sock: don't retry to read after a large read
- [OPTIM] buffer: new BF_READ_DONTWAIT flag reduces EAGAIN rates
- [MEDIUM] session: don't resync FSMs on non-interesting changes
- [BUG] check for global.maxconn before doing accept()
- [OPTIM] sepoll: do not re-check whole list upon accepts
2009/03/09 : 1.3.16-rc2
- [BUG] stream_sock: write timeout must be updated when forwarding !
2009/03/09 : 1.3.16-rc1
- appsessions: cleanup DEBUG_HASH and initialize request_counter
- [MINOR] acl: add new keyword "connslots"
- [MINOR] cfgparse: fix off-by 2 in error message size
- [BUILD] fix build with gcc 4.3
- [BUILD] fix MANDIR default location to match documentation
- [TESTS] add a debug patch to help trigger the stats bug
- [BUG] Flush buffers also where there are exactly 0 bytes left
- [MINOR] Allow to specify a domain for a cookie
- [BUG/CLEANUP] cookiedomain -> cookie_domain rename + free(p->cookie_domain)
- [MEDIUM] Fix memory freeing at exit
- [MEDIUM] Fix memory freeing at exit, part 2
- [BUG] Fix listen & more of 2 couples <ip>:<port>
- [DOC] remove buggy comment for use_backend
- [CRITICAL] fix server state tracking: it was O(n!) instead of O(n)
- [MEDIUM] add support for URI hash depth and length limits
- [MINOR] permit renaming of x-forwarded-for header
- [BUILD] fix Makefile.bsd and Makefile.osx for stream_interface
- [BUILD] Haproxy won't compile if DEBUG_FULL is defined
- [MEDIUM] upgrade to ebtree v4.0
- [DOC] update the README file with new build options
- [MEDIUM] reduce risk of event starvation in ev_sepoll
- [MEDIUM] detect streaming buffers and tag them as such
- [MEDIUM] add support for conditional HTTP redirection
- [BUILD] make install should depend on haproxy not "all"
- [DEBUG] add a TRACE macro to facilitate runtime data extraction
- [BUG] event pollers must not wait if a task exists in the run queue
- [BUG] queue management: wake oldest request in queues
- [BUG] log: reported queue position was offed-by-one
- [BUG] fix the dequeuing logic to ensure that all requests get served
- [DOC] documentation for the "retries" parameter was missing.
- [MEDIUM] implement a monotonic internal clock
- [MEDIUM] further improve monotonic clock by check forward jumps
- [OPTIM] add branch prediction hints in list manipulations
- [MAJOR] replace ultree with ebtree in wait-queues
- [BUG] we could segfault during exit while freeing uri_auths
- [BUG] wqueue: perform proper timeout comparisons with wrapping values
- [MINOR] introduce now_ms, the current date in milliseconds
- [BUG] disable buffer read timeout when reading stats
- [MEDIUM] rework the wait queue mechanism
- [BUILD] change declaration of base64tab to fix build with Intel C++
- [OPTIM] shrink wake_expired_tasks() by using task_wakeup()
- [MAJOR] use an ebtree instead of a list for the run queue
- [MEDIUM] introduce task->nice and boot access to statistics
- [OPTIM] task_queue: assume most consecutive timers are equal
- [BUILD] silent a warning in unlikely() with gcc 4.x
- [MAJOR] convert all expiration timers from timeval to ticks
- [BUG] use_backend would not correctly consider "unless"
- [TESTS] added test-acl.cfg to test some ACL combinations
- [MEDIUM] add support for configuration keyword registration
- [MEDIUM] modularize the global "stats" keyword configuration parser
- [MINOR] cfgparse: add support for warnings in external functions
- [MEDIUM] modularize the "timeout" keyword configuration parser
- [MAJOR] implement tcp request content inspection
- [MINOR] acl: add a new parsing function: parse_dotted_ver
- [MINOR] acl: add req_ssl_ver in TCP, to match an SSL version
- [CLEANUP] remove unused include/types/client.h
- [CLEANUP] remove many #include <types/xxx> from C files
- [CLEANUP] remove dependency on obsolete INTBITS macro
- [DOC] document the new "tcp-request" keyword and associated ACLs
- [MINOR] acl: add REQ_CONTENT to the list of default acls
- [MEDIUM] acl: permit fetch() functions to set the result themselves
- [MEDIUM] acl: get rid of dummy values in always_true/always_false
- [MINOR] acl: add the "wait_end" acl verb
- [MEDIUM] acl: enforce ACL type checking
- [MEDIUM] acl: set types on all currently known ACL verbs
- [MEDIUM] acl: when possible, report the name and requirements of ACLs in warnings
- [CLEANUP] remove 65 useless NULL checks before free
- [MEDIUM] memory: update pool_free2() to support NULL pointers
- [MEDIUM] buffers: ensure buffer_shut* are properly called upon shutdowns
- [MEDIUM] process_srv: rely on buffer flags for client shutdown
- [MEDIUM] process_srv: don't rely at all on client state
- [MEDIUM] process_cli: don't rely at all on server state
- [BUG] fix segfault with url_param + check_post
- [BUG] server timeout was not considered in some circumstances
- [BUG] client timeout incorrectly rearmed while waiting for server
- [MAJOR] get rid of SV_STANALYZE (step 2)
- [MEDIUM] simplify and centralize request timeout cancellation and request forwarding
- [MAJOR] completely separate HTTP and TCP states on the request path
- [BUG] fix recently introduced loop when client closes early
- [MAJOR] get rid of the SV_STHEADERS state
- [MAJOR] better separation of response processing and server state
- [MAJOR] clearly separate HTTP response processing from TCP server state
- [MEDIUM] remove unused references to {CL|SV}_STSHUT*
- [MINOR] term_trace: add better instrumentations to trace the code
- [BUG] ev_sepoll: closed file descriptors could persist in the spec list
- [BUG] process_response must not enable the read FD
- [BUG] buffers: remove BF_MAY_CONNECT and fix forwarding issue
- [BUG] process_response: do not touch srv_state
- [BUG] maintain_proxies must not disable backends
- [MEDIUM] buffers: add BF_EMPTY and BF_FULL to remove dependency on req/rep->l
- [MAJOR] process_session: rely only on buffer flags
- [MEDIUM] use buffer->wex instead of buffer->cex for connect timeout
- [MEDIUM] centralize buffer timeout checks at the top of process_session
- [MINOR] ensure the termination flags are set by process_xxx
- [MEDIUM] session: move the analysis bit field to the buffer
- [OPTIM] process_cli/process_srv: reduce the number of tests
- [BUG] regparm is broken on gcc < 3
- [BUILD] fix warning in proto_tcp.c with gcc >= 4
- [MEDIUM] merge inspect_exp and txn->exp into request buffer
- [BUG] process_cli/process_srv: don't call shutdown when already done
- [BUG] process_request: HTTP body analysis must return zero if missing data
- [TESTS] test-fsm: 22 regression tests for state machines
- [BUG] Fix empty X-Forwarded-For header name when set in defaults section
- [BUG] fix harmless but wrong fd insertion sequence
- [MEDIUM] make it possible for analysers to follow the whole session
- [MAJOR] rework of the server FSM
- [OPTIM] remove useless fd_set(read) upon shutdown(write)
- [MEDIUM] massive cleanup of process_srv()
- [MEDIUM] second level of code cleanup for process_srv_data
- [MEDIUM] third cleanup and optimization of process_srv_data()
- [MEDIUM] process_srv_data: ensure that we always correctly re-arm timeouts
- [MEDIUM] stream_sock_process_data moved to stream_sock.c
- [MAJOR] make the client side use stream_sock_process_data()
- [MEDIUM] split stream_sock_process_data
- [OPTIM] stream_sock_read must check for null-reads more often
- [MINOR] only call flow analysers when their read side is connected.
