DOC: readme: add a small reminder about restrictions to respect in the code

For code portability, we need to respect a few restrictions (mainly no C99 etc).
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 submitting patches for review, only add the doc with the patch you consider
 ready to merge.
+Another important point concerns code portability. Haproxy requires gcc as the
+C compiler, and may or may not work with other compilers. However it's known
+to build using gcc 2.95 or any later version. As such, it is important to keep
+in mind that certain facilities offered by recent versions must not be used in
+the code :
+  - declarations mixed in the code (requires gcc >= 3.x)
+  - GCC builtins without checking for their availability based on version and
+    architecture ;
+  - assembly code without any alternate portable form for other platforms
+  - use of stdbool.h, "bool", "false", "true" : simply use "int", "0", "1"
+  - in general, anything which requires C99 (such as declaring variables in
+    "for" statements)
+Since most of these restrictions are just a matter of coding style, it is
+normally not a problem to comply.
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