1. 5acde75 Add manifest groups by Colin Cross · 12 years ago v1.8.2
  2. f322b9a sync: Support downloading bundle to initialize repository by Shawn O. Pearce · 13 years ago v1.7.7
  3. 37282b4 Support repo-level pre-upload hook and prep for future hooks. by Doug Anderson · 13 years ago v1.7.4
  4. 54fccd7 Document any crashes from the user's text editor by Shawn O. Pearce · 15 years ago v1.6.8.4
  5. 559b846 Report better errors when a project revision is invalid by Shawn O. Pearce · 15 years ago
  6. c9ef744 Install a default pre-auto-gc hook in all repositories by Shawn O. Pearce · 16 years ago
  7. cf31fe9 Initial Contribution by The Android Open Source Project · 16 years ago v1.0