[rdkb][common][bsp][Refactor and sync kernel from openwrt]

11f0341c [kernel][pinctrl][Backport spinlock for mtk_rmw]
eb40a7b4 [openwrt][mt7988][tops][Fix TCP not binding over L2TP/IPSec]
90df6779 [kernel][common][eth][Add a Ethernet passive Mux support]
979b8fbc [openwrt][mt7988][crypto][Add default enable upstream lookaside driver]
ced9d91c [openwrt][mt7988][tops][fix configuration typo]
648ba5b4 [MAC80211][hnat][Fix LAN/WAN software path low t-Put issue]
3190b596 [MAC80211][mt7986][hnat][Add hw configuration for PPE]
f807e962 [openwrt][mt7988][tops][update tops-tool default behavior]
83f9d770 [openwrt][mt7988][tops][split release and develop package]
f60f869c [openwrt][mt7988][crypto][prevent hnat bind UDP flow]
cadd001c [openwrt][mt7988][tops][prevent hnat bind UDP flow]
3174c47a [kernel][mt7988][eth][Add a link down recovery handler for the USXGMII]
405dbcd5 [openwrt][mt7988][tops: init skb_hnat_is_decrypt(skb)]
e8133606 [kernel][common][eth][Update Airoha EN8811H 2.5G PHY driver to v1.2.2]
6a9ef281 [openwrt][mt7988][tops: update firmware to support L2TP over IPsec]
f4508a0d [kernel][common][eth][Update gangload timeout mechanism for the Aquantia PHY driver]
5c8145fc [[openwrt][mt7988][config][GDM/GMAC FSM poll update]]
a4724176 [Kernel][hnat][Fix tport_id, tops_entry and cdrt_id in entry_detail]
f9ec3668 [kernel][common][eth][Update RX ring debug command]
f17a714b [openwrt][mt7988][tops][support L2TP/IPSec]
198a6450 [openwrt][mt7988][pce][support get CDRT index API]
6ac1fd75 [openwrt][mt7988][tops][tnl-offload: support with crypto-eip]
eccf181f [kernel][common][app][Fix coverity issue for the switch utility]
9a41e836 [kernel][misc][IPv4/IPv6 multicast]
6d5ef6d9 [openwrt][mt7988][tops][add cpu utilization fetching]
adbb1c6b [openwrt][mt7988][crypto-eip: update CLS API usage]
2c2bad81 [openwrt][mt7988][tops][separate CLS_ENTRY and TOPS_ENTRY dependency]
1c33e019 [openwrt][mt7988][pce][separate CLS entry definition from TOPS_ENTRY]
0c10c4bd [kernel][mt7988][emmc][platform.sh: Align upgrade script with mt7986's]
1dfa59c4 [MAC80211][hnat][Update 2.5G LAN/WAN low t-Put issue for the PPPQ]
4df6d59c [[openwrt][mt7986/81/88][config][lro ring id operate error]]
b7adb872 [openwrt][mt7988][eth][Fix coverity issue for Ethernet driver]
e172205a [openwrt][mt7988][crypto][EIP197 Alpha Release]
e6740a1e [openwrt][mt7988][arm64: dts: mt7988: add device tree node for eip197 inline mode]
3ec85b5c [openwrt][mt7988][crypto][EIP197 DDK Porting]
1af86bb6 [openwrt][mt7988][tops][fix coverity issue]
969c5b8b [MAC80211][wed][fix wed init fail issue]
97e18807 [MAC80211][hnat][Fix 2.5G LAN/WAN low t-Put issue for the PPPQ]
dce0053c [[openwrt][mt7986/81][config][allocate qdma dmad in dram instead of sram]]
5b358add [MAC80211][wed][repatch because apply patch error]
6d263a9d [openwrt][mt7988][tops][Fix conflict: empty line]
f46ad9a7 [Kernel][hnat][Fix ipv4 in ipv6 packets can't be bind in MAPE scene]
6e24e5fc [kernel][common][eth][Remove phylink set line rate to maximum]
1e4cffaf [openwrt][mt7988][tops][Add rate limit on QDMA queue]
c7f321d3 [MAC80211][wed][Change WARN_RATELIMIT to pr_err for wed ext interrupt]


Change-Id: I0e6dcb33e6d94e5ea0e3887a0c14a54aa554e8a3
42 files changed