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Special thanks to the following people for their useful contributions :
- Aleksandar Lazic and Klaus Wagner : ability to learn application cookies.
- Cameron Simpson : code reviews and many cleanups.
- Dan Zinngrabe : Makefile for MacOS 10.4 / Darwin.
- Sin Yu : preliminary virtual host support and rbtree for the scheduler.
- Marcus Rueckert : support for username/groupname.
- Bryan Germann : option to exempt some sources from x-forwarded-for.
- Fabrice Dulaunoy : health-checks on different addresses
This list is quite incomplete and very outdated. For more up-to-date
information please look at, it lists
not only significant code contributions (features, fixes), but also time or
money donations.
Note to contributors: it's very handy when patches comes with a properly
formated subject. Try to put one of the following words between brackets
to indicate the importance of the patch followed by a short description:
[MINOR] minor fix, very low risk of impact
[MEDIUM] medium risk, may cause unexpected regressions of low importance or
which may quickly be discovered
[MAJOR] major risk of hidden regression. This happens when I rearrange large
parts of code, when I play with timeouts, with variable
initializations, etc...
[BUG] fix for a minor or medium-level bug.
[CRITICAL] medium-term reliability or security is at risk, an upgrade is
absolutely required.
[RELEASE] release a new version
[BUILD] fix build issues. If you could build, no upgrade required.
[CLEANUP] code cleanup, silence of warnings, etc... theorically no impact
[TESTS] added regression testing configuration files or scripts
[DOC] documentation updates, no need to upgrade
[LICENSE] licensing updates (may impact distro packagers)
Example: "[DOC] document options forwardfor to logasap"