[][Fix order of setting TTL in HNAT]

Fix order of setting TTL in HNAT.
Eth->WIFI, HNAT binding path can be divided into two parts(skb_to_hnat_info,mtk_sw_nat_hook_tx)
Therefore, HNAT cannot bind when the following conditions are encountered´╝Ü
1: Send unknown unicast pkts to eth, set TTL in skb_to_hnat_info(unbind: pre-bind).
   Then wifi checks that the pkts is not sent to the associated STA,
   discards the pkts, and can not call mtk_sw_nat_hook_tx.
2: Stop the traffic, the hnat entry cannot be aged.
3: After MAC learning, send the traffic again.
   At this time, the cpu cause of pkts is HIT_PRE_BIND,
   so skb_to_hnat_info, mtk_sw_nat_hook_tx cannot be called.

This patch fixes it, bind HNAT immediately after setting TTL.


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