- [MEDIUM] reintroduce BF_HIJACK with produce_content
- [MINOR] re-arrange buffer flags and rename some of them
- [MINOR] do not check for BF_SHUTR when computing write timeout
- [OPTIM] ev_sepoll: detect newly created FDs and check them once
- [OPTIM] reduce the number of calls to task_wakeup()
- [OPTIM] force inlining of large functions with gcc >= 3
- [MEDIUM] indicate a reason for a task wakeup
- [MINOR] change type of fdtab[]->owner to void*
- [MAJOR] make stream sockets aware of the stream interface
- [MEDIUM] stream interface: add the ->shutw method as well as in and out buffers
- [MEDIUM] process_session: make use of the new buffer flags
- [CLEANUP] process_session: move debug outputs out of the critical loop
- [MEDIUM] move QUEUE and TAR timers to stream interfaces
- [OPTIM] add compiler hints in tick_is_expired()
- [MINOR] add buffer_check_timeouts() to check what timeouts have fired.
- [MEDIUM] use buffer_check_timeouts instead of stream_sock_check_timeouts()
- [MINOR] add an expiration flag to the stream_sock_interface
- [MAJOR] migrate the connection logic to stream interface
- [MAJOR] add a connection error state to the stream_interface
- [MEDIUM] add the SN_CURR_SESS flag to the session to track open sessions
- [MEDIUM] continue layering cleanups.
- [MEDIUM] stream_interface: added a DISconnected state between CON/EST and CLO
- [MEDIUM] remove stream_sock_update_data()
- [MINOR] maintain a global session list in order to ease debugging
- [BUG] shutw must imply close during a connect
- [MEDIUM] process shutw during connection attempt
- [MEDIUM] make the stream interface control the SHUT{R,W} bits
- [MAJOR] complete layer4/7 separation
- [CLEANUP] move the session-related functions to session.c
- [MINOR] call session->do_log() for logging
- [MINOR] replace the ambiguous client_return function by stream_int_return
- [MINOR] replace client_retnclose() with stream_int_retnclose()
- [MINOR] replace srv_close_with_err() with http_server_error()
- [MEDIUM] make the http server error function a pointer in the session
- [CLEANUP] session.c: removed some migration left-overs in sess_establish()
- [MINOR] stream_sock_data_finish() should not expose fd
- [MEDIUM] extract TCP request processing from HTTP
- [MEDIUM] extract the HTTP tarpit code from process_request().
- [MEDIUM] move the HTTP request body analyser out of process_request().
- [MEDIUM] rename process_request to http_process_request
- [BUG] fix forgotten server session counter
- [MINOR] declare process_session in session.h, not proto_http.h
- [MEDIUM] first pass of lifting to proto_uxst.c:uxst_event_accept()
- [MINOR] add an analyser code for UNIX stats request
- [MINOR] pre-set analyser flags on the listener at registration time
- [BUG] do not forward close from cons to prod with analysers
- [MEDIUM] ensure that sock->shutw() also closes read for init states
- [MINOR] add an analyser state in struct session
- [MAJOR] make unix sockets work again with stats
- [MEDIUM] remove cli_fd, srv_fd, cli_state and srv_state from the session
- [MINOR] move the listener reference from fd to session
- [MEDIUM] reference the current hijack function in the buffer itself
- [MINOR] slightly rebalance stats_dump_{raw,http}
- [MINOR] add a new back-reference type : struct bref
- [MINOR] add back-references to sessions for later use by a dumper.
- [MEDIUM] add support for "show sess" in unix stats socket
- [BUG] do not release the connection slot during a retry
- [BUG] dynamic connection throttling could return a max of zero conns
- [BUG] do not try to pause backends during reload
- [BUG] ensure that listeners from disabled proxies are correctly unbound.
- [BUG] acl-related keywords are not allowed in defaults sections
- [BUG] cookie capture is declared in the frontend but checked on the backend
- [BUG] critical errors should be reported even in daemon mode
- [MINOR] redirect: add support for the "drop-query" option
- [MINOR] redirect: add support for "set-cookie" and "clear-cookie"
- [MINOR] redirect: in prefix mode a "/" means not to change the URI
- [BUG] do not dequeue requests on a dead server
- [BUG] do not dequeue the backend's pending connections on a dead server
- [MINOR] stats: indicate if a task is running in "show sess"
- [BUG] check timeout must not be changed if timeout.check is not set
- [BUG] "option transparent" is for backend, not frontend !
- [MINOR] transfer errors were not reported anymore in data phase
- [MEDIUM] add a send limit to a buffer
- [MEDIUM] don't report buffer timeout when there is I/O activity
- [MEDIUM] indicate when we don't care about read timeout
- [MINOR] add flags to indicate when a stream interface is waiting for space/data
- [MEDIUM] enable inter-stream_interface wakeup calls
- [MAJOR] implement autonomous inter-socket forwarding
- [MINOR] add the splice_len member to the buffer struct in preparation of splice support
- [MEDIUM] stream_sock: factor out the return path in case of no-writes
- [MEDIUM] i/o: rework ->to_forward and ->send_max
- [OPTIM] stream_sock: do not ask for polling on EAGAIN if we have read
- [OPTIM] buffer: replace rlim by max_len
- [OPTIM] stream_sock: factor out the buffer full handling out of the loop
- [CLEANUP] replace a few occurrences of (flags & X) && !(flags & Y)
- [CLEANUP] stream_sock: move the write-nothing condition out of the loop
- [MEDIUM] split stream_sock_write() into callback and core functions
- [MEDIUM] stream_sock_read: call ->chk_snd whenever there are data pending
- [MINOR] stream_sock: fix a few wrong empty calculations
- [MEDIUM] stream_sock: try to send pending data on chk_snd()
- [MINOR] global.maxpipes: add the ability to reserve file descriptors for pipes
- [MEDIUM] splice: add configuration options and set global.maxpipes
- [MINOR] introduce structures required to support Linux kernel splicing
- [MEDIUM] add definitions for Linux kernel splicing
- [MAJOR] complete support for linux 2.6 kernel splicing
- [BUG] reserve some pipes for backends with splice enabled
- [MEDIUM] splice: add hints to support older buggy kernels
- [MEDIUM] introduce pipe pools
- [MEDIUM] splice: make use of pipe pools
- [STATS] report pipe usage in the statistics
- [OPTIM] make global.maxpipes default to global.maxconn/4 when not specified
- [BUILD] fix snapshot date extraction with negative timezones
- [MEDIUM] move global tuning options to the global structure
- [MEDIUM] splice: add the global "nosplice" option
- [BUILD] add USE_LINUX_SPLICE to enable LINUX_SPLICE on linux 2.6
- [BUG] we must not exit if protocol binding only returns a warning
- [MINOR] add support for bind interface name
- [BUG] inform the user when root is expected but not set
- [MEDIUM] add support for source interface binding
- [MEDIUM] add support for source interface binding at the server level
- [MEDIUM] implement bind-process to limit service presence by process
- [DOC] document maxpipes, nosplice, option splice-{auto,request,response}
- [DOC] filled the logging section of the configuration manual
- [DOC] document HTTP status codes
- [DOC] document a few missing info about errorfile
- [BUG] fix random memory corruption using "show sess"
- [BUG] fix unix socket processing of interrupted output
- [DOC] add diagrams of queuing and future ACL design
- [BUILD] proto_http did not build on gcc-2.95
- [BUG] the "source" keyword must first clear optional settings
- [BUG] global.tune.maxaccept must be limited even in mono-process mode
- [MINOR] ensure that http_msg_analyzer updates pointer to invalid char
- [MEDIUM] store a complete dump of request and response errors in proxies
- [MEDIUM] implement error dump on unix socket with "show errors"
- [DOC] document "show errors"
- [MINOR] errors dump must use user-visible date, not internal date.
