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# This sample configuration makes extensive use of the ACLs. It requires
# HAProxy version 1.3.12 minimum.
log loghost local0
log localhost local0 err
maxconn 250
uid 71
gid 71
chroot /var/empty
pidfile /var/run/
frontend http-in
bind :80
mode http
log global
clitimeout 30000
option httplog
option dontlognull
#option logasap
option httpclose
maxconn 100
capture request header Host len 20
capture request header User-Agent len 16
capture request header Content-Length len 10
capture request header Referer len 20
capture response header Content-Length len 10
# block any unwanted source IP addresses or networks
acl forbidden_src src
acl forbidden_src src_port 0:1023
block if forbidden_src
# block requests beginning with http:// on wrong domains
acl dangerous_pfx url_beg -i http://
acl valid_pfx url_reg -i ^http://[^/]*1wt\.eu/
block if dangerous_pfx !valid_pfx
# block apache chunk exploit, ...
acl forbidden_hdrs hdr_sub(transfer-encoding) -i chunked
acl forbidden_hdrs hdr_beg(host) -i apache- localhost
# ... some HTTP content smugling and other various things
acl forbidden_hdrs hdr_cnt(host) gt 1
acl forbidden_hdrs hdr_cnt(content-length) gt 1
acl forbidden_hdrs hdr_val(content-length) lt 0
acl forbidden_hdrs hdr_cnt(proxy-authorization) gt 0
block if forbidden_hdrs
# block annoying worms that fill the logs...
acl forbidden_uris url_reg -i .*(\.|%2e)(\.|%2e)(%2f|%5c|/|\\\\)
acl forbidden_uris url_sub -i %00 <script xmlrpc.php
acl forbidden_uris path_end -i /root.exe /cmd.exe /default.ida / .asp .dll
# block other common attacks (awstats, manual discovery...)
acl forbidden_uris path_dir -i chat main.php read_dump.php viewtopic.php phpbb sumthin horde _vti_bin MSOffice
acl forbidden_uris url_reg -i (\.php\?temppath=|\.php\?setmodules=|[=:]http://)
block if forbidden_uris
# we rewrite the "options" request so that it only tries '*', and we
# only report GET, HEAD, POST and OPTIONS as valid methods
reqirep ^OPTIONS\ /.*HTTP/1\.[01]$ OPTIONS\ \\*\ HTTP/1.0
rspirep ^Allow:\ .* Allow:\ GET,\ HEAD,\ POST,\ OPTIONS
acl host_demo hdr_beg(host) -i demo.
acl host_www2 hdr_beg(host) -i www2.
use_backend demo if host_demo
use_backend www2 if host_www2
default_backend www
backend www
mode http
balance roundrobin
server www1 check inter 30000 rise 2 fall 3 maxconn 10
server back check inter 30000 rise 2 fall 5 backup cookie back maxconn 8
# long timeout to support connection queueing
contimeout 20000
srvtimeout 20000
fullconn 100
retries 3
option httpchk HEAD /
option forwardfor
option checkcache
option httpclose
# allow other syntactically valid requests, and block any other method
acl valid_method method GET HEAD POST OPTIONS
block if !valid_method
# remove unnecessary precisions on the server version. Let's say
# it's an apache under Unix on the Formilux Distro.
rspidel ^Server:\
rspadd Server:\ Apache\ (Unix;\ Formilux/0.1.8)
defaults non_standard_bck
mode http
option forwardfor
option httpclose
balance roundrobin
fullconn 100
contimeout 20000
srvtimeout 20000
retries 2
backend www2
server www2 maxconn 10
# end of defaults
defaults none
backend demo
mode http
balance roundrobin
stats enable
stats uri /
stats scope http-in
stats scope www
stats scope demo