[][MAC80211][hostapd][Add mtk vendor subcmd EDCCA control]

Add vendor command to control EDCCA CR.

First you have to add two configuration into hostapd configuration file.
1. edcca_enable=0
2. edcca_compensation=5

The config "edcca_enable" is used to config the opeation mode of EDCCA.
The value 0 means force disable and 1 means auto mode.
The config "edcca_compensation" is used to lower the EDCCA threshold. Please noted
that compensate value only apply for 6g band interface.

hostapd_cli command usage:

hostapd_cli -i <interface> raw SET_EDCCA [mode|compensation] [value]
* This command is used to configure EDCCA mode or compensate.
* If you want to set mode, value can be 0 or 1.
* If you want to set compensation, value shall be compensate value you want.

hostapd_cli -i <interface> raw GET_EDCCA
* This command is used to check current EDCCA configuration in hostapd.

hostapd_cli -i <interface> raw APPLY_EDCCA
* This command is used to prepare EDCCA subcmd according to the configuration in hostapd
 and then sent it to driver to modify the CR.


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