- [MINOR] time: add __usec_to_1024th to convert usecs to 1024th of second
- [MINOR] add curr_sec_ms and curr_sec_ms_scaled for current second.
- [MEDIUM] measure and report session rate on frontend, backends and servers
- [BUG] the "connslots" keyword was matched as "connlots"
- [MINOR] acl: add 2 new verbs: fe_sess_rate and be_sess_rate
- [MEDIUM] implement "rate-limit sessions" for the frontend
- [BUG] interface binding: length must include the trailing zero
- [BUG] typo in timeout error reporting : report *res and not *err
- [OPTIM] maintain_proxies: only wake up when the frontend will be ready
- [OPTIM] rate-limit: cleaner behaviour on low rates and reduce consumption
- [BUG] switch server-side stream interface to close in case of abort
- [CLEANUP] remove last references to term_trace
- [OPTIM] freq_ctr: do not rotate the counters when reading
- [BUG] disable any analysers for monitoring requests
- [BUG] rate-limit in defaults section was ignored
- [BUG] task: fix handling of duplicate keys
- [OPTIM] task: don't unlink a task from a wait queue when waking it up
- [OPTIM] displace tasks in the wait queue only if absolutely needed
- [MEDIUM] minor update to the task api: let the scheduler queue itself
- [BUG] event_accept() must always wake the task up, even in health mode
- [CLEANUP] task: distinguish between clock ticks and timers
- [OPTIM] task: reduce the number of calls to task_queue()
- [OPTIM] do not re-check req buffer when only response has changed
- [CLEANUP] don't enable kernel splicing when socket is closed
- [CLEANUP] buffer_flush() was misleading, rename it as buffer_erase
- [MINOR] buffers: implement buffer_flush()
- [MEDIUM] rearrange forwarding condition to enable splice during analysis
- [BUILD] build fixes for Solaris
- [BUILD] proto_http did not build on gcc-2.95 (again)
- [CONTRIB] halog: fast log parser for haproxy
- [CONTRIB] halog: faster fgets() and add support for percentile reporting
2008/04/19 : 1.3.15
- [BUILD] Added support for 'make install'
- [BUILD] Added 'install-man' make target for installing the man page
- [BUILD] Added 'install-bin' make target
- [BUILD] Added 'install-doc' make target
- [BUILD] Removed "/" after '$(DESTDIR)' in install targets
- [BUILD] Changed 'install' target to install the binaries first
- [BUILD] Replace hardcoded 'LD = gcc' with 'LD = $(CC)'
- [MEDIUM]: Inversion for options
- [MEDIUM]: Count retries and redispatches also for servers, fix redistribute_pending, extend logs, %d->%u cleanup
- [BUG]: Restore clearing t->logs.bytes
- [MEDIUM]: rework checks handling
- [DOC] Update a "contrib" file with a hint about a scheme used for formathing subjects
- [MEDIUM] Implement "track [<backend>/]<server>"
- [MINOR] Implement persistent id for proxies and servers
- [BUG] Don't increment server connections too much + fix retries
- [MEDIUM]: Prevent redispatcher from selecting the same server, version #3
- [MAJOR] proto_uxst rework -> SNMP support
- [BUG] appsession lookup in URL does not work
- [BUG] transparent proxy address was ignored in backend
- [BUG] hot reconfiguration failed because of a wrong error check
- [DOC] big update to the configuration manual
- [DOC] large update to the configuration manual
- [DOC] document more options
- [BUILD] major rework of the GNU Makefile
- [STATS] add support for "show info" on the unix socket
- [DOC] document options forwardfor to logasap
- [MINOR] add support for the "backlog" parameter
- [OPTIM] introduce global parameter "tune.maxaccept"
- [MEDIUM] introduce "timeout http-request" in frontends
- [MINOR] tarpit timeout is also allowed in backends
- [BUG] increment server connections for each connect()
- [MEDIUM] add a turn-around state of one second after a connection failure
- [BUG] fix typo in redispatched connection
- [DOC] document options nolinger to ssl-hello-chk
- [DOC] added documentation for "option tcplog" to "use_backend"
- [BUG] connect_server: server might not exist when sending error report
- [MEDIUM] support fully transparent proxy on Linux (USE_LINUX_TPROXY)
- [MEDIUM] add non-local bind to connect() on Linux
- [MINOR] add transparent proxy support for balabit's Tproxy v4
- [BUG] use backend's source and not server's source with tproxy
- [BUG] fix overlapping server flags
- [MEDIUM] fix server health checks source address selection
- [DOC] added "server", "source" and "stats" keywords
- [DOC] all server parameters have been documented
- [DOC] document all req* and rsp* keywords.
- [DOC] added documentation about HTTP header manipulations
- [BUG] log response byte count, not request
- [BUILD] code did not build in full debug mode
- [BUG] fix truncated responses with sepoll
- [MINOR] use s->frt_addr as the server's address in transparent proxy
- [MINOR] fix configuration hint about timeouts
- [DOC] minor cleanup of the doc and notice to contributors
- [MINOR] report correct section type for unknown keywords.
- [BUILD] update MacOS Makefile to build on newer versions
- [DOC] fix erroneous "useallbackups" option in the doc
- [DOC] applied small fixes from early readers
- [MINOR] add configuration support for "redir" server keyword
- [MEDIUM] completely implement the server redirection method
- [TESTS] add a test case for the server redirection mechanism
- [DOC] add a configuration entry for "server ... redir <prefix>"
- [BUILD] backend.c and checks.c did not build without tproxy !
- Revert "[BUILD] backend.c and checks.c did not build without tproxy !"
- [BUILD] backend.c and checks.c did not build without tproxy !
- [OPTIM] used unsigned ints for HTTP state and message offsets
- [OPTIM] GCC4's builtin_expect() is suboptimal
- [BUG] failed conns were sometimes incremented in the frontend!
- [BUG] timeout.check was not pre-set to eternity
- [TESTS] add test-pollers.cfg to easily report pollers in use
- [BUG] do not apply timeout.connect in checks if unset
- [BUILD] ensure that makefile understands USE_DLMALLOC=1
- [MINOR] silent gcc for a wrong warning
- [CLEANUP] update .gitignore to ignore more temporary files
- [CLEANUP] report dlmalloc's source path only if explictly specified
- [BUG] str2sun could leak a small buffer in case of error during parsing
- [BUG] option allbackups was not working anymore in roundrobin mode
- [MAJOR] implementation of the "leastconn" load balancing algorithm
- [BUILD] ensure that users don't build without setting the target anymore.
