[][MAC80211][hostapd][support set muru_manual_mode_config from hostapd_cli]

Add supports read the following two formats to set MU/RU manual
1. hostapd_cli -i <intf> raw set_muru_manual_config=<field>:<value>
2. hostapd_cli -i <intf> set_mu <field> <value>

For the <field>, we support the following field:
1. ul_comm_user_cnt/dl_comm_user_cnt: set the number of user
2. ul_comm_bw/dl_comm_bw: set the bandwith
3. ul_user_ru_alloc/dl_user_ru_alloc: set the RU band idx and RU
allocate idx
4. ul_user_mcs/dl_user_mcs: set the mcs for each user
5. ul_user_ssAlloc_raru: set the number of ss for each user
6. ul_comm_gi_ltf: set the combinations of gi and ltf for UL only.
7. dl_comm_toneplan: fix ru toneplan allocation
8. dl_comm_ack_policy: fix station ack policy
9. update : trigger driver to send mcu command to set muru manual mode.

For the value of each field, please check wiki to learn the details:

For the fields that mt76 support to use, we will update in this wiki:

The purpose of this commit is to support WiFi6 certification test cases.
The sigma daemon may send $ mwctl set_muru_manual_config xxx to ask driver
to set muru manual mode. With this commit, the input will be wrapped
into nl80211 msg and send to driver and then driver can send mcu cmds to
enable muru manual mode for certification test case.

With this series commits, the guys who familiar with logan muru debug commands can
use their familiar methods to set muru manual mode.


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