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" Vim syntax file
" Language: HAproxy
" Maintainer: Bruno Michel <>
" Last Change: Mar 30, 2007
" Version: 0.3
" URL:
" URL:
" It is suggested to add the following line to $HOME/.vimrc :
" au BufRead,BufNewFile haproxy* set ft=haproxy
" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
if version >= 600
setlocal iskeyword=_,-,a-z,A-Z,48-57
set iskeyword=_,-,a-z,A-Z,48-57
" Escaped chars
syn match hapEscape +\\\(\\\| \|n\|r\|t\|#\|x\x\x\)+
" Comments
syn match hapComment /#.*$/ contains=hapTodo
syn keyword hapTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX
syn case ignore
" Sections
syn match hapSection /^\s*\(global\|defaults\)/
syn match hapSection /^\s*\(listen\|frontend\|backend\|ruleset\)/ skipwhite nextgroup=hapSectLabel
syn match hapSectLabel /\S\+/ skipwhite nextgroup=hapIp1 contained
syn match hapIp1 /\(\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\)\?:\d\{1,5}/ nextgroup=hapIp2 contained
syn match hapIp2 /,\(\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\)\?:\d\{1,5}/hs=s+1 nextgroup=hapIp2 contained
" Parameters
syn keyword hapParam chroot cliexp clitimeout contimeout
syn keyword hapParam daemon debug disabled
syn keyword hapParam enabled
syn keyword hapParam fullconn
syn keyword hapParam gid grace group
syn keyword hapParam maxconn monitor-uri
syn keyword hapParam nbproc noepoll nopoll
syn keyword hapParam pidfile
syn keyword hapParam quiet
syn keyword hapParam redispatch retries
syn keyword hapParam reqallow reqdel reqdeny reqpass reqtarpit skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
syn keyword hapParam reqiallow reqidel reqideny reqipass reqitarpit skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
syn keyword hapParam rspdel rspdeny skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
syn keyword hapParam rspidel rspideny skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
syn keyword hapParam reqsetbe reqisetbe skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp2
syn keyword hapParam reqadd reqiadd rspadd rspiadd
syn keyword hapParam server source srvexp srvtimeout
syn keyword hapParam uid ulimit-n user
syn keyword hapParam reqrep reqirep rsprep rspirep skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
syn keyword hapParam errorloc errorloc302 errorloc303 skipwhite nextgroup=hapStatus
syn keyword hapParam default_backend skipwhite nextgroup=hapSectLabel
syn keyword hapParam appsession skipwhite nextgroup=hapAppSess
syn keyword hapParam bind skipwhite nextgroup=hapIp1
syn keyword hapParam balance skipwhite nextgroup=hapBalance
syn keyword hapParam cookie skipwhite nextgroup=hapCookieNam
syn keyword hapParam capture skipwhite nextgroup=hapCapture
syn keyword hapParam dispatch skipwhite nextgroup=hapIpPort
syn keyword hapParam source skipwhite nextgroup=hapIpPort
syn keyword hapParam mode skipwhite nextgroup=hapMode
syn keyword hapParam monitor-net skipwhite nextgroup=hapIPv4Mask
syn keyword hapParam option skipwhite nextgroup=hapOption
syn keyword hapParam stats skipwhite nextgroup=hapStats
syn keyword hapParam server skipwhite nextgroup=hapServerN
syn keyword hapParam source skipwhite nextgroup=hapServerEOL
syn keyword hapParam log skipwhite nextgroup=hapGLog,hapLogIp
" Options and additional parameters
syn keyword hapAppSess contained len timeout
syn keyword hapBalance contained roundrobin source
syn keyword hapLen contained len
syn keyword hapGLog contained global
syn keyword hapMode contained http tcp health
syn keyword hapOption contained abortonclose allbackups checkcache clitcpka dontlognull forceclose forwardfor
syn keyword hapOption contained httpchk httpclose httplog keepalive logasap persist srvtcpka ssl-hello-chk
syn keyword hapOption contained tcplog tcpka tcpsplice
syn keyword hapOption contained except skipwhite nextgroup=hapIPv4Mask
syn keyword hapStats contained uri realm auth scope enable
syn keyword hapLogFac contained kern user mail daemon auth syslog lpr news nextgroup=hapLogLvl skipwhite
syn keyword hapLogFac contained uucp cron auth2 ftp ntp audit alert cron2 nextgroup=hapLogLvl skipwhite
syn keyword hapLogFac contained local0 local1 local2 local3 local4 local5 local6 local7 nextgroup=hapLogLvl skipwhite
syn keyword hapLogLvl contained emerg alert crit err warning notice info debug
syn keyword hapCookieKey contained rewrite insert nocache postonly indirect prefix nextgroup=hapCookieKey skipwhite
syn keyword hapCapture contained cookie nextgroup=hapNameLen skipwhite
syn keyword hapCapture contained request response nextgroup=hapHeader skipwhite
syn keyword hapHeader contained header nextgroup=hapNameLen skipwhite
syn keyword hapSrvKey contained backup cookie check inter rise fall port source minconn maxconn weight usesrc
syn match hapStatus contained /\d\{3}/
syn match hapIPv4Mask contained /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\(\/\d\{1,2}\)\?/
syn match hapLogIp contained /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}/ nextgroup=hapLogFac skipwhite
syn match hapIpPort contained /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}:\d\{1,5}/
syn match hapServerAd contained /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\(:[+-]\?\d\{1,5}\)\?/ nextgroup=hapSrvEOL skipwhite
syn match hapNameLen contained /\S\+/ nextgroup=hapLen skipwhite
syn match hapCookieNam contained /\S\+/ nextgroup=hapCookieKey skipwhite
syn match hapServerN contained /\S\+/ nextgroup=hapServerAd skipwhite
syn region hapSrvEOL contained start=/\S/ end=/$/ contains=hapSrvKey
syn region hapRegexp contained start=/\S/ end=/\(\s\|$\)/ skip=/\\ / nextgroup=hapRegRepl skipwhite
syn region hapRegRepl contained start=/\S/ end=/$/ contains=hapComment,hapEscape,hapBackRef
syn region hapRegexp2 contained start=/\S/ end=/\(\s\|$\)/ skip=/\\ / nextgroup=hapSectLabel skipwhite
syn match hapBackref contained /\\\d/
" Transparent is a Vim keyword, so we need a regexp to match it
syn match hapParam +transparent+
syn match hapOption +transparent+ contained
" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version < 508
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
HiLink hapEscape SpecialChar
HiLink hapBackRef Special
HiLink hapComment Comment
HiLink hapTodo Todo
HiLink hapSection Constant
HiLink hapSectLabel Identifier
HiLink hapParam Keyword
HiLink hapRegexp String
HiLink hapRegexp2 hapRegexp
HiLink hapIp1 Number
HiLink hapIp2 hapIp1
HiLink hapLogIp hapIp1
HiLink hapIpPort hapIp1
HiLink hapIPv4Mask hapIp1
HiLink hapServerAd hapIp1
HiLink hapStatus Number
HiLink hapOption Operator
HiLink hapAppSess hapOption
HiLink hapBalance hapOption
HiLink hapCapture hapOption
HiLink hapCookieKey hapOption
HiLink hapHeader hapOption
HiLink hapGLog hapOption
HiLink hapLogFac hapOption
HiLink hapLogLvl hapOption
HiLink hapMode hapOption
HiLink hapStats hapOption
HiLink hapLen hapOption
HiLink hapSrvKey hapOption
delcommand HiLink
let b:current_syntax = "haproxy"
" vim: ts=8