- [DOC] document the leastconn LB algo
- [MEDIUM] fix stats socket limitation to 16 kB
- [DOC] fix unescaped space in httpchk example.
- [BUG] fix double-decrement of server connections
- [TESTS] add a test case for port mapping
- [TESTS] add a benchmark for integer hashing
- [TESTS] add new methods in ip-hash test file
- [MAJOR] implement parameter hashing for POST requests
2007/12/06 : 1.3.14
- New option http_proxy (Alexandre Cassen)
- add support for "maxqueue" to limit server queue overload (Elijah Epifanov)
- Check for duplicated conflicting proxies (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- stats: report server and backend cumulated downtime (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- use backends only with use_backend directive (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- Handle long lines properly (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- Implement and use generic findproxy and relax duplicated proxy check (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- continous statistics (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- add support for logging via a UNIX socket (Robert Tsai)
- fix error checking in strl2ic/strl2uic()
- fix calls to localtime()
- provide easier-to-use ultoa_* functions
- provide easy-to-use limit_r and LIM2A* macros
- add a simple test for the status page
- move error codes to common/errors.h
- silent warning about LIST_* being redefined on OpenBSD
- add socket address length to the protocols
- group PR_O_BALANCE_* bits into a checkable value
- externalize the "balance" option parser to backend.c
- introduce the "url_param" balance method
- make default_backend work in TCP mode too
- disable warning about localtime_r on Solaris
- adjust error messages about conflicting proxies
- avoid calling some layer7 functions if not needed
- simplify error path in event_accept()
- add an options field to the listeners
- added a new state to listeners
- unbind_listener() must use fd_delete() and not close()
- add a generic unbind_listener() primitive
- add a generic delete_listener() primitive
- add a generic unbind_all_listeners() primitive
- create proto_tcp and move initialization of proxy listeners
- stats: report numerical process ID, proxy ID and server ID
- relative_pid was not initialized
- missing header names in raw stats output
- fix missing parenthesis in check_response_for_cacheability
- small optimization on session_process_counters()
- merge ebtree version 3.0
- make ebtree headers multiple-include compatible
- ebtree: include config.h for REGPRM*
- differentiate between generic LB params and map-specific ones
- add a weight divisor to the struct proxy
- implement the Fast Weighted Round Robin (FWRR) algo
- include filltab25.c to experiment on FWRR for dynamic weights
- merge test-fwrr.cfg to validate dynamic weights
- move the load balancing algorithm to be->lbprm.algo
- change server check result to a bit field
- implement "http-check disable-on-404" for graceful shutdown
- secure the calling conditions of ->set_server_status_{up,down}
- report disabled servers as "NOLB" when they are still UP
- document the "http-check disable-on-404" option
- http-check disable-on-404 is not limited to HTTP mode
- add a test file for disable-on-404
- use distinct bits per load-balancing algorithm type
- implement the slowstart parameter for servers
- document the server's slowstart parameter
- stats: report the server warm up status in a "throttle" column
- fix 2 minor issues on AIX
- add the "nbsrv" ACL verb
- add the "fail" condition to monitor requests
- remove a warning from gcc due to htons() in standard.c
- fwrr: ensure that we never overflow in placements
- store the build options to report with -vv
- fix the status return of the init script (R.I. Pienaar)
- stats: real time monitoring script for unix socket (Prizee)
- document "nbsrv" and "monitor fail"
- restrict the set of allowed characters for identifiers
- implement a time parsing function
- add support for time units in the configuration
- add a bit of documentation about timers
- introduce separation between contimeout, and tarpit + queue
- introduce the "timeout" keyword
- grouped all timeouts in one structure
- slowstart is in ms, not seconds
- slowstart: ensure we don't start with a null weight
- report the number of times each server was selected
- fix build on AIX due to recent log changes
- fix build on Solaris due to recent log changes
2007/10/18 : 1.3.13
- replace the code under O'Reilly license (Arnaud Cornet)
- add a small man page (Arnaud Cornet)
- stats: report haproxy's version by default (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- stats: count server retries and redispatches (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- core: added easy support for Doug Lea's malloc (dlmalloc)
- core: fade out memory usage when stopping proxies
- core: moved the sockaddr pointer to the fdtab structure
- core: add generic protocol support
- core: implement client-side support for PF_UNIX sockets
- stats: implement the CSV output
- stats: add a link to the CSV export HTML page
- stats: implement the statistics output on a unix socket
- config: introduce the "stats" keyword in global section
- build: centralize version and date into one file for each
- tests: added a new hash algorithm
2007/10/18 :
- add the "nolinger" option to disable data lingering (Alexandre Cassen)
- fix double-free during clean exit (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- prevent the system from sending an RST when closing health-checks
(Krzysztof Oledzki)
- do not add a cache-control header when on non-cacheable responses
(Krzysztof Oledzki)
- spread health checks even more (Krzysztof Oledzki)
- stats: scope "." must match the backend and not the frontend
- fixed call to chroot() during startup
- fix wrong timeout computation in event_accept()
- remove condition for exit() under fork() failure
2007/09/20 :
- fix configuration sanity checks for TCP listeners
- set the log socket receive window to zero bytes
- pre-initialize timeouts to infinity, not zero
- fix the SIGHUP message not to alert on server-less proxies
- timeouts and retries could be ignored when switching backend
- added a file to check that "retries" works.
- O'Reilly has clarified its license
2007/09/05 :
- spec I/O: fix allocations of spec entries for an FD
- ensure we never overflow in chunk_printf()
- improve behaviour with large number of servers per proxy
- add support for "stats refresh <interval>"
- stats page: added links for 'refresh' and 'hide down'
- fix backend's weight in the stats page.
- the "stats" keyword is not allowed in a pure frontend.
- provide a test configuration file for stats and checks
2007/06/17 : 1.3.12
- fix segfault at exit when using captures
- bug: negation in ACL conds was not cleared between terms
- errorfile: use a local file to feed error messages
- acl: support '-i' to ignore case when matching
- acl: smarter integer comparison with operators eq,lt,gt,le,ge
- acl: support maching on 'path' component
- acl: implement matching on header values
- acl: distinguish between request and response headers
- acl: permit to return any header when no name specified
- acl: provide default ACLs
- added the 'use_backend' keyword for full content-switching
- acl: specify the direction during fetches
- acl: provide the argument length for fetch functions
- acl: provide a reference to the expr to fetch()
- improve memory freeing upon exit
- str2net() must not change the const char *
- shut warnings 'is*' macros from ctype.h on solaris
2007/06/03 :
- do not re-arm read timeout in SHUTR state !
- optimize I/O by detecting system starvation
- the epoll FD must not be shared between processes
- limit the number of events returned by *poll*
2007/05/14 :
- pre-initialize timeouts with tv_eternity during parsing
2007/05/14 :
- fixed broken health-checks since switch to timeval
2007/05/14 :
- fixed ev_kqueue which was forgotten during the switch to timeval
- allowed null timeouts for past events in select
2007/05/14 : 1.3.11
- fixed ev_sepoll again by rewriting the state machine
- switched all timeouts to timevals instead of milliseconds
- improved memory management using mempools v2.
