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# This is a test configuration. It listens on port 8443, waits for an incoming
# connection, and applies the following rules :
# - if the address is in the white list, then accept it and forward the
# connection to the server (local port 443)
# - if the address is in the black list, then immediately drop it
# - otherwise, wait up to 3 seconds for valid SSL data to come in. If those
# data are identified as SSL, the connection is immediately accepted, and
# if they are definitely identified as non-SSL, the connection is rejected,
# which will happen upon timeout if they still don't match SSL.
listen block-non-ssl
log local0
option tcplog
mode tcp
bind :8443
timeout client 6s
timeout server 6s
timeout connect 6s
tcp-request inspect-delay 4s
acl white_list src
acl black_list src
# note: SSLv2 is not used anymore, SSLv3.1 is TLSv1.
acl obsolete_ssl req_ssl_ver lt 3
acl correct_ssl req_ssl_ver 3.0-3.1
acl invalid_ssl req_ssl_ver gt 3.1
tcp-request content accept if white_list
tcp-request content reject if black_list
tcp-request content reject if !correct_ssl
balance roundrobin
server srv1