[][Support PPPQ and HQOS at the same time]

Add QDMA in PPPQ mode.
Customer has this requirement:
Enable PPPQ in 2.5GWAN->LANs performance test, and also requires QDMA.
Previously code supported PPPQ or HQOS, only one of the two could be selected.
The patch fix it, but should follow the rules as below:
 - PPPQ use qid 0~5 (scheduler 0).
 - HQOS use qid 6~127 (schduler 1,2,3).
User-defined skb->mark should be greater than 5,
HNAT mapping skb->mark to qid.

Note: The patch cannot solve the performance bottleneck of
2.5GWAN->LANs multiple flows mapped to the same qid.


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