- several minor optimizations
2007/05/09 :
- fixed build on OpenBSD (missing types.h)
2007/05/09 :
- fixed sepoll transition matrix (two states were missing)
2007/05/08 : 1.3.10
- several fixes in ev_sepoll
- fixed some expiration dates on some tasks
- fixed a bug in connection establishment detection due to speculative I/O
- fixed rare bug occuring on TCP with early close (reported by Andy Smith)
- implemented URI hashing algorithm (Guillaume Dallaire)
- implemented SMTP health checks (Peter van Dijk)
- replaced the rbtree with ul2tree from old scheduler project
- new framework for generic ACL support
- added the 'acl' and 'block' keywords to the config language
- added several ACL criteria and matches (IP, port, URI, ...)
- cleaned up and better modularization for some time functions
- fixed list macros
- fixed useless memory allocation in str2net()
- store the original destination address in the session
2007/04/15 : 1.3.9
- modularized the polling mechanisms and use function pointers instead
of macros at many places
- implemented support for FreeBSD's kqueue() polling mechanism
- fixed a warning on OpenBSD : MIN/MAX redefined
- change socket registration order at startup to accomodate kqueue.
- several makefile cleanups to support old shells
- fix build with limits.h once for all
- ev_epoll: do not rely on fd_sets anymore, use changes stacks instead.
- fdtab now holds the results of polling
- implemented support for speculative I/O processing with epoll()
- remove useless calls to shutdown(SHUT_RD), resulting in small speed boost
- auto-registering of pollers at load time
2007/04/03 :
- rewriting either the status line or request line could crash the
process due to a pointer which ought to be reset before parsing.
- rewriting the status line in the response did not work, it caused
a 502 Bad Gateway due to an erroneous state during parsing
2007/04/01 :
- fix reqadd when no option httpclose is used.
- removed now unused fiprm and beprm from proxies
- split logs into two versions : TCP and HTTP
- added some docs about http headers storage and acls
- added a VIM script for syntax color highlighting (Bruno Michel)
2007/03/25 : 1.3.8
- fixed several bugs which might have caused a crash with bad configs
- several optimizations in header processing
- many progresses towards transaction-based processing
- option forwardfor may be used in frontends
- completed HTTP response processing
- some code refactoring between request and response processing
- new HTTP header manipulation functions
- optimizations on the recv() patch to reduce CPU usage under very
high data rates.
- more user-friendly help about the 'usesrc' keyword (CTTPROXY)
- username/groupname support from Marcus Rueckert
- added the "except" keyword to the "forwardfor" option (Bryan German)
- support for health-checks on other addresses (Fabrice Dulaunoy)
- makefile for MacOS 10.4 / Darwin (Dan Zinngrabe)
- do not insert "Connection: close" in HTTP/1.0 messages
2007/01/26 : 1.3.7
- fix critical bug introduced with 1.3.6 : an empty request header
may lead to a crash due to missing pointer assignment
- hdr_idx might be left uninitialized in debug mode
- fixed build on FreeBSD due to missing fd_set declaration
2007/01/22 :
- change in the header chaining broke cookies and authentication
2007/01/22 : 1.3.6
- stats now support the HEAD method too
- extracted http request from the session
- huge rework of the HTTP parser which is now a 28-state FSM.
- linux-style likely/unlikely macros for optimization hints
- do not create a server socket when there's no server
- imported lots of docs
2007/01/07 : 1.3.5
- stats: swap color sets for active and backup servers
- try to guess server check port when unset
- added complete support and doc for TCP Splicing
- replace the wait-queue linked list with an rbtree.
- a few bugfixes and cleanups
2007/01/02 : 1.3.4
- support for cttproxy on the server side to present the client
address to the server.
- added support for SO_REUSEPORT on Linux (needs kernel patch)
- new RFC2616-compliant HTTP request parser with header indexing
- split proxies in frontends, rulesets and backends
- implemented the 'req[i]setbe' to select a backend depending
on the contents
- added the 'default_backend' keyword to select a default BE.
- new stats page featuring FEs and BEs + bytes in both dirs
- improved log format to indicate the backend and the time in ms.
- lots of cleanups
2006/10/15 : 1.3.3
- fix broken redispatch option in case the connection has already
been marked "in progress" (ie: nearly always).
- support regparm on x86 to speed up some often called functions
- removed a few useless calls to gettimeofday() in log functions.
- lots of 'const char*' cleanups
- turn every FD_* into functions which are faster on recent CPUs
2006/09/03 : 1.3.2
- started the changes towards I/O completion callbacks. stream_sock* have
replaced event_*.
- added the new "reqtarpit" and "reqitarpit" protection features
2006/07/09 : 1.3.1 (1.2.15)
- now, haproxy warns about missing timeout during startup to try to
eliminate all those buggy configurations.
- added "Content-Type: text/html" in responses wherever appropriate, as
suggested by Cameron Simpson.
- implemented "option ssl-hello-chk" to use SSLv3 CLIENT HELLO messages to
test server's health
- implemented "monitor-uri" so that haproxy can reply to a specific URI with
an "HTTP/1.0 200 OK" response. This is useful to validate multiple proxies
at once.
2006/06/29 : 1.3.0
- exploded the whole file into multiple .c and .h. No functionnal
difference is expected at all.
- fixed a bug by which neither stats nor error messages could be returned if
'clitimeout' was missing.
2006/05/21 : 1.2.14
- new HTML status report with the 'stats' keyword.
- added the 'abortonclose' option to better resist traffic surges
- implemented dynamic traffic regulation with the 'minconn' option
- show request time on denied requests
- definitely fixed hot reconf on OpenBSD by the use of SO_REUSEPORT
- now a proxy instance is allowed to run without servers, which is
useful to dedicate one instance to stats
- added lots of error counters
- a missing parenthesis preventd matching of cacheable cookies
- a missing parenthesis in poll_loop() might have caused missed events.
2006/05/14 :
- an uninitialized field in the struct session could cause a crash when
the session was freed. This has been encountered on Solaris only.
- Solaris and OpenBSD no not support shutdown() on listening socket. Let's
be nice to them by performing a soft stop if pause fails.
2006/05/13 : 1.2.13
- 'maxconn' server parameter to do per-server session limitation
- queueing to support non-blocking session limitation
- fixed removal of cookies for cookie-less servers such as backup servers
- two separate wait queues for expirable and non-expirable tasks provide
better performance with lots of sessions.
- some code cleanups and performance improvements
- made state dumps a bit more verbose
- fixed missing checks for NULL srv in dispatch mode
- load balancing on backup servers was not possible in source hash mode.
- two session flags shared the same bit, but fortunately they were not
2006/04/15 : 1.2.12
Very few changes preparing for more important changes to support per-server
session limitations and queueing :
- ignore leading empty lines in HTTP requests as suggested by RFC2616.
- added the 'weight' parameter to the servers, limited to 1..256. It applies
to roundrobin and source hash.
- the optional '-s' option could clobber '-st' and '-sf' if compiled in.
2006/03/30 :
- under some conditions, it might have been possible that when the
last dead server became available, it would not have been used
till another one would have changed state. Could not be reproduced
at all, however seems possible from the code.
2006/03/25 : 1.2.11
- added the '-db' command-line option to disable backgrounding.
- added the -sf/-st command-line arguments which are used to specify
a list of pids to send a FINISH or TERMINATE signal upon startup.
They will also be asked to release their port if a bind fails.
- reworked the startup mechanism to allow the sending of a signal to a list
of old pids if a socket cannot be bound, with a retry for a limited amount
of time (1 second by default).
- added the ability to enforce limits on memory usage.
- added the 'source' load-balancing algorithm which uses the source IP(v4|v6)
- re-architectured the server round-robin mechanism to ease integration of
other algorithms. It now relies on the number of active and backup servers.
- added a counter for the number of active and backup servers, and report
these numbers upon SIGHUP or state change.
2006/03/23 :
- while fixing the backup server round-robin "feature", a new bug was
introduced which could miss some backup servers.
- the displayed proxy name was wrong when dumping upon SIGHUP.
2006/03/19 : 1.2.10
- assert.h is needed when DEBUG is defined.
- ENORMOUS long standing bug affecting the epoll polling system :
event_data is a union, not a structure !
- Make fd management more robust and easier to debug. Also some
- Limit the number of consecutive accept() in multi-process mode.
This produces a more evenly distributed load across the processes and
slightly improves performance by reducing bottlenecks.
- Make health-checks be more regular, and faster to retry after a timeout.
- Fixed some messages to ease parsing of alerts.
- provided a patch to enable epoll on RHEL3 kernels.
- Separated OpenBSD build from the main Makefile into a new one.
2006/03/15 : 1.2.9
- haproxy could not be stopped after being paused, it had to be woken up
first. This has been fixed.
- the 'ulimit-n' parameter is now optional and by default computed from
maxconn + the number of listeners + the number of health-checks.
- it is now possible to specify a maximum number of connections at build
time with the SYSTEM_MAXCONN define. The value set in the configuration
file will then be limited to this value, and only the command-line '-n'
option will be able to bypass it. It will prevent against accidental
high memory usage on small systems.
- RFC2616 expects that any HTTP agent accepts multi-line headers. Earlier
versions did not detect a line beginning with a space as the continuation
of previous header. It is now correct.
- health checks sent to servers configured with identical intervals were
sent in perfect synchronisation because the initial time was the same
for all. This could induce high load peaks when fragile servers were
hosting tens of instances for the same application. Now the load is
spread evenly across the smallest interval amongst a listener.
- a new 'forceclose' option was added to make the proxy close the outgoing
channel to the server once it has sent all its headers and the server
starts responding. This helps some servers which don't close upon the
'Connection: close' header. It implies 'option httpclose'.
- there was a bug in the way the backup servers were handled. They were
erroneously load-balanced while the doc said the opposite. Since
load-balanced backup servers is one of the features some people have
been asking for, the problem was fixed to reflect the documented
behaviour and a new option 'allbackups' was introduced to provide the
feature to those who need it.
- a never ending connect() could lead to a fast select() loop if its
timeout times the number of retransmits exceeded the server read or write
timeout, because the later was used to compute select()'s timeout while
the connection timeout was not reached.
- now we initialize the libc's localtime structures very early so that even
under OOM conditions, we can still send dated error messages without
- the 'daemon' mode implies 'quiet' and disables 'verbose' because file
descriptors are closed.
2006/01/29 : 1.2.8
- fixed a nasty bug affecting poll/epoll which could return unmodified data
from the server to the client, and sometimes lead to memory corruption
crashing the process.
- added the new pause/play mechanism with SIGTTOU/SIGTTIN for hot-reconf.
2005/12/18 :
- the "retries" option was ignored because connect() could not return an
error if the connection failed before the timeout.
- TCP health-checks could not detect a connection refused in poll/epoll
2005/11/13 : 1.2.7
- building with -DUSE_PCRE should include PCRE headers and not regex.h. At
least on Solaris, this caused the libc's regex primitives to be used instead
of PCRE, which caused trouble on group references. This is now fixed.
- delayed the quiet mode during startup so that most of the startup alerts can
be displayed even in quiet mode.
- display an alert when a listener has no address, invalid or no port, or when
there are no enabled listeners upon startup.
- added "static-pcre" to the list of supported regex options in the Makefile.
2005/10/09 : 1.2.7rc (1.1.33rc)
- second batch of socklen_t changes.
- clean-ups from Cameron Simpson.
- because tv_remain() does not know about eternity, using no timeout can
make select() spin around a null time-out. Bug reported by Cameron Simpson.
- client read timeout was not properly set to eternity initialized after an
accept() if it was not set in the config. It remained undetected so long
because eternity is 0 and newly allocated pages are zeroed by the system.
- do not call get_original_dst() when not in transparent mode.
- implemented a workaround for a bug in certain epoll() implementations on
linux-2.4 kernels (epoll-lt <= 0.21).
- implemented TCP keepalive with new options : tcpka, clitcpka, srvtcpka.
2005/08/07 : 1.2.6
- clean-up patch from Alexander Lazic fixes build on Debian 3.1 (socklen_t).
2005/07/06 : 1.2.6-pre5 (1.1.32)
- added the number of active sessions (proxy/process) in the logs
2005/07/06 : 1.2.6-pre4 (1.1.32-pre4)
- the time-out fix introduced in 1.1.25 caused a corner case where it was
possible for a client to keep a connection maintained regardless of the
timeout if the server closed the connection during the HEADER phase,
while the client ignored the close request while doing nothing in the
other direction. This has been fixed now by ensuring that read timeouts
are re-armed when switching to any SHUTW state.
2005/07/05 : 1.2.6-pre3 (1.1.32-pre3)
- enhanced error reporting in the logs. Now the proxy will precisely detect
various error conditions related to the system and/or process limits, and
generate LOG_EMERG logs indicating that a resource has been exhausted.
- logs will contain two new characters for the error cause : 'R' indicates
a resource exhausted, and 'I' indicates an internal error, though this
one should never happen.
- server connection timeouts can now be reported in the logs (sC), as well
as connections refused because of maxconn limitations (PC).
2005/07/05 : 1.2.6-pre2 (1.1.32-pre2)
- new global configuration keyword "ulimit-n" may be used to raise the FD
limit to usable values.
- a warning is now displayed on startup if the FD limit is lower than the
configured maximum number of sockets.
2005/07/05 : 1.2.6-pre1 (1.1.32-pre1)
- new configuration keyword "monitor-net" makes it possible to be monitored
by external devices which connect to the proxy without being logged nor
forwarded to any server. Particularly useful on generic TCPv4 relays.
2005/06/21 :
- fixed build on PPC where chars are unsigned by default
2005/05/02 :
- dirty hack to fix a bug introduced with epoll : if we close an FD and
immediately reassign it to another session through a connect(), the
Prev{Read,Write}Events are not updated, which causes trouble detecting
changes, thus leading to many timeouts at high loads.
2005/04/30 : 1.2.5 (1.1.31)
- changed the runtime argument to disable epoll() to '-de'
- changed the runtime argument to disable poll() to '-dp'
- added global options 'nopoll' and 'noepoll' to do the same at the
configuration level.
- added a 'linux24e' target to the Makefile for Linux 2.4 systems patched to
support epoll().
- changed default FD_SETSIZE to 65536 on Solaris (default=1024)
- conditionned signals redirection to #ifdef DEBUG_MEMORY
2005/04/26 : 1.2.5-pre4
- made epoll() support a compile-time option : ENABLE_EPOLL
- provided a very little libc replacement for a possibly missing epoll()
implementation which can be enabled by -DUSE_MY_EPOLL
- implemented the poll() poller, which can be enabled with -DENABLE_POLL.
The equivalent runtime argument becomes '-P'. A few tests show that it
performs like select() with many fds, but slightly slower (certainly
because of the higher amount of memory involved).
- separated the 3 polling methods and the tasks scheduler into 4 distinct
functions which makes the code a lot more modular.
- moved some event tables to private static declarations inside the poller
- the poller functions can now initialize themselves, run, and cleanup.
- changed the runtime argument to enable epoll() to '-E'.
- removed buggy epoll_ctl() code in the client_retnclose() function. This
function was never meant to remove anything.
- fixed a typo which caused glibc to yell about a double free on exit.
- removed error checking after epoll_ctl(DEL) because we can never know if
the fd is still active or already closed.
- added a few entries in the makefile
2005/04/25 : 1.2.5-pre3
- experimental epoll() support (use temporary '-e' argument)
2005/04/24 : 1.2.5-pre2
- implemented the HTTP 303 code for error redirection. This forces the
browser to fetch the given URI with a GET request. The new keyword for
this is 'errorloc303', and a new 'errorloc302' keyword has been created
to make them easily distinguishable.
- added more controls in the parser for valid use of '\x' sequence.
- few fixes from Alex & Klaus
2005/02/17 : 1.2.5-pre1
- fixed a few errors in the documentation
- do not pre-initialize unused file-descriptors before select() anymore.
2005/01/22 : 1.2.4
- merged Alexander Lazic's and Klaus Wagner's work on application
cookie-based persistence. Since this is the first merge, this version is
not intended for general use and reports are more than welcome. Some
documentation is really needed though.
2005/01/22 : 1.2.3 (1.1.30)
- add an architecture guide to the documentation
- released without any changes
2004/12/26 : 1.2.3-pre1 (1.1.30-pre1)
- increased default BUFSIZE to 16 kB to accept max headers of 8 kB which is
compatible with Apache. This limit can be configured in the makefile now.
Thanks to Eric Fehr for the checks.
- added a per-server "source" option which now makes it possible to bind to
a different source for each (potentially identical) server.
- changed cookie-based server selection slightly to allow several servers to
share a same cookie, thus making it possible to associate backup servers to
live servers and ease soft-stop for maintenance periods. (Alexander Lazic)
- added the cookie 'prefix' mode which makes it possible to use persistence
with thin clients which support only one cookie. The server name is prefixed
before the application cookie, and restore back.
- fixed the order of servers within an instance to match documentation. Now
the servers are *really* used in the order of their declaration. This is
particularly important when multiple backup servers are in use.
2004/10/18 : 1.2.2 (1.1.29)
- fixed a bug where a TCP connection would be logged twice if the 'logasap'
option was enabled without the 'tcplog' option.
- encode_string() would use hdr_encode_map instead of the map argument.
2004/08/10 : (1.1.29-pre2)
- the logged request is now encoded with '#XX' for unprintable characters
- new keywords 'capture request header' and 'capture response header' enable
logging of arbitrary HTTP headers in requests and responses
- removed "-DSOLARIS" after replacing the last inet_aton() with inet_pton()
2004/06/06 : 1.2.1 (1.1.28)
- added the '-V' command line option to verbosely report errors even though
the -q or 'quiet' options are specified. This is useful with '-c'.
- added a Red Hat init script and a .spec from Simon Matter <>
2004/06/05 :
- added the "logasap" option which produces a log without waiting for the data
to be transferred from the server to the client.
- added the "httpclose" option which removes any "connection:" header and adds
"Connection: close" in both direction.
- added the 'checkcache' option which blocks cacheable responses containing
dangerous headers, such as 'set-cookie'.
- added 'rspdeny' and 'rspideny' to block certain responses to avoid sensible
information leak from servers.
2004/04/18 :
- send an EMERG log when no server is available for a given proxy
- added the '-c' command line option to syntactically check the
configuration file without starting the service.
2003/11/09 : 1.2.0
- the same as 1.1.27 + IPv6 support on the client side
2003/10/27 : 1.1.27
- the configurable HTTP health check introduced in 1.1.23 revealed a shameful
bug : the code still assumed that HTTP requests were the same size as the
original ones (22 bytes), and failed if they were not.
- added support for pidfiles.
2003/10/22 : 1.1.26
- the fix introduced in 1.1.25 for client timeouts while waiting for servers
broke almost all compatibility with POST requests, because the proxy
stopped to read anything from the client as soon as it got all of its
2003/10/15 : 1.1.25
- added the 'tcplog' option, which provides enhanced, HTTP-like logs for
generic TCP proxies, or lighter logs for HTTP proxies.
- fixed a time-out condition wrongly reported as client time-out in data
phase if the client timeout was lower than the connect timeout times the
number of retries.
2003/09/21 : 1.1.24
- if a client sent a full request then shut its write connection down, then
the request was aborted. This case was detected only when using haproxy
both as health-check client and as a server.
- if 'option httpchk' is used in a 'health' mode server, then responses will
change from 'OK' to 'HTTP/1.0 200 OK'.
- fixed a Linux-only bug in case of HTTP server health-checks, where a single
server response followed by a close could be ignored, and the server seen
as failed.
2003/09/19 : 1.1.23
- fixed a stupid bug introduced in 1.1.22 which caused second and subsequent
'default' sections to keep previous parameters, and not initialize logs
- fixed a second stupid bug introduced in 1.1.22 which caused configurations
relying on 'dispatch' mode to segfault at the first connection.
- 'option httpchk' now supports method, HTTP version and a few headers.
- now, 'option httpchk', 'cookie' and 'capture' can be specified in
'defaults' section
2003/09/10 : 1.1.22
- 'listen' now supports optionnal address:port-range lists
- 'bind' introduced to add new listen addresses
- fixed a bug which caused a session to be kept established on a server till
it timed out if the client closed during the DATA phase.
- the port part of each server address can now be empty to make the proxy
connect to the server on the same port it was connected to, be an absolute
unsigned number to reflect a single port (as in older versions), or an
explicitly signed number (+N/-N) to indicate that this offset must be
applied to the port the proxy was connected to, when connecting to the
- the 'port' server option allows the user to specify a different
health-check port than the service one. It is mandatory when only relative
ports have been specified and check is required. By default, the checks are
sent to the service port.
- new 'defaults' section which is rather similar to 'listen' except that all
values are only used as default values for future 'listen' sections, until
a new 'defaults' resets them. At the moment, server options, regexes,
cookie names and captures cannot be set in the 'defaults' section.
2003/05/06 : 1.1.21
- changed the debug output format so that it now includes the session unique
ID followed by the instance name at the beginning of each line.
- in debug mode, accept now shows the client's IP and port.
- added one 3 small debugging scripts to search and pretty print debug output
- changed the default health check request to "OPTIONS /" instead of
"OPTIONS *" since not all servers implement the later one.
- "option httpchk" now accepts an optional parameter allowing the user to
specify and URI other than '/' during health-checks.
2003/04/21 : 1.1.20
- fixed two problems with time-outs, one where a server would be logged as
timed out during transfer that take longer to complete than the fixed
time-out, and one where clients were logged as timed-out during the data
phase because they didn't have anything to send. This sometimes caused
slow client connections to close too early while in fact there was no
problem. The proper fix would be to have a per-fd time-out with
conditions depending on the state of the HTTP FSM.
2003/04/16 : 1.1.19
- haproxy was NOT RFC compliant because it was case-sensitive on HTTP
"Cookie:" and "Set-Cookie:" headers. This caused JVM 1.4 to fail on
cookie persistence because it uses "cookie:". Two memcmp() have been
replaced with strncasecmp().
2003/04/02 : 1.1.18
- Haproxy can be compiled with PCRE regex instead of libc regex, by setting
REGEX=pcre on the make command line.
- HTTP health-checks now use "OPTIONS *" instead of "OPTIONS /".
- when explicit source address binding is required, it is now also used for
- added 'reqpass' and 'reqipass' to allow certain headers but not the request
- factored several strings to reduce binary size by about 2 kB.
- replaced setreuid() and setregid() with more standard setuid() and setgid().
- added 4 status flags to the log line indicating who ended the connection
first, the sessions state, the validity of the cookie, and action taken on
the set-cookie header.
2002/10/18 : 1.1.17
- add the notion of "backup" servers, which are used only when all other
servers are down.
- make Set-Cookie return "" instead of "(null)" when the server has no
cookie assigned (useful for backup servers).
- "log" now supports an optionnal level name (info, notice, err ...) above
which nothing is sent.
- replaced some strncmp() with memcmp() for better efficiency.
- added "capture cookie" option which logs client and/or server cookies
- cleaned up/down messages and dump servers states upon SIGHUP
- added a redirection feature for errors : "errorloc <errnum> <url>"
- now we won't insist on connecting to a dead server, even with a cookie,
unless option "persist" is specified.
- added HTTP/408 response for client request time-out and HTTP/50[234] for
server reply time-out or errors.
2002/09/01 : 1.1.16
- implement HTTP health checks when option "httpchk" is specified.
2002/08/07 : 1.1.15
- replaced setpgid()/setpgrp() with setsid() for better portability, because
setpgrp() doesn't have the same meaning under Solaris, Linux, and OpenBSD.
2002/07/20 : 1.1.14
- added "postonly" cookie mode
2002/07/15 : 1.1.13
- tv_diff used inverted parameters which led to negative times !
2002/07/13 : 1.1.12
- fixed stats monitoring, and optimized some tv_* for most common cases.
- replaced temporary 'newhdr' with 'trash' to reduce stack size
- made HTTP errors more HTML-fiendly.
- renamed strlcpy() to strlcpy2() because of a slightly difference between
their behaviour (return value), to avoid confusion.
- restricted HTTP messages to HTTP proxies only
- added a 502 message when the connection has been refused by the server,
to prevent clients from believing this is a zero-byte HTTP 0.9 reply.
- changed 'Cache-control:' from 'no-cache="set-cookie"' to 'private' when
inserting a cookie, because some caches (apache) don't understand it.
- fixed processing of server headers when client is in SHUTR state
2002/07/04 :
- automatically close fd's 0,1 and 2 when going daemon ; setpgrp() after
2002/06/04 : 1.1.11
- fixed multi-cookie handling in client request to allow clean deletion
in insert+indirect mode. Now, only the server cookie is deleted and not
all the header. Should now be compliant to RFC2965.
- added a "nocache" option to "cookie" to specify that we explicitly want
to add a "cache-control" header when we add a cookie.
It is also possible to add an "Expires: <old-date>" to keep compatibility
with old/broken caches.
2002/05/10 : 1.1.10
- if a cookie is used in insert+indirect mode, it's desirable that the
the servers don't see it. It was not possible to remove it correctly
with regexps, so now it's removed automatically.
2002/04/19 : 1.1.9
- don't use snprintf()'s return value as an end of message since it may
be larger. This caused bus errors and segfaults in internal libc's
getenv() during localtime() in send_log().
- removed dead insecure send_syslog() function and all references to it.
- fixed warnings on Solaris due to buggy implementation of isXXXX().
2002/04/18 : 1.1.8
- option "dontlognull"
- fixed "double space" bug in config parser
- fixed an uninitialized server field in case of dispatch
with no existing server which could cause a segfault during
- the pid logged was always the father's, which was wrong for daemons.
- fixed wrong level "LOG_INFO" for message "proxy started".
2002/04/13 :
- http logging is now complete :
- ip:port, date, proxy, server
- req_time, conn_time, hdr_time, tot_time
- status, size, request
- source address
2002/04/12 : 1.1.7
- added option forwardfor
- added reqirep, reqidel, reqiallow, reqideny, rspirep, rspidel
- added "log global" in "listen" section.
2002/04/09 :
- added a new "global" section :
- logs
- debug, quiet, daemon modes
- uid, gid, chroot, nbproc, maxconn
2002/04/08 : 1.1.6
- regex are now chained and not limited anymore.
- unavailable server now returns HTTP/502.
- increased per-line args limit to 40
- added reqallow/reqdeny to block some request on matches
- added HTTP 400/403 responses
2002/04/03 : 1.1.5
- connection logging displayed incorrect source address.
- added proxy start/stop and server up/down log events.
- replaced log message short buffers with larger trash.
- enlarged buffer to 8 kB and replace buffer to 4 kB.
2002/03/25 : 1.1.4
- made rise/fall/interval time configurable
2002/03/22 : 1.1.3
- fixed a bug : cr_expire and cw_expire were inverted in CL_STSHUT[WR]
which could lead to loops.
2002/03/21 : 1.1.2
- fixed a bug in buffer management where we could have a loop
between event_read() and process_{cli|srv} if R==BUFSIZE-MAXREWRITE.
=> implemented an adjustable buffer limit.
- fixed a bug : expiration of tasks in wait queue timeout is used again,
and running tasks are skipped.
- added some debug lines for accept events.
- send warnings for servers up/down.
2002/03/12 : 1.1.1
- fixed a bug in total failure handling
- fixed a bug in timestamp comparison within same second (tv_cmp_ms)
2002/03/10 : 1.1.0
- fixed a few timeout bugs
- rearranged the task scheduler subsystem to improve performance,
add new tasks, and make it easier to later port to librt ;
- allow multiple accept() for one select() wake up ;
- implemented internal load balancing with basic health-check ;
- cookie insertion and header add/replace/delete, with better strings
- reworked buffer handling to fix a few rewrite bugs, and
improve overall performance.
- implement the "purge" option to delete server cookies in direct mode.
- fixed some error cases where the maxfd was not decreased.
- now supports transparent proxying, at least on linux 2.4.
- soft stop works again (fixed select timeout computation).
- it seems that TCP proxies sometimes cannot timeout.
- added a "quiet" mode.
- enforce file descriptor limitation on socket() and accept().
2001/12/30 : release of version 1.0.2 : fixed a bug in header processing
2001/12/19 : release of version 1.0.1 : no MSG_NOSIGNAL on solaris
2001/12/16 : release of version 1.0.0.
2001/12/16 : added syslog capability for each accepted connection.
2001/11/19 : corrected premature end of files and occasional SIGPIPE.
2001/10/31 : added health-check type servers (mode health) which replies OK then closes.
2001/10/30 : added the ability to support standard TCP proxies and HTTP proxies
with or without cookies (use keyword http for this).
2001/09/01 : added client/server header replacing with regexps.
cliexp ^(Host:\ [^:]*).* Host:\ \1:80
srvexp ^Server:\ .* Server:\ Apache
2000/11/29 : first fully working release with complete FSMs and timeouts.
2000/11/28 : major rewrite
2000/11/26